Love Poems About Summoning or Summoning Love Poems
by Emile Pinet |
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Everything's Okay

Love is but an illusion, a mixture of lies and truth. And non-responsive to dreams, or expectations of youth. Through anguish and frustration, bravado falters and slips. And yet, in your fantasies, passion drips from wanton lips. Hope courts imagination, summoning a dreamy smile. And you find your private place, where you go once in a while. You yearn for a soul mate with whom to share your existence. And you continue to look, with undying persistence. You fall in and out of love with the ghosts of yesterday. And yet, feigning happiness, pretend everything's okay. 6/21/2015

by Liliana Negoi |
Categories: lost love


dreamland paved with
moonstones, reflecting
within themselves the dark light of
my nightmares, shelters in
its core the essence of
fear, sweetened only
by some amber-
like glow of the passing of
a summer storm…you see,
lightning isn’t meant
to live forever…and while
i endow the sky with the
ashes left behind by the
touch of your soul on mine,
summoning for a phoenix seems
to be the darkest magic my words
ever did…

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: august, betrayal, emotions, feelings, love hurts,

To Walk Away

As anger hurls departing words deceitful tactics are employed. And two hearts are split asunder spilling pain, they tried to avoid. When dreams began to drift apart arguments held their smiles at bay. And letting doubt push love aside they somehow choose to walk away. Anxieties begin to climb while summoning tears to their pain. And yet, even though steeped in hurt, bittersweet-memories remain. Loneliness longs for feelings felt in the closeness of an embrace. And hope tries to revive passion encouraging two hearts to race. 4/18/2015

by Mark Taylor |
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Olympus Opium

tears fall from the eyes of a broken soul
lost without her mate of choice the shrunken soul

ask for the truth of the lie to be revealed.
From beyond, the Sufi whispers to the forsaken soul

 frantic like a child without bottle
she to the machine has become the token soul.

Asked if her pride could bear the truth behind lies
 she questioned the worth of pride to a stricken soul

and prepared to swallow the pill of truth. 
summoning the mauve star of the Aladdin soul

truth blinded her eye and buckled her knee 
causing her tongue to cleanse her awaken soul.

All has become enlighten to this new humble spirit
while I, Taylor, splinter an impious dormant African soul ! 

by Billy Tunk |
Categories: allegory, education, friendship, hope, imagination, introspection, life, love, romance,

Jewish Rhythmic Elemental summoning Dance Music

Fool an i
we lay so incredulously
In a love....
That it seems our sorrows rest in mind
and all is enabled,
now we able,
to weave mesh of this light as we bind...
seemingly caught up in webs of time.

But stood it may
like a shadow 
was the thoughts that attest between us..
how uncouth the prattled battle lay,
all it consumes,
as it presumes ,
to arrest and attest for our lives...
keeping us caught up in lies 'till we die.

by David Brown |
Categories: beauty, celebration, love,

Inner glow

Your smile is like a beacon for my eyes,
summoning me, with the gentle beauty
that surrounds you like the soft glow
of the sun rising on a summer's morning

Your laughter is like music to my ears,
calling me forth with notes of honest joy
that emanate from your kind heart
like a melody that beckons; come near happy

by Tess Norton |
Categories: for him, longing, lost love, memory, missing you, sensual, water,

Cool Water

Cool Water

It’s been so long since I’ve had that water
The soft rain of you restored every withered part of me
And my blood still burns
Recalling your touch…like gentle showers

In the dark I can see your face
Summoning each familiar detail
Brings my heart to a state of grace
It knows so rarely now

Like sepia dust kicked up by an old car on a dirt road
The tendrils of my memories fade to nothingness
As if they never existed, and settle once more
Waiting for the cool water to drench me

by kathryn collins |
Categories: sister, love,

Sister's Love

A Sister’s Letter

In a letter I found written to your sister,
you wrote no problem existed too large or small
she could not bring it to you for counsel and support.

Best sister in the world, I read on, whereupon these
moist old eyes gave way to sobbing at the intense sincerity
of a closeness unrepeatable now.

