Love Poems About Summertime or Summertime Love Poems
by arthur vaso |
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Playing with Minds

when childhood held dreams

when friends where real

Anne Frank, child betrayed

when poetry spoke of the heart

when the psycho penetrated with dart

those who tell tales true

	the kiss of love? or
		the kiss of deceit

	evil hides in rainbows
		goodness dances with lightning

I will remember hearts of kindness
	not the man spreading blindness

yearn for happier times
	not July, only youths summertime
		illusions that once made us happy

Now devour our minds

by Mel Merrill |
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The Poem

The poem that I write today
Has always been a thought away.
But do I think of trees, or birds,
As I slyly meter out my words?
Or do I think of spring, or fall,
Of summertime, the sea and all?
Perhaps it is a moon-rinsed night
That prods me so to sit and write--
Or it could be a drop of rain,
If not some nagging doubt, or pain.
What drives my pen to wander so,
To touch the sky; the earth below?
Of all the thoughts, both old and new--
I ponder most the thought of you.
And so the poet takes his pen...
Writes words of love, and falls again!


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The Company Kept

The wants of her heart beckoned of lonely streets
Like the summertime wail of the Snow Fence
When empty winds through weathered pickets
Howl for the cold company it keeps

by Albert Ahearn |
Categories: love, wife

Happy Valentines Day

This poem is dedicated to my loving wife.

Our hearts adjoined some ages past
In the summertime of our lives.
Oh! How swiftly the time has passed
Yet your lasting beauty belies
Those years that etched your comely face.
But now we reached life’s wintertime
Together still with arms embraced
And kiss each favorite valentine
For all those loving grateful years.
Happy Valentines Day my love
You are the one I hold most dear.
At times I feel unworthy of
But this I say and know it’s true:
My life is nothing without you.

by Ifechukwu Ezeokoli |
Categories: hurt, love hurts, miss you, pain, sad love, time,

My End is Your New Beginning

And then in midst of summer's lore
I sang a tune of hail and gloom
Of dark and light and so much more
Of pain and sorrow, and of plume

Oh, darling, you walk through a muddy bog
But my sweet, I can't save you now
Still, I promise I won't let you sog
We both know it won't be long now

Till you give up your gloomy heart
And let someone in one more time
Till you forget all about that part
That part of your heart you saved for summertime

Sweetheart, though I've met my end
Just know you can find love again

by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: animals, death, food, loss, love, nature, sad, seasons, sympathy


Estephania was the Spanish horse,
with a chestnut coat and mane   
and a lighter long tail...and she ate
alfalfa for strong teeth and bones.

She was domesticated, losing her liberty
and neighing she showed keen ability:
to spot dangers on a perilous path...
Estefania even stopped for a stranded cat.

In summertime she fed mostly on grass,
but bees stung her many times to protest,
and struggling to get them off her tail...
she hit a shrilling raven in the head.

And feeling sorry for the dying bird wincing, 
Estefania licked his semi-open
him a little comfort as he folded his wings;
and whinnying she wept a river of tears.

by Charles Clive |
Categories: love, passion, sweet, sweet,

Sweet Rose

Oh dearest sweet Rose, my love for you grows as warm as the sun in summertime glows. Elegance, fragrance around you it flows, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Oh Rose, can’t you see what you mean to me? You fill all my life from sky to the sea; look how I worship you, down on my knee. Oh dearest sweet Rose, give ear to my plea? Oh Rose, do you know just how I can show my passion on fire, my heart all a-glow? And yet you insist in making blood flow with a thorn in my thumb, you mean so-and-so! ~

by Amra Cau |
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myoscopic interaction

to wrap you around in one.
the grand pupal descension.
a bite of summertime,
of falling.

to take a silent pause.
page filled with imagined
detailed scenarios.
left to the viewer to ponder.

to a beauty,
with gentle strokes of brilliance.
gladly caressing yours.
that familiar stop,
of blissful adoration.
the pain.

by Wendy Rycroft |
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Bachelor's button flower

Bachelor’s button,
Bursting with energy,
Rapturing into colour,
Expressions of blue,
Banquet of bloom,
Food fit for a king,
What splendour,
Her summertime brings,
Spreading freshness,
Good enough to eat,
Pulsating and vibrant,
Who could resist?
Her fiery passion,
A beautiful lady, 
And a recipe for love,
Pure inner beauty,
Eyes to behold
Food for thought!
Let the party begin
Keep her close
What a bouquet 
Filling your room,
With happiness.

