Love Poems About Sumer or Sumer Love Poems
by Bonnie Collins |
Categories: nostalgia

August Moon

August moon echos of kattidids and
the aroma of the lake that summer
not any special aroma, but somehow
that will always be in my heart along 
with the memory of my first kiss

Hot summer days, and sumer nights
with all he mysterious wonders that
lied ahead of my life that particular summer
has left its impact on me till this very day

Being young, and turning into a young lady
from a tom boy learning now that the opposite
sex is more than just reverse of my gender

Remembering how to dive, wear lipstick, and 
falling in love all in one summer's August Moon.....

by Tera Brown |
Categories: love, love hurts,

This World, With Love

With so much ado and care, 
How can someone hurt, 
And be so unfair, 
A nick in the mirror, 
When thou art love, 
Came to be so near, 
How happily you would be, 
To love your partner so, 
Sumer would be greener, 
As winters has the frost, 
All seasons could be the same, 
They have the love in the world, 
Not let it be lost...

by Izzy Gumbo |
Categories: adventure, friendship, history, love, mystery, passion, peace, science

Knight the Butler

Knight the Butler said the Chef
A civilized relation of One do exist.
This Time of laying the Measure
Means of One to Many a Treasure.
Bird songs of the same feather
weather storms of fright to light
the heather and again, come the
day we remember. Who we are.

I got your number.Gentleman. ;) WO!
you talkin' to MOi?

Was a Sumer of sixty eight and
Mother said wait. So I did.
Earthly measure stares around
Megalithic Yard stands in ground
Tunes of Earth do here a sound
EarS.< 3T! Cares.We hear.

What's a you ask?
a guide.uh?