You stood there beside her as she faded from us,
a circumstance utmost love of family could not alter
even in devotion so great I shy at its summoning.

Could a mother find anything sadder or sweeter as each of you,
a testimony of sororal love born to me.  Harmony is silent now
mid-tune in a song whose chorus cannot come round. 
©Kathryn McL. Collins
June 12, 2004

by Chris Smith |

The Twilight Hour

Everything turns to ashes and dust
Love always seems to just be lust
We always look for our deepest desire
But we live life as a funeral pyre

A dark Angel is now coming
It is my turn for the summoning
Will she be taking me to Heaven or Hell?
That is a truth I am not able to tell

Because within these shadows I still walk
Where darkness dwells to always stalk
And midnight friends come out to stare
And this twilight hour they come to share

by Eduardo Garcia |
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My Beautiful Love

Everytime I look at you, how I thank all for your summoning to my life, your my beautiful love, how I can
 say it a-thousand times, words of love can only be summoned sinking in those beautiful eyes, do you 
remember when we first met, I bumped into you by chance that lead me to of eternal happiness, youare who I see when I close my eyes, you are the love I seek and found, you are my beautiful love

by Elliott Bowe THe DrUnKeN POeT |
Categories: faith, hope, love, peace, religion, uplifting,

The eternally blessed part 1

I have vanished into portals of eternal light.
lifted by pulchritudinous beams of mighty wisdom.
granted a wind lifted seat. Maid by yellow light.A cloud lifted palace, crowned by benign angels.With aggressively shimmering chips of gems ,stuck submissively and obedient  to their wings.

Angels blowing a charmed horn, summoning the unknown. 

Before me, a carpet made of water and gold did unfold

A all powerful voice says,step forth.

Come home.

One of the few eternally blessed.

by Robert Lindley |
Categories: art, betrayal, history, loss, memory, recovery from, relationship,

O' That Time Itself Would Reverse

O' That Time Itself Would Reverse

There in the closet, that old hat
summoning memories to dwell.
Commands obeyed and that was that
secrets, one never ever tells.

Days bright, times were not all so bad
echoes sounding, laughter and heart.
What was the rage and all the fad
"don't give a damn", was a fine start.

Now what time reveals, steals the joy
singing truth too often denied.
Wild is fun but it oft destroys
blessed love, because one lied.

O' that Time itself would reverse.
Seeing that hat, not be a curse. 

R.J. Lindley,
Nov. 3rd 1976
Sonnet (Eights)

by Heather Mirassou |
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 Your voice, like a river rippling,
waves of goose bumps,
awaken my inner spirit,
fill me with delight.

Your gaze, magnetic, blue
moonlight bright,
clear as the evening night,
gently captures my inner light.

Your heart, speaks softly, soulfully,
whispering faithfully,
sometimes silently,
but never in spite.

Your touch, captivating, tranquil, slight,
caressing me slowly,
surrounding me,
with all of your might.

Your smile, brilliant, bright,
tantalizing, on a steamy summer night,
summoning me gently,
to be your wife.

Copyright, Heather Mirassou

by Diana Bosa |
Categories: games, heart, life, love, love hurts, relationship, war,


This game was on
right before we met.
This game was on
right before we were even born.

No one has ever said that
playing by the devil's bible is easy
and, to tell the truth, 
I have never fancied gambling.

But this time I was called to act 
by the summoning, and though 
the price was never so high 
like this before
I take the offer on losing everything 
I have ever had.

Because sitting at this table
right here in front of you,
streamed by Acorns, Bells, and Leaves,
threatened Over-n-Under by the Knave, 
I must defeat you by my own Heart
before the King itself slaughters me 
by the hand of the Deuce.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 9th grade, emotions, feelings, hope, image, lonely,

Summoning Happiness

A wish, softly whispered under a shooting star. My empty heart yearns for a love that’s real; not merely a fanciful dream. I close my eyes and concentrate, summoning happiness to come fulfill a wish. (Rictameter) 06,14,2019