Love Poems About Summers or Summers Love Poems
by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: depression, lost love, relationship,


'Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?'
Were I to be more truthful, and less kind
Once fair, your hair now more consumed by gray
Your dewy luster I struggle to find

As weighted toll of years fills in your frame
And roses on your cheeks falter and fade
I can not say if it is age I blame
Or from the fall of youth, a cynic's made

Is it my eyes too blighted to recall
The fragile beauty your face once possessed
No large gash dealt, only dying in small
Moments I turned away from your caress

Unwatered, our garden lies bleak and spent
Winter coating the stems where summers went.


by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: heart, love,

The Heart's Journey

Should there be such pain in 
passion of the heart?
Or does the heart, 
simply by beating, 
know the boundaries of pain 
when it can no longer absorb any more joy?
The two seem intertwined at times, 
each exalted unto itself.
From euphoria to melancholia, 
the heart is on an endless journey 
seeking harmony and balance, 
yet finding anything but.
We torture our souls 
for the sake of love,
enduring countless curves,
on the road to the steep summit 
where a plateau cannot survive
the weathered storms for long, 
but for the season’s summers 
we exist.

Make Me Feel it Poetry Contest
Sponsor Becca Teagan
July 9, 2016

by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: lost love,

Love Leaves

gently rustles silver leaves
gliding through open windows
a golden summers evening
like a cardinal's rubied wing 
warming the brutish bluish soul
of winter's icy cheek
like a spray of ocean blossoms
bursting from a magicians sleeve
into caverns of lonely hearts
rooting oh so very deeply
like a siren sweetly offering
a sextant for the wayward bow,
just before it strikes the reef 
and leaves in a flaming howl

by John Hamilton |
Categories: absence, change, love hurts, missing you, relationship,

Autumn's Desires

Autumn's desires

Your amber-umber eyes, penetrate me
as saffron sun sets on faces, ashen
Your suspicious mind raves with jealousy
as pumpkin winds chill our summers passion
your love transitions to winter's fashion.

Fire and ice keep flowing through your bold veins
Wild imaginations portend cold rains.

I dream of your ruby-red crimson lips
my mind won't rest until you have returned
the  touches from your ginger fingertips
we can rebuild the bridges that have burned,
then, we will laugh at all the lessons learned

I think of your flowing cinnamon hair
mem'ries of our home, and you being there.

John Derek Hamilton
September 16,2017

by David Kavanagh |
Categories: allusion, first love, growing up,


You drifted into my ambience, on a light summers breeze 
  I'd never seen such perfection, carried with so much ease
  We barely interacted, though our eyes may just have met
  Quiescently touching my heart, a moment I'll never forget 

David Kavanagh

by Mike Hauser |
Categories: love,

Love Puddles

If one mid-summers day

Love came rolling in on a cloud 

I'd gladly say let it rain

And puddle up around my house

by T.Nicole Williams |
Categories: emotions, heart, love, passion, poetry, romance, romantic,

A Love Poem

Beloved, turn off the lights; speak to me;
Is your heart to be evermore my own,
does my name slip from your lips silently...
content, that I should need ne'er more to moan.
Beloved, watch close loves acquainted eyes;
reflections holds no secrets from within.
For the souls bidding eyes will ne'er tell lies,
remember, doubt not… your want is my sin.
Beloved, wilt thou walk with me through dreams,
come lay with me as if I were dying?
Kiss my mouth, give me water from your stream;
listen love...the voice of the rain’s crying.

Loves lives through winters cold, summers fire,
though daybreak begins, as the night retires.

by Vijay Pandit |
Categories: love, nature,

Parallel Images

Enchanting Is beauty of your love Fragrant, colorful, blossoms of spring Delighting Robins on willow trees To woo your summers in playful hints Riveting Your passions marigold In musings gamboge of autumn's leaves Fulfilling Desires of snow white dreams Kissing you as snowflakes are falling March 4, 2021 Placed 1st: Images in parallel poetry contest Sponsor: Joseph May Syllables per stanza: 3,6,9

by Kaley Carroll |
Categories: lost love,

Winters My Enemy

Throughout the winter it's like I'm gone 
Watching you from far beyond 
Seeing you through the trees 
Something sounds like honey bees 
Watching you from far beyond 
Wishing that I was not gone 
Lovely roses round your head
Trees that shine green and red 
Winters gone and I am back 
I feel like such an insomniac
Here I am you are asleep 
That's when I hear a beep 
1 day 2 days 3 days by 
It really makes me wanna cry 
Summers gone and winters back 
It's back to were it started at.


