Love Poems About Summerhouse or Summerhouse Love Poems
by Fayaz Bhat |
Categories: romantic love,

Smiling Girl, Mehvish

Smiling Girl, Mehvish
Do you remember, o smiling girl Mehvish, the excursion day?
We climbed higher and higher--into the hills;
Collecting the wild walnuts
And taking selfies standing on the old deodar logs,
 Which bridged the dry brooks.
Merry crows cawed at us
And the cowardly monkeys 
were springing in anger, and screaming!
The funny girl, your class fellow, with her fingers blew many a whistle
And the young shepherdess replied from across the vale
 her lovely calls--
Standing among buffaloes, outside her summerhouse in the sloping woodland.
You were leaping like a goat,
Eager to conquer the top;
While I fatigued-- begged you to stop.