Love Poems About Summer or Summer Love Poems
by Daniel Turner |
Categories: philosophy,

The Sum of a Life

This life we're living
Is so unforgiving
Reminding us every day
Of games that we played
Choices we made
Dreams that faded away
Paths that were crossed
Loved ones we've lost
Still promising a brighter tomorrow
When that promise is broken
Our wounds rip back open
Leaving hope to drown in deep sorrow

From our very first breath
We're stalked by death
We live our lives in fear
Knowing well it won't last
So we live loose and fast
Look up and the days have become years
We add peace, subtract strife 
Find the sum of a life
Discover we've love left for giving
Love that goes wasted 
On the bitterness tasted
In a life so unforgiving

  by Daniel Turner

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: devotion, romance,

The God Seeds

The God Seeds

in the midnight summer solstice
out in air alive with fireflies
floats young lovers and their wishes
exciting moments hand and hand
hold the mind in solid silence
contemplating on the romance
to be shared in heat of passion
just a touch is hot attraction
till coming dawn all fresh with dew

with a sum of years, they ponder
deep within to nurture God seeds
of a rich devotion aging
from eye to eye and lips to heart
of the man and of the woman
imparting joy and love to keep
a constant growing in the soul
an empathy says someone cares
to walk together when their old


by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: friendship,

The Sum of Us

Our minds and souls have somehow linked.
Strolled down paths of rain freshened flowers.
Forever mingling to songbird hues.

We spread our mutual seed into forests green.
The texture of our scent. Pristine.
The past cannot blemish such moments.

In the center of our lifetime, a golden pool.
Harp fish splash a silvery surface.
The bottom strewn with love's jewels.

We dive for the blue heart of it all.
A deepening touch, tumbling walls.
An eddy of us paints a lavender dusk.

We emerge pure as the sum of our love.
Infinity plus infinity equaling us.
Death cannot divide the frolic of such moments.

by John Hamilton |
Categories: cancer, courage, depression, encouraging, heart, meaningful, uplifting,

Cancer's Cost

Cancer's Cost

Cancer may ravage whole body parts
but it can never conquer resolute hearts.
Battered and bruised by aggressive procedures
we may hardly recognize our distinguishing features.

Remember this my friend, all hope is not lost
You can fight this evil enemy, but there is a cost.
The price is determination, a strong will to keep living
you have so much goodness left inside to keep giving.

Remember this my friend,
We are more than the sum of our human body parts
Cancer cannot kill the eternal love dwelling in our hearts!

John Derek Hamilton
December 21,2015

by Dom- X- |
Categories: abuse, addiction, celebration, dedication,

I Love Using the N Word

No, no, you got it all wrong
This is my N song

I love using the N word in everything I do, I am
NO, I am not Sam, I am

I love the N word, when told to google thing
I don't like the N word during the middle of a fling

Many times I use the N word, when asked if I took the batteries 
NO, I did no such thing, you crybaby

I use the N word, when my girl needs sUm cash
I'm not falling for that dash

A simple No, to all money grubbers,

I'm not a "YES" man
I'm a "NO" man

On occasions, I love using the F word even more


by Joe Maverick |
Categories: lonely, longing,

Come and Find Me In My Solitude

Solitude all around. 'In there' I am lost; midst a thronging everywhere' 
Though I have never walked, a planet cold; a lonliness to me has talked,
As a sea of silence surges, await I the breaking dawn of love & gentle urges, 

Imagining that they could come, outside of this indifferent lot; that is my sum.'
Dim the light, and worn the day; I exist despite.. Evil times & trecherous ways,
If only 'one' could break the doom, forbid the hold of this living tomb,
But no.. No one I even guess.' Would warm me with true & safe caress's
I've fallen down to lay alone, my future colder than a frozen stone.'

by Djeli Forchion |
Categories: black african american,


At this moment I sit and reflect,
so much water has flowed under the bridge,
so much life has been lived,
triumphs, successes, vitories, wins,
pain, frustrations, upsets and defeats,
I am here and more than the sum of my parts
I have lived, i have loved, I have broken hearts,
so much like the onion there is more of me with every peel,
once the peeling is done I will need time to heal.
send prayer, send healing, send chocolate, send love,
most importantly send the love,
while I sit here and reflect.

by Wendy Watson |
Categories: family, math,

Summing Up

Mr MacPherson, a mathematician
Was married to Sally,a keen statistician.
With little division to trigger vexation
Their conjugal lives led to multiplication.
First Roland, then Harry and then the addition
Of first daughter Jenny, a gifted logician.