by T.Nicole Williams |
Categories: loveme, me,

A Love Poem

Beloved, turn off the lights, speak to me;
Is your heart to be evermore my own?
Does my name slip from your lips silently...
content, that I should need ne’er more to moan.
Beloved, watch close loves acquainted eyes,
reflections holds no secrets from within;
for the souls bidding eyes will ne’er tell lies,
remember, doubt not, your want is my sin.
Beloved, wilt thou walk with me through dreams;
come lay with me as if I were dying.
Kiss my mouth, give me water from your stream;
Listen love...the voice of the rain’s crying.

Loves lives through winters cold, summers fire,
Though daybreak begins, and night retires.


by Just James |
Categories: love,

Love Vortex

love bleeds into me and now becomes life 
 Light fractures into rainbow’s  not  hate 
   Warm rises  from  my  lonely black  
     Rain summers life from past cold  
       Old  tear  filled  eyes  now  dry 
        Soft dreams make me young 
              Single    was    hard       
                 Two now pair 
                     We’re one 

” spiraling effect” of vortex by antonyms in following line 

by Wandering Butterfly |
Categories: childhood, dedication, happiness, places, uplifting

Ah, Alum Creek

Ah, Alum Creek
A place I love to go

In the summer for a picnic
Or a jet ski talent show

The kids can run and play
Covered in sand from head to toe

Pack your 45
we've got UV rays to soak

Hitch up them jet skis boys
Dont forget the boat

"Out to play!" is on the door
"Will return" was all I wrote

-Miranda Lambert- 
02/15/2011 11:45 am
(My dad took us to alum creek every summer, I plan to continue this legacy for many 
summers to come)

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: love, sea, sensual, summer,

Summers Heat

The summer sun plays on our emotions
As the fiery orb rises high at noon.
We cast off clothes and apply our lotions
We sun bathe naked near the sea in June.
To swim in the depths of aquatic blue
Immersed in cool waters as the sun sets,
I feel the love of these islands and you,
No matter the costs, we have no regrets.
In mystical rhythms of tropical drums
Our hips gyrate to the pulsating beat.
As we dance close I can feel your heart thrums.
We feel senses rise...caught up in this heat.
Hearts beam with joy in this place we first met
With love's memories we'll never forget.


~Third Place~
Summers heat sonnet Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: John Hamilton

by Debbie Duncan |
Categories: life,

Light of Angels

Indian summers come
Then they slip away

Fish swim upstream to spawn
But they never stay

October came in 1955
I lay on my mother's breast

Love came to me one day
Then stepped away

There might be scars here
 and there. But, there's still

The light of the angels 
Shining thru her eyes
6/17/2017  11 pm Sat.

by John Watt |
Categories: age,


In youth, vacations lent my Summers wings
and Christmas gilded wintertime in gold.
I've aged (a bit) and love my Falls and Springs
for landing in between too hot or cold.
In time, I've learned it doesn't pay to be
too up or down, too rich or poor, too round
or thin. Avoiding each extremity,
I balance life by seeking middle ground.
I used to have my weight control down pat,
then physical exertion simply froze.
I'm somewhere south of fit and north of fat;
my muscles shrink yet still my middle grows.
As seasons come and go, I grow more sage;
I know the meaning now of "middle" age.

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: summer,

Lost Summers

I recall when summer
		Was sitting in the shade
		Drinking icy glasses 
		Of Mama’s lemonade.

		In the magic  summers
		When love was fresh and new;
		Delight of summer evenings		
		Exclusively for two.

		Later on the summers
		Were two weeks at the shore;
		Brushing sand from children
		Wishing days were more.

		Life with all its burdens,
		Halts not for summer’s treasure.
		There no longer is the time
		To taste of summer’s pleasure.

