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The love of God what can I say
It's there for all to see
It was love that sent His only Son
To die for you and me.

There is no other love like this
That He should die for man
Before the foundations of the earth
It was salvation's plan.

This amazing love from God to man
Is summed up like this for me
Jesus Christ Him crucified
At the place called Calvary.

by Brian Strand |
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summed up in love-
complete in heart & mind,
ourselves & others love & to

by Anil Deo |
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Passover Tanka 20170411

Wine, bread, bitter herbs Blood, body, sin, suffering This is Passover in old and new Testaments Love means Sacrifice
(c)Anil Deo, 11 April 2017 Shalom shalom, Happy Passover to all Jews and Christians. During Passover Jesus instituted the Holy Communion summed up in "unleavened bread & wine." PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM: "Sha'alu Shalom Yerushalayim." Ps 122:6

by M. Shahid H. Chouhdry |
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Best Thing

You! My Best thing in this world,
Will neither leave you, nor I Quit,
You’ve summed up in my Eyes,
Take’s me up to the endless height,

Love garden with full of flowers,
Nightingale tweet and morning dew,
Turned my world to vast heaven,
Flying in your love as aircrew,

Love Affection and, presence of your absence,
Bloom my heart huge in size,
Together we bliss, together we joy,
Seems each moment to be in paradise,

Warmth heat of your touch fed me up,
Your shadows covered me as bending stem,
Satisfaction of belonging to you soothes me complete,
Maunder in ticklishness of your love whim.
You! My Best thing in this world,
Will neither leave you, nor I Quit
Shahid Hussain Chouhdry

by Lord R. e. Taylor |
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The Sum Of A Life

How can one’s life be summed up?
Did their children grow up happy?
Were they happy with their decisions?
Their accomplishments in life
Did they make enough money?
Did they make others smile?
Were they able to love?
What did the say to those who mattered?
How many times did they say “I love you”?
Could they walk past and needy man and not help?
Did they ever speak to a lonely stranger?
A single box
Brown and sealed with tape
Their life sealed inside
No name written on the outside
A single box is all that remains
Nothing else matters
That one box
Stored in the back of a garage
Nothing more
Nothing less
That is the sum of a person’s life
And that is just sad

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My thoughts burn me
Your passion within
Is a hollow furnace
My mouth of expression is shut
For your beauty stuns me
These thumb and finger, my 
Or this pen, a messiah
I burn to the bones.
My sleep watches every night
At my awoken wide eyes.
What a mockery of repose! 
I fear my strange emptiness
And time is of the essence.
I am stolen away
Far into your lost
My only compass, your heart.
Please, delay not
Kick start this love cart
For your heart I am aimed
Save me, I suffocate 
From an intense killing feeling   
Written you my heart 
I am writing you again
Summed up in three words 
Eight letters... I love you.

by Rose La Traille |
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his eyes

life through my 
eyes is hell
on the surface
life through his
eyes I could only
whole world in
his hands, mind, and 
to me the whole 
world is just a
prison sentence...
life is a gift
to him
changing lives
me its a battle,
a war
yet he loses
more love than 
each sin breaks 
his heart
for me love
is another war
his name
more powerful 
than anything
his name can
be cursed, sang,
spoken ,loved, hated
his name is
love summed up
in one person
my  name just 
another part of
my existence
he is the 
beholder of my
the beholder of
my future life
with him
there is no 
death just life

by David Smith |
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Summed up by a cat

Cats know if you are safe to be around, 
And if your mind is sound.
Cats know where trust can be found,
They don't often get drowned.

Cats know if for the hills they should be bound,
Or by the fire they should be found. 

Cats judgement is usually sound,
Which means if you come around,
And the cat cannot be found,
You may soon be outward bound.

by Joe DiMino |
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If I loved Thee

If I loved thee, thou would need not
count the ways – for true love is summed-up 
never by the days – not sunrise or at setting
would thee need count the petting unending;
for love is not a schedule, these can be changed 
and broken – and words on paper by themselves
mere token; for even the bible, so lofty a text 
often loosely spoken. And true love never fails. 
Not a train of it derails. Constant in its going. 
Not in God’s dear heaven greater than here 
in my heart – And love thee I do with every part! 
With every eternal length and girth of me, body
and soul of me, spirit worth of me.