Wendy Jae

by Crystal Keehn |
Categories: flower, love, poetry, romantic, summer, winter, write,

Handwritten Letter

Handwrite me a letter.
All the pages fill
With your elegant script
By ink and quill.

Take pleasure in the quiet.
Loosen your tie, but do not forget
Cross every tittle
Dot every "i".

Relax by the fire,
And take your time.
Tickle my ear
With your sweet rhyme.

Let the words flow
From a deeper place.
All that's hidden there,
Leave not a trace.

Mind not the cold
Nor the frosted window rime,
But write to me of flowers,
And the warmth of summertime.

Indulge me a little longer.
I've awaited your reply
With bated breath,
And a greatly heaved sigh.

Your letter's here at last.
All the pages are filled
With your love handwritten,
And with wax sealed.

by robin davis |
Categories: fun, games, summer,

Summertime Fun

A tree house built with love and care
Things are scattered everywhere
A tire swing hung on a chain
For getting dizzy and insane
A pool filled up with lots of toys
Water fun and happy joys
Flowers growing in a row
Sun showers to help them grow
A puppy with some muddy paws
Icy drinks with bendy straws
Hoses make a waterfall
Filling up a big beach ball
Kites so pretty flying high
Along with birds and butterflies
A rainbow in the sky so bright
Sparkly stars light up the night
Bouncing on a trampoline
Music for a dancing scene
Burgers and hot dogs are grilling
Lots of food for tummy filling
Months of summer fun to be
Enjoyed by friends and family

by George Zamalea |
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True love begins in a dark paradise
	Filled with graffiti
And Diet Coke,
Wearing a Three Dimension sunglasses
	Against the white screen
Swallow popcorn in a summertime
	Stormy rain.

by maxwell collier |
Categories: art,

mental health

people talk about me like im a special case in a mental hospital, i used to be depressed, but now my life is more than dull, i think so many thoughts, my mind is way over full, i get hot in cold places, like summertime wool. give in to madness, its gravity's pull, i want to go swim, so i jump from the hull, im as small as an ant, like im wearing a skull, im walking a horse, but im riding a bull. but i really don't care, because i love the attention, people talk about me, like something they forgot to mention, i have so much stuff, its the biggest collection, im insane but not crazy, and that is a correction.

by Melissa Ross |
Categories: death, dedication, faith, family, food, history

Gnoochi with Nonny

The living is lovely,
Gnoochi with Nonny,
Fresh dough,
For every step,
Chef caps adorn our crowns,
It’s a lovely afternoon,
Rich in tradition is our recipe,
Love is how it is conjured,
How I miss our days,
Of gnoochi and storytelling,
Memories are all that's left.

by Chante Reeves |
Categories: first love,


your touch comes second to being sun-kissed by summertime

but i come alive when your four eyes reconnect with mine

other couples were on the abandoned beach that afternoon

but they no idea I was writing the last few stanzas of my marriage vows 

- not even you

while I was reading, you called me nerd..

by harry horsman |
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Summertime in doubt

lover #1

Summertime in doubt...
Love is like a Butterfly
Singing in the rain.

lover #2

Hot in the city
wherever i lay my hat
send me an angel
love is like a battlefield
i’ll hang my tears out to dry.

