Love Poems About Sumac or Sumac Love Poems
by Jeremy Street |
Categories: angel, art, autumn, baby, love,

Everything, Turning Upside Down

Here within this mid-majors town, their driving her homeless down....
Chasing the broken children hearts, all about ? Truth, amid his Babylon's 
Historic terms aside from such razzle dazzle hypocritic apostasy ? Vanguard's
Vexation degree and, philosophies: Phooey, your fine tuned circus choreographed
Puppet acts no pun intended; to palliate pain through Frankenstein's palsy, pageantry ?
Riding indubitable's infectious high horse spawned their poison sumac: simon-pure simple
Fractions his dossier have it your way today plexus pressage ? Stepping past a portal of where.

by Sandra Hoban |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, love, romance,

I am Not Poison

There are many types,
 of poisons, like poison ivy, 
hemlock, sumac, we also
have belladonna, and arsenic.

I am not poison, neither 
have venom, nor a virus…

Why have I not, heard from 
you for such a long time…

Did I say something,
that you didn’t like?

You can call or you come 
over whenever you want…

I am not toxic, nor am 
I venomous, nor do 
I have a virus...

I am not poisonous…

By Sandra L. Hoban