Love Poems About Summons or Summons Love Poems
by B. Maxine Revolution |
Categories: rain, sky, spring, sun,

Whspers of Light

Tickled with wet prisms
Cocooned with the dead head of trees
Synchronized in natures rhythms
Her skin dancing with shadows in a breeze

Good morning Misses Sun
Inhaling the exhalants of the plants
Worries has she? None.
In spring showers she does gallivant.

After noon parade of Clouds
What stories in shapes do you bring me?
I see you’re not in lack of drought
I do love the song of thunder you sing me

So soon Mister Moon
I’m ready for the spotlight summons
Rolling in your dark doom
The now dry sky cries diamonds

How I love the day
How I love the Night
More than I can ever say
Mmm Whispers of the light.

-B. Maxine

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: god, green, heaven, jesus, life, love, time,

On God's Time

In the late midnight hour, when death comes to call,
and we are at a loss as to how we could resist, we 
therefore must answer its summons, leaving this world 
and all our loves.  We then shift from earth's time, to 
God's time, which is infallibly accurate.

holy pallbearer
keeper of dreams my sweet Lord
final ecstasy

by Paul Schneiter |
Categories: character, love,

Earth Angel

There is a softness about you
That summons things divine.
It makes me think what I must do
To be worthy to call you mine.

There is a kindness you employ
That touches my heart and head.
It is the source of boundless joy,
And nothing does it leave unsaid.

There is charity in all your acts
That lifts lives in endless ways.
It confronts mortality’s harsh facts
And turns fearful nights to days.

There is love within your being
That embraces all who are near.
It’s a blessing I’ve been seeing—
An earth angel irrepressibly dear.

Categories: desire, earth, imagination, longing, love, relationship, sensual,


The body summons the soul
And together they commune 
With breathe of burning ardour...

Compose baritone in concordance
Of larghetto soprano….

Mesh with pulsating beat
Of Deep throbbing heart 
Possess by rhapsodic Afro-juju spirit… 

And the world comes to a stand still

The moon jigs her backside
And tilts the mass of the basin fluid…

Lento ascend the euphonic resonance…!

The earth quake and tear apart
As the river washes body and soul
And discharge into the hollow emptiness
Of her moist pit…

All dead… and the world moves again!

(….Just imagining).

by Eve Roper |
Categories: loneliness, love,

Trace of Love

My Yearning Love While I sit alone on this wooden bench where last we both sat My conscious mind reflects on the past The autumn light of day ripples through Amongst the baldachins between columns of the highest peaks, The cadence pulse of nature sounds flows through The tendrils of limbs and leaves play. I glance into the heavens with peacefulness For only a brief glimpse Feeling the tease of cool, crisp breeze against my face; And your presence summons by my yearning love For a trace of your soul’s faithful love and tenderness By: Eve Roper 8/30/2015

by John Arola |
Categories: allusion, analogy, beautiful, beauty, love, romantic, romantic love,

Beautiful 2 --- My Harbor and Sea

	Gentle waves of raven locks lap against the shore of her skin,
	Soft, suntanned arms beckon the dusky light on the horizon,
	Angelic radiance to her form.  Cleansing sin,
	A dying shadow, behind, fading slowly as the night summons.

	Twilight in her eyes, where stars radiance waits to shine,
	She sits on sand.  Her brow, once a storm, now calmly rests,
	Her slender hand, fingers graceful and fine,
	Strokes the beach with a fond caress.

	The wind, a tempestuous lover, the water, her supplicant,
	At her feet like a prayer, and a plea,
	On this, till my life’s journey spent,
        She is my harbor, and my sea.

---A continued exploration on a theme---

by Edwin Baldwin |
Categories: hope, life, love

Wild Thing

The wild rose expresses the essence of life and beauty
a sweet blossom atop thorny stems with roots entirely her own
the fragrant lure summons as honey bee makes its approach 

by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: blessing, love,



Serving summons
for a call to prayer,
Or shortly before
consecration of the bread,
Or an alarm 
to inform an invasion,
But what I like as most
is the bells of love,
ringing in the hearts
Or of celebration !

Ringers of the bells
I first heard in my heart
when we met first,
The drumming beats
and strings of piano,
hymns floated in air.

He took a shine to
purples of many twilights,
Sweet rhymes of bells
ringing on and on,
Tender chirps 
in the ballroom,
Swaying souls
amidst ocean pearls,
Thence the final
Wedding bells !