© Harry J Horsman  2011

by Bill Lindsay |
Categories: happiness,

first love

the Sun warming my tightly closed eyes  
as I lie motionless in the long grass of Summertime, 
knowing that my love is but an outstretched arm away, 
her breathing now synchronised with my own. 
a smile breaks across my reddened cheeks 
as my racing heart decelerates into rest; 
her hand touching my lips as if to withhold my thoughts, 
in vain attempt to bury this memory forever in her heart.  
basking in the oneness of these golden moments, 
our eyes meet through the glinting green meadow 
as we each held aloft a ripened pineapple;   
we had managed to outrun the farmer. 

by Frank Norman |
Categories: cute love,

Adventurous Moonlight

Adventurous moonlight

Snaking through trees left and right

Landing on your smiling face

Unaware of the sly pun gone by

Mere backdrop to the laughing cries

Of summertime in the city


by oldcrow poet |
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Spring Feeling (an ode to michigan)

I love farmland in spring 
and new beginnings 
and winning in extra innings. 
I love a fat lady singing;
barbecues, chilling, grilling; 
no curfews, imported brews;
a lime or two beautiful women;
swimming in ocean michigan.
Bonfires waterside 
with fire flies flying by;
whiskey bottle by my side;
sitting, sipping, simply wishing 
summertime would continue. 
But autumn's harvest wont be far off
and winter blowing in is looking grim.

by Wendy Rycroft |
Categories: poetry,

Summertime heat

My soul longs for your warmth,
To feel your presence upon my skin,
As I lay there in my waiting,
My nakedness longing for your touch,
Don’t leave me in my darkest hour,
As your shyness hides behind the clouds,
How long will you leave me in the shade?
Your beauty always astounds,
Your presence!
The whole world longs for your attention,
As your roaming continues,
Until the next day dawns,
On your returning visits,
To shine your love for me once again,
Not letting our relationship fade away,
But keeping it forever aglow
Burning me with desire,
As your rays like fingers gently caress. 

For contest Sponsor Janis Thompson

by Karis Watie |
Categories: angst, love

Twisted Love

Summertime blues
in the middle of fall
I'm faced with a problem
I can't fix at all

Sleep is hard to find
My feathers are bent
writing you love letters
that I hope get sent

My laughs are covered
My smiles are sick
Sun set suppressed emotions
that have yet to click

On bended knee I'm leaning 
praying to above

With a kiss
I tell you this

"You are the one I love."

by Cody Nitz |
Categories: adventure, beautiful, bird, dream, earth, peace, uplifting,

Just Before Summertime

She wants that feel of summertime
When everything seems to rhyme

A courageous bird sailing over the mountains
Rivers,waterfalls,subsidizing fountains

A bud in the morning, delicate flower by evening
An ever so perpetual meaning

Swallowed up the sunshine
You've never felt so divine

The breeze gently playing with your hair
Dancing in the tall grass, completely bare

We found the treasure, but it needs a key
Quite possibly it's the love from you and me

We will never reach our peak
Always something new to seek

-Cody T. Nitz

by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: angst, black african american, confusion, dedication, depression, love, time,

ABC's of Love

Don't get hurt in the summertime
love sure hurts in the summertime
love burns hot in the summertime
I'm tellin you!
Don't love much in the wintertime
love is tough in the wintertime
there's not much you can do with love
in the wintertime.
Spring is a bad time to love someone
before you know it they're up and gone
Autumn is no time 
to fall in love.
Don't fall in love in the Fall
that's all.
Love sucks.

by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: devotion, love,


My love, I will give
You flowers in the wintertime
Some snowballs in the summertime

I will turn the world
Upside down to make you happy
And will be there for you always


by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: lost love,

Calling Me

No matter how far I wander 
Over hill or glen or vale;
Your voice is always calling me
To another untried trail.
I think perhaps I will find you
When the birds begin to sing
And the buds and bulbs are bursting
In those first sweet days of spring.

Or will you come in summertime?
Oh yes, I am sure you will,
When bright flowers line the pathway
As you’re running down the hill.
Or the fall will surely bring you
Before first days of frost.
You’ll find your way upon the wind
With  love I thought was lost.