		Summers have grown shorter
		And busier it seems.
		Lazy days of summer
		Are only in my dreams.

by Albert Ahearn |
Categories: lost love

Duel Personality

Many lovers’ kiss faded from my lips
Like summers early morning mist that dries
When timely sunrise first arrives outside
My windowpane. Can I rewrite the script
Of providence that’s handed me? Eclipse
Another, hardly. The Jekyll and Hyde
Reside in me: the good and bad divide
At first but then the worst bestirs and shifts.
A lover kisses Jekyll’s lips of wine
But soon the lovers tasting vinegar
When Hyde emerges every single time
To spoil the sweet-taste of love. Au revoir!
The final parting words that draws the line
When love dies never knowing who you are.

by S. Grace |
Categories: age, break up, deep, goodbye, how i feel, sad, sad love,


Take this last kiss as a bid goodbye
Dont sit and wonder why oh why
Can I not walk in the trail of your stride
Why my heart is groomed to hide

You are just a child, as am I
So don’t think that we can outlast July
Isn’t it a pity, how such sweet summers come to end
Leaving behind two young lovers from worlds that’ll never blend

Now it seems that I hate to speak the truth,
But this affair has a fate, a tragic ending in youth
You can lure me with promises that we will have it all,
But it seems my roots have already grown into the wall.

by Ann Cantu |
Categories: angst, imagery, longing, moving on, nostalgia, perspective,

Once More

Accept equality, admit to science 
That you always believed -
Why wouldn’t love be free?

San Franciscans and summer lovers 
Flocked here seeking illusion.
They saw pretty colors, but no truth.

I extended my hand, warmly 
You grasped it, looking onward 
To clover crowns and daisy chains.

There is no understanding of
The light in shaded eyes, or
Coy words slipped from tight lips.

Summers always end, she said. 
We sighed, nodding off to dream,
Once more before the apocalypse.

-ARCantu, 05/25/2023

by Jay Loveless |
Categories: uplifting,

A Summer Breeze, and the Perfect Song

Bringing the memory of childhood summers

Soft voice of an angel leading me away

Eyes flickering slowly with peace

Away into the clouds into love and happiness

Blossoming designs flowering in the sky

by Mayah Mcnelly |
Categories: introspection, relationship, romantic love, sensual, soulmate, sweet love, true love,

The Shakespearean Mistake

Shakespeare compares thee to a summers day,
How misplaced are those words that he say.

For you, my dear, are the poignant breeze
Caressing, undressing the autumn trees.

Your great winds blow with forces mighty,
Slowing— to kiss, the depths of my psyche.

by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: love,

The Queen of Camelot

Soft the caress within love's tender kiss and times perfumed gaze..
Gathering centuries as bouquets; beauty in petals to mark this page
Splashed aneath colours atop their still frames; thresholds she waits
Ushering her dreams beyound the gate; crashing waves and a heart
Engraved these moments standing quiet no more; destiny's shores
Wiping tears from her eyes shall not they cry; joy, yet never sorrow
Ever again love's beautiful ballerina, whom bled one summers day ?
Leaving this lifes stage for a much better place; soft the lights caress
Perfumed these still frames; gathering her silent centuries in bouquets.

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: beauty, how i feel, life, sad,

Suite Seasons

Oh Sweet Seasons,
          Return to me

 Bring back the summers
          of love in the sand
 of champagne moons
          and dancing in the sun

 Send me your autumns
         on apple cider breeze
and nature’s confetti
         of auburn and gold

 Frost me in winters
         with marshmallow mountains
 warmed by hot chocolate
         and pine coned embers

 Then let life renew
         oh sweet seasons of spring
with lilac memories
         and honey bee serenade

by Jay Loveless |
Categories: me, me,

Just You

upon a summers eve
i dreampt of thee
the way your hands move
i love they way they do
beneath my body boy
so strong beneath me, moving me like a toy
your arms around my waist
your lips finding a path to my face
shivers crawl up my spine
as your rythem joins mine
laying on your couch
the movie sounds in my head
but my eyes are on yours 
as we almost fall to the floor
breathing as heavy as i
im about to cry
just bite me once?
just get this tourcher over with?
i enjoy this too
but oh my, these emotions are too much with you
you unravel me to the core
and im thinking of just one thing
just you
just this boy

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: imagery, love, summer,

Let Us Lie On Summers Grass

Let us lie on summer’s verdant green grass. Heady, fragrances of sweet intensity The warm sun reminds us of lovers past. Whom we recall, with joy,splendilly . Each lover, was indeed, as a unique bloom. Not one could be compared to another, But with each, dear amour ,by love consumed Thus, by love possessed, each salient hour. 6/13/2023