Written August 1st, 2015
For contest by Debbie

by Lori Lucas McClure |
Categories: love, valentines day,

Cupid's Golden Summons

                     Cupids golden summons decreed
                     With secret aim silvered arrows speed
                     Linking hearts with passionate will
                     For loves hope to fulfill
                     With poetic verse loves sentiments dispence
                     with torrents of eloquence
                     And there engraved upon the heart
                     with firey darts loves secrets to 
                     persuade  unsuspecting hearts
                     With such grand felicity and clandestine charms
                     Eternal love is birthed in lovers arms

by Tom Arnone |
Categories: feelings, longing, love, passion, romance, sensual, sexy,

Ease On Down The Flame

First she said she had to go.
Time is creaking in the flow.
Grasping firm my smooth e-phone,
Party matter, cordless zone.

Twisting, lying, spineless snake,
Open mouth too big to take.
Venus venom summons Eve's
Blushing, bouncing apple tease.

Humping in a sack of green,
Not for love or tangerines.
**** of gold and multi-facets.
Time is leaking on my assets.

Running from that musky cow.
Searching for a ginger gal,
Soul-mate, princess, guardian, fairy,
On this night of wet and eerie.

by Shanity Rain |
Categories: abuse, betrayal, bullying, death, heartbroken, judgement, leaving, lost love, sin, water,

Ice King

Have I been summons to your presence , only to be sacrificed.
In the coldness of your breath..i will be put to a icy cold death.
With one word, I exist or not.
It is only you whom can wear your arrogant crown of ice.

You care not at all about my loss in your icy Palace of shallow glory.
I will be forgotten and disquarded , not worthy of a story .
To be replaced by a new form of ice ,  that ice will only be disquarded like I have been.
There is no place in your frozen heart for anyone other then you .
Are you happy with  the cold Icy walls you have created in your palace Of self Worship .
You worship your self Self Ice king , surrounded by Sin.

by samiha zubair |
Categories: deep, devotion, love,

Always Known

Indemnify for your goodwill eternally, I fail to be.....even

Goaded kaleidoscope makes one feel lucky to have titillating summons....with

No egregious sentiments even on accolated appraisal of you with....her

Soul shackled in cyclone of karma always pave it's terminus

Neither jostled by the violent gusts, nor worried for the inedible obstacles en route there...are

Peep over the wide expanse of the siamese past and future to others may seem...still

Every beat harps the same note that even now you are still...mine


by dani wil |
Categories: baby, dark, fear, metaphor, natural disasters, peace, rain, prayer,


I love that moment before the storm.
The world goes silent
and dozes and snores.

A prayer summons this bliss to last;
for regular breath,
much unlike the past.

Peace that ends in a series of pours. 
Thunder snaps the core.

The world's awake and is frantic.
Breath turns to howls.
Rain. Tears. Panic.

by Jessica Holter |
Categories: longing, love, magic,


She is the fountain of lust and of love
She bathes me in the most potent sea,
Opens her butterfly thighs
Wraps murals of flesh around me
I am her prisoner and her predator
She summons
She tames 
The beast in me

Jessica Holter

by J. I. Thomas F. |
Categories: crush, fate, love,

A tougher 5-10

Come with me now; don't you wonder sometimes
what lights up my face when I glance your way,
what leaps from my heartbeats into my rhymes,
what makes me uncertain quite what to say?

I know you can see, though pride makes me sly,
and you understand, too, my armor is weak.
Your sparkling mirth keeps me dreadfully shy,
aware you are certain you'll find what you seek. 

So, yes, you are victor; be careful, my dear!
My hopes and my dreams are at your mercy.
It's up to you now whether to stay clear,
of paths you've unveiled to bless or to curse me. 

I hearken to summons much older than time. 
We're at the foot of a mountain; do you wish to climb?

Written 7/13/2017

by Yolanda Nicholsen |
Categories: faith, me,

father okeefe

You have tempted me again 
a rather sinful plot beneath 
the sultriness that beseech 
my wretched soul 

why it is nearly dawn already 
oh how you calmly cater 
to my parts toying with every 
freckle tampering with even 

the faintness notion that 
I'd whither myself upon 
your broad shoulders again 
why I'm afraid to ask that 

we shall do it again 
that I'd but only secretly 
fail to mention us 
only by the writings 

of my pastel diaries 
oh come with me love 
above a whisper let us 
dance on the sunrise 

daintily behind the loft 
so well hidden within 
the distant nook where I 
shall summons your 
manliness  once more

by Marilyn Williams |
Categories: art, blessing, dedication, faith, jesus, love, truth,

Waiting In Line

I'm waiting in line, where God summons His people.
Gather all in and shout, Hallelluia, Hallelluia.