The one common factor of great satisfaction
Engendering fervour and strong interaction
Was love of arithmetic, logic and theories
Together with quantum and harmonic series.
In sum, they endeavoured on every occasion
To bring mathematics within the equation!


by Don Johnson |
Categories: adventure,


a poem of truth, words cast ashore, from where lonesome, often pulled an oar, a bitter pill to be alone, me n the dog an cat call home, catch another lover, yes 4 sure, just the waiting, is a bad-sum bore ... (thanks Gail Doyle's, Without Love) Don Johnson

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,


Make up your mind to be at peace,
Ignite your heart to know the truth;
Nurture fond finds that bring sure ease,
Delight sure start as calm sets proof;
Feel inner glow as stillness comes,
Use clear focus to show you how;
Live lovely flow as moments sum,
Niche kind locus right here and now;
Explore the feel of loving grace,
Sense the aura as peace fashions;
See joy reveal bright glow in place.
Notes sculpt flora in kind action,
Opt to be still as love appeals,
Work then bold will as splendour heals.

Leon Enriquez
04 June 2015

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,


Death is a pause between two worlds,
Reach that calm sea where stillness sums;
Embrace swift course in shades that swirl,
Ask to be free of mere outcomes;
Do not feel fear as death finds you.
Death is a friend that brings calm rest,
End with joy near on homeward cue;
Allow brief end to sum this quest,
Touch and feel now the light that shines;
Hope and faith know life's sacred shores.
Deep love endows what's yours and mine,
Intuit a flow that gathers more;
Enter and be one with all things,
See boundless seas of deathless springs.

Leon Enriquez
26 July 2015

by Izzy Gumbo |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, friendship, imagination, life, love

Center of Thunder

Yes, see the entry,
Enter the center
and feel eternity.

Somewhere beneath my eyes
Some bare the mark of lives
Sum time past, at last
to remember. After thunder,
that life is divine. Reach...

Yes, see the entry
Enter Center
and feel eternity,
Mysterious history...
Some poetic chemistry,
Some dare love to see.
Sum past to present
and remember...
that Living is the Time
Center.2 Thunder.

by Mitchell Griswold |
Categories: bible, christian, faith, god, religion, religious, spiritual,

I Am

I Am
by M. Griswold

I am the sweetness in your desires that be.
I am the passion in a hot fire's intensity.
I am the caring in a tender touches caress.
I am the gentle in it's full gentleness.

I am the angel of hope for what can be.
I am a teasing demon tempting irresistibly.
I am a tear in a yearning lonely heart's sum.
I am those emotions that will surely come.

I am that gaze in a lover's longing eye.
I am those dreams on which you can rely.
I am all things that you  need me to be.
For I am His love that fills so completely.

by James Peranteau |
Categories: love, son,

The Brave Little Soul


                 oh yes
             the little soul
            who kissed me
               ‘pon mine
                aged lips
          with out a second
                he kissed
            and begged for
              the longest 
                in return

*i should have explained 12years ago...sum knew me here i see; and at the time, mine little love...Noah. Hiz 3year old self (at the time) wanting to love hiz pops. Ya know, that wuz the first time in mine life that i realized; kissing wuz an inherent thing, an instinct uv love!  ;)

by Mirian Parrilla |
Categories: life, self, love, me, self,


being me not self centered 
Caring and kind hoping to find 
The best there is in human kind
Trying not to be judgmental 
At the same time be conversational
Trying to see both sides as a one 
Often conceded as soft hearted 
Taken to the heart 
Often known for a few tear jerker’s 
Funny humors to the core 
Less often a bore 
Love to have around 
To brake a frown
Always willing to lend a hand
Love giving not receiving 
Patience in life’s everyday situations 
Great listener ready to give good feed back
A survivor not a fighter 
A forgiver not a forgetter 
Strong minded protective when it comes 
To the ones I love 
To sum it all up I am just me myself and I 
I love being my self 


by Kim Merryman |
Categories: home, places,


Flamingos pink and perky love wading in the glades,
Lazing on white sand beaches you'll see tourists on display.
Oranges grow in groves off'ring juicy sweet splendor,
Rainy days combust into lightning flash and thunder.
Interesting marine life, such as Manatees, dwell here,
Days of blazing sunshine draw many Snowbirds near.
Alligators do abound - just want to make that clear!

To sum it up, Florida can be a tropical paradise.
A great place to live if you don't like snow and ice.


(For those of you unfamiliar with the term "Snowbirds": It's the nickname for the Northerners
who come spend their winters in Florida's warmer climate)

by Jessica L. Sparks |
Categories: grief, i love you, missing you, mother daughter,

My Mom My Angel

I look up high and see a bright star,
That must be my angel  
Yes shes a star,
Mom I bet , its so beautiful living 
In a castle up in the sky,
My mommy is an angel ,
I wish I could see her fly,
when sum days are hard ,

And reality sets in ,
I breakdown and cry ,
then I see a sparkle and really 
my eye
Thats when it all made sense ,
I got comfort , from the bright star 
way up high
Thats my mommy , shes an angel , 
sitting on the sky
The brightest star,
I love u mom , and think of u no 
matter how far
U are ....
I can c u watching down on me , 
Where ever u are...

