Love Poems About Summarize or Summarize Love Poems
by Xuefeng Pan |
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I am a civilized animal

I am a civilized animal, just like you
My brain works a bit better than a computer
In terms of obeying human moral

My heart circulates blood transporting oxygen and nutrients
To every little cell that comprised of molecules and organelles
Made by materials

My life works strictly this way nothing special
Only the love to my kind seemed to be unusual
The last words if I have to summarize are that 
I love you

by Corine Wilson |
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Interested In You

I can remember the first time I laid eyes on you my heart melt, it was the most delightful feeling I have ever felt. 
The more I kept seeing your face I longed to get to know you, so that the things which makes you happy I will for surely do.
When we began to talk our conversation was short but interesting,  as days went by I enjoyed my summarize moments with you that were very amazing.
Your heart is so pure and clean that I cared to get acquainted with you better, just so I can give to you what you surely desire (love).
Throughout the facts I discovered all the good qualities you withold,  keeps giving me wonderful thoughts of someday having your mind/body and soul(you).

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
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Indiscreet gazed glare

Lived spiritualities listens do ones sweet whispers
Organizational perspectives viewed waiting a for you
Various amours fling dreams of you
Endless amor I love her/(him) so

Yearly some summarize passions sword cutting the void
Overwhelming feelings of my aspects sweet passions
Unfulfilled wishes I ask, will you be mine

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr © 2021

by Eileen R. Kelly |
Categories: passion, religion,


Man dies on cross 
Virgin has a baby, 

Man builds bomb, 
Woman cries "you're crazy" 

What is truth? 
What do we disprove? 

What religion do we rely? 
Preeminent hope? 

once masters of succession 
now reduced to unholy recession 

Allow this summarize 
In religion truth lies 
In religion secrecy thrives 
In religion secrecy hides 
It is in love we find compromise 

Is it religion we really seek? 

It is tempting to believe 
what we have been told, 

look around you, 
will you not. What have you forgot? 
Look inside do not hide look within, 
this is who you believe in.