If you make a mistake, it will be forgiven.
If you hurt someone all will be forgiven.
He will understand and it will be forgiven.
Praise Him in His Holy Name.
Praise Him in His Holy Name.

by tod gaines |
Categories: art, family, father, life, love, passion, me,

Father of life

It was deep in my soul
building strength
in my groin.
Before going deep into you.
The beauty of your face,
your hips making that
womanly summons.
The body heat we generated
escalated into
penetration of
past evolution to create
We became one with Heaven and Earth
Father Time and Mother Nature
put us in bed together.
You opened and allowed  me to love you
from the inside out.
Your moistness kept me there
until our Ancesters blow us
a goodnight kiss.
And sleep took us
and before long
a child was born.

by anthony beesley |
Categories: fantasy

Desert diva

Her castle's surrounded by sticks and stones

Cyotes they tell her whoever may roam

With a fortified fortress of cactus and charisma

They never break through cause her energy sticks them

They bleed at her feet with the sun in their eyes

They cry in defeat as she watches them die

She summons the vultures like a mad jezabel

They feast on fools flesh as she sends them to hell

My dark desert diva,why are you so cruel?

Making love with Lucifer she smiles like a ghoul

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: appreciation, devotion, i love you, meaningful, relationship, soulmate, together,


My simple truth speaks my love for you
Of my unflinching devotion
I thirst for the signs of tenderness
Your smile directed my way
The gentle touch of your hand
Each word of endearment from you
Every opportunity for our hearts 
To mesh and intertwine in harmony
My life craves affection and interplay
My soul in sultry dance summons its mate

AP: Honorable Mention 2020

Collaboration with James Edward Lee Sr

Submitted on March 4, 2019, for contest YOU COMPLETE ME sponsored by JAMES EDWARD LEE SR  -  RANKED 1ST 

by stranja depoet |
Categories: love,


In the silent night
When the cold wind lends an ear
And the skies wait to hear
The call of the night crickets.

That time of the night 
When the stars gather in troupes
 to watch over the earth

I close my eyes
And imagine your voice
The geniality of your words
Summons my thought to a stand still.

Till my pastel eyes decline into drowsiness
My emotions hum your name.
Even in my sleep,
I am still a slave
For your name rules my dream

by Wardah Ahmed |
Categories: love, love hurts,

Love's personality

I could never bleed for love
It could become a part of me
Without knowing real love
It could never consume me

Love motivates one to give affection
And summons one to be brave
During times of conflict and rejection
Love is on the heart engraved

Like fear, love pulls you into the darkness
And then harshly sets you free
It blinds you for a brief period so heartless
And then suddenly allows you to see

His kind nature is of high regard
I thought I could never bleed for love so hard
Now, with a love so pure
I am not so sure...

by Eileen R. Kelly |
Categories: passion, love,


Compare me not to a 
shallow spring...

for I present to you
on bended knee...

whilst I keep my sword
in sheath...

I will draw battle to
protect your heart...

the mere whisper of your 
name in vain... courage will summons
the charge...

...this love more powerful
than this life I breathe...

this heart hungers for
this love you weave...

by Charlotte Zuzak |
Categories: life, visionary,

The Potter

The potter's wheel
Old and cracked,
Still turns as its spirit
Fires creation.

Sculptor of love
Labors with clay
Searching for beauty
In imperfect features
That tell a life's story.

Gentle hands, rough and worn,
Seek a soul in mire and slush
Giving spirit to humble substance
Patiently molding, pursuing perfection,
But leaving that flaw
That summons humility.

by Katherine Braithwaite |
Categories: allegory, allusion, beautiful, blessing,

The images that surge

Thought, the vision of the inner eye,
Peers behind the mask of mundane view
A choosing of the best of what comes by
Not the monsters on the Daily News

Thought to me is vision without words;
Needs silent presentation  and review.
The words  translate the images  that surge
Then fall back to the ocean where they grew.

Like coloured visions of the  deep sea bed
Where fishes  reel and dance, where life is new.
What we  mean  with difficulty’s said
Yet evocation  summons  it to view.

Let my  words evoke my love  of you;
And answer me with many   kisses new.