In loving memory of my mom 
Pamela Sullivan -Sheets

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: faith, introspection, life, love, love,

Tapestry of Life

Tendrils of gold fall over my eyes masking a timid soul.
Alabaster lies beneath woven strands; ev'ry emotion takes its toll.
Pensive am I in all my actions, compassion steers a grateful heart.
Even though I slip into doleful days, each morn I wake to a happy start.
Surefire strength comes from my faith; through God, I overcome.
Together, from joy, sorrow, peace and strife, my love becomes the sum.
Reaching for a promising tomorrow, I build my haven with family.
Yearning to nurture love and life, more enlightened, I hope to be.

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, July, 31, 2012
for TAPESTRY Poetry Contest

by Patrick Cornwall |
Categories: desire,


Dig the hole and like a mole

Can't see you now am blinded

Digging fast to forget our past

Will bury it beside me

Will keep it there 

With love and care 

Till needed it reminds me

I'll pour it out 

Until it sprouts

And plant the seedlings around me

Memories will come 

Forget the sum

I'll pay my dues directly

We meet each night 

I hold you tight

Till rooster crow and wake me

Never forget 

Our love was spent

Will plant you directly

by Terrell Martin |
Categories: introspection,

Journey Round the Block

I found myself 
Out walking yesterday 
In the warmth of the sun 
And cool of the shade
Talking to the One 
Within about who
And what I truly am 
As a sentient, human being
And a man.  I discovered
Nothing more or less remarkable 
Than the sum total of all 
The thoughts, words and deeds
I’ve ever produced, not withstanding 
Every drop of love I’ve known.
With every step I took, in retrospect
I saw how much the grass had grown.
While birds flew by as if I
Were standing still inside
A vacuum or vortex deep in space
Waiting for this magic moment 
To dissolve and disappear.   
Seeing the world more clear
I ended my journey ‘round the block 
Thankful I still have some time left 
On the clock.

by Daniel Human |
Categories: adventure, hope, imagination, inspiration,

Rising Up

A bubble of boundless buoyancy
Gravity cancelled, the earth slips away
As the bordered basket swayingly
Takes us up, up out of the fray

And slowly sound recedes below
Not to background, but downground hum
As weighted bags of sand we throw
And gravity slips from zero to negative sum

The treetops point up at us above
Astonished, as we clips their heads
Rising high as heated love
We glide over their grassy beds

And as the dusk paints a deeper shade
A Chinese lantern we became
When brief blast of furnace flame then made
Our bubbletop glow with flame

Funny how from up high it seems
Everything small below
Funny how from earth it seems
A singularly splendid show

by David Smalling |
Categories: friendship, hope, loveheart, heart,

My Heart

My heart is not a poem, you may come
And sit awhile apart from the drowsy day
And measure in silence the sweet sum
Of all I am to him in him when I pray

My heart is not a poem, do not read
My lips for syllables sly in sentences
That ever mask our inherent need
It's too naked for pride and pretences.

My heart is not a poem, I'm a man
Simple in form and capable only of love
When you come, bring not a plan
But come to give freedom to this dove.

by Jason Williams |
Categories: boyfriend, cute love, for him, funny love, love, word play,

His Other Names

His Other Names
by Jason Williams

Although he has a proper name,
and his friends acknowledge but one,
I rarely call him the same because
to me, he has a great sum!

He is often . . .

     . . . my Baby.
     . . . my Boo.
     . . . my Baby Boo.
     . . . my Sweetie.
     . . . my Sweet Baby Boo.
     . . . my Sweet Pea.
     . . . my Sugarlump.
     . . . my Butter Bean.
     . . . my Pumpkin.
     . . . my Pookie.
     . . . my Snugglemuffin.
     . . . my Love.

by Dominique Webb |
Categories: abuse, anger, anti bullying, betrayal, conflict, rights,

Sex Abuse

Sex abuse makes you feel dirty, 
When he’s the one that’s scum, 
It takes away your dignity, 
That which you treasure as your sum;  
You know you shouldn’t be there, 
But collect yourself to concede, 
The assertion of molestation, 
That's supposed to meet his need. 

“Will I ever be sexual again?” 
You fear and think life’s over, 
And still his hand and hard-on, 
Fill your mind, his credentials hover;
“Will I manage to speak to my councellor?” 
Bold with love, patience and grace;
“What will be my outcome?” 
And “What will be my life’s face?” 

11th of September 2015

by The Situation |
Categories: love,

Love Potion Number Nine

My thoughts of thee
Equal an ocean measured by tears
And all of death measured by fears

My want of thee the sum
Of grains of sand under the sea
The leaves of every living tree

My dreams of thee
More than stars the eyes can see
More than blades of grass that be

My breath having purpose each one
More than raindrops or rays of sun
More than the winning of each heart won

Every beat of my heart
Is a mission for you
Every second I'm near a dream come true

When you die then I'll die
Because there is simply no way
I'll torture myself living without you