Love Poems About Summaries or Summaries Love Poems
by James Swartz |
Categories: love,

Basic time in love

I let lonely feelings slip away,
using the basic nagging 
of knowing your love will stay 

We let the emotions grow,
basic wonders of the skin 
and a smile from "I love you so"

The time in sweet syllables last, 
basic summaries sold
as we tell the pain of our past 

Teasing and talking in score, 
basic arguing in return of
who loves the other more 

We laughed as the world hurt, 
free in basic wonder
with my hand up your skirt

There was no need to pretend 
the basic time in love 
needing you now until the end

by anurag sharma |
Categories: desire,

My journey is not summaries

My journey is not summaries
I couldn’t understood story of life
When to start when do end
For your search I need bird wings
So this endless tale goes on
There is no limit of sky
There is no limit of dream
My hunger is still same
Feel as like I am doing new beginning
Sometime I feel to wash my mind
Washout every story of past
Only your appear bring happiness
Only your appear make me alive
Hungry heart want your view
Don’t do more promise 
Now make love dream true