Love Poems About Summing or Summing Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
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Beseeching Denouement

Denouement, I beseech you, take your time. I see you lurking closely by my gate. I want to live and love and write my rhyme. Go finish someone else’s tale. I’ll wait! I need no resolutions in my life. One moment to the next I’m glad to live. I’ll take - along with good times- all the strife along my path. Denouement, do not give an early summing up to this nice plot which is my life. Oh, let my climax be a long way off! My final page is not a page that I await too eagerly. If my end is soon, don’t be forthcoming. Let them say I never saw you coming! Written Aug. 21, 2016

by Wendy Watson |
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Summing up

Mr MacPherson, a mathematician
Was married to Sally,a keen statistician.
With little division to trigger vexation
Their conjugal lives led to multiplication.
First Roland, then Harry and then the addition
Of first daughter Jenny, a gifted logician.

The one common factor of great satisfaction
Engendering fervour and strong interaction
Was love of arithmetic, logic and theories
Together with quantum and harmonic series.
In sum, they endeavoured on every occasion
To bring mathematics within the equation!


by lorenzo locsin |
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a chance

a chance to meet
if ever there is
a glimpse o sweet
away from this

a chance; a pass
a second to beat
of once was; was
would be a treat

summing up the words
i felt... i feel.?
how she once stirred
what i could not reveal...

but then im done
aint got no might...
her face... a smile upon.
i have no right.

by Line Gauthier |
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your last love letter
not written on gilded letterhead
or even written with a pen

it wasn’t long or convoluted
it wasn’t fancy and flowery
it was simple and from the heart

heard like an echo
resonating through your last days
whispered with every breath you took

last words
summing it all up
repeated over and over

your last love letter
from your heart
your lips

“i love you
you’re beautiful”

etched forever in my memory

AP: 1st place 2021

Submitted on January 6, 2021 for contest THE LAST LOVE LETTER sponsored by MYSTIC ROSE ROSE

by Mitchell Griswold |
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Puzzle it Out

Figure me this,  puzzle it out.
Summing up for me beyond any doubt.
Add it all now,  total it for me.
I desire an answer most completely.

What are the factors that come into play.
Where are all the pieces and where do they lay.
Search for me and let me know.
Don't keep me in the dark,  light up the show.

Illuminate the way, teach me the lessons.
Step by step,  don't miss any sessions.
I am sure the answer is somewhere out there.
Please help in this question, it's answer to bare.

Knowing the solution to this challenge at hand.
Has been a frustration to every woman and man.
Figure me this,  puzzle it out.
What in the world is love all about.