Love Poems About Sultry or Sultry Love Poems
by Greta Robinson |
Categories: death, sleep,


Shine as a source of endless light
whose rainbows of colour deter the night
where daydreams are gentle as doves in flight
and sleep the sleep of angels

Shine like a shower of soft moonbeams
Inhabit the sea of a thousand dreams
where laughter and love are timeless themes
and sleep the sleep of angels

Shine like the sun in a golden sky
On warm, sultry evenings, a fragrance, a sigh
an echo of summer as life passes by
and sleep the sleep of angels

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: beauty, love, lust, sexy,

Dampened Sheets

I am the sultry silence
the wishbone
of your dreams
feel my warm breath
slither down your throat
across your chest
feel my transparent tongue...

We rage the erotic battle
I feel your pulse race
my fingers of flame
caress all that is yours
I am your imagination
arching above your feminine form
I sink slowly into you...

Just so you know my love
you will never be able
to shake me from your dreams
I will seduce you to a place
beyond mere thoughts and words
tonight, dream of us...

by elizabeth wesley |
Categories: love, ocean,

The Dream

From the mouth of the ocean and the eye of the wave
You erupt in my being and leap from my grave;
A lover so gloomy, yet dreadfully bright
You're clothed with darkness but crowned with light.
You come in the spark, you soar with the fire
The mist is your pillow, the tornado your choir;
I will kiss you to sleep on the wild ocean crest
A sleeping volcano, an earthquake at rest.
When you feel the earth move under your feet
The sun will bathe you with her sultry heat;
Let not the stars dim the light in your eyes
Let not my passion find you unwise,
For all that you are is to be all that you can
For you are the dream, you are my man.

by Phil Capitano |
Categories: language, poetry,

Dance With Me

Writing is dancing with words...
     a titillating tango with verbs delicious...
          a sultry waltz with rhythm and meter...
               a hot rumba with randy adjectives...
                    a forbidden dance with unnamed nouns...
                         if this has not left you wanting more
                         then I shall dance with words no more.

Poetry is a pure passion play
     of alliteration and words dancing in line,
           a quick-stepping, twin-tapping salsa,
		a seductive rhapsody in rhyme,
		     moving metaphors, measure and time…
			   my love is wrapped in this poetry
			   so will you please come dance with me?

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: happy,

Kaleidoscope Eyes

My eyes, some days, a flirty blue,
wink cerulean skies at you.
Let’s dally in sun’s gilded rays.
A flirty blue, my eyes - some days.

At evening time my eyes flash bright
as emeralds in sultry night.
Come bathe with me in passion’s clime.
My eyes flash bright at evening time.

Romantic eyes, with whisper of
soft lavender for one I love.
In gossamer, I’ll mesmerize
with whisper of romantic eyes.

In early morn, a green, pearl-gray
reflects your face in velvet day.
This placid hue my eyes were born-
a green, pearl-gray in early morn.

(My eyes actually change color with the contact lenses I choose to wear

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love, nature, summer,

Summer Lover

Oh, summer sun, all winter I have missed
your stale hot breath upon my upturned face;
your tongue that seers my flesh as I unlace
the strings on my bikini. I am kissed
by sultry lips that burn. I can’t resist!
I bask in light of day, and I embrace
Your penetrating rays that find each space
of skin exposed. I wait and plan my tryst.
And when you come, I’ll reverence you once more,
supine, as you would have me, to receive
your torrid touch as token of your lust.
In June we’ll meet as always by the lake shore.
I should not go.  So well you can deceive.
Some lovers you have killed! Yet still I trust. . .

for Brian Strand's Your Choice,Any Form,Any Theme Poetry Contest

by Tim Smith |
Categories: butterfly, dance, love, moon,

Precious Moon

Yonder light of moon-kissed rays
on blessed breeze you lie
under cover of the milky way
reach out to every cusp of sky

Moon my precious moon
open your wings
open your gilded wings
now and evermore 

Shine your sultry soul
here into mine
into the loneliness of dusk
near thee enter upon me
endless glows of your
sacred smile

Fly high moon my precious moon
over my wayward path
reigning me home

Mysterious lady  let this butterfly dance 
effortlessly in the glint of your romance

by ... Gigno |
Categories: love, passion, romantic,


Laying beside you in this heavy air
I turn to take in your sultry stare
A desire to taste you fills my mind
To pull you in while taking my time
Lowering closer indulged in wanting
My weakness for you almost haunting
Making a way around your naked body
Every bit of you begins to taunt me
Softness curling around your nipple
Being this close is never as simple
I press to you while you hold tight
Tangled in sweat until we see light

by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: absence, romance,

The Love Affair

That sultry night

Heavenly Hot He came

Endearing and Exciting

Like a summer scented waft

Oceanic eyes all over me,

Vulnerable and virtuous  to his kiss

Enchanted by the moment's bliss

All I am I  gave to him,

Forbidden fantasies He fulfilled.

Face to face We bid adieu

Away He sailed in distant waves

Iridescent shadows of his smile

Reminisce memories of last embrace. 

Not for the contest,but inspired 
by Regina Riddle's Romance contest

a fiction write

by James Inman |
Categories: passion,

Fantasy Of You

A smile is cast upon your sultry face
as lover's glance makes way for love emblazed.
With timid touch your breast my fingers trace
in search of love's familiar urge unfazed.

Your skin like silk pressed warm against my chest
entices feelings longed for in my bed
then with a kiss your love leaves me caressed
with cloyed emotions, burning flames have fled.

But lonely hearts, so filled with you, will break
on lips as soft as heaven's sweet whipped cream.
I taste your soul with every breath you take,
when passion's hunger's lost within my dream,

then dreams of you are all that I can see,
for love for us, in truth, can never be.


by Jiril Clemons |
Categories: emotions, fantasy, love, lust, passion, romance, woman,

More Of The Night

I feen for the calm, docile placed fire, 
The ex in extra before an exit starts, 
The urge to add dark, sultry desires, 
An encore for vibrant, unsettled hearts. 
I yearn for a jury’s continuance, 
The exposed touch of Eve’s verbs repeated, 
the safe flow of spirits, live tenderness, 
I’m jealous of the crave undefeated. 
But there is no end kept at this doorstep, 
There is only the feint death of memory, 
and while we may write love, and then forget,
We are the melted cry of symmetry. 
       Now there is unfamiliar morning that seeks, 
       And passion on hold, for dual minds to keep. 

by Paula Swanson |
Categories: love

Heated Kisses

Heated kisses, fevered touch upon my waking. Heated kisses, entreating a sweet hypnosis. Sultry promises you're making, deep of your lips I am drinking. Heated kisses.
Paula Swanson For the contest Rondelet Sponsored by Dr. Ram Form: Rondolet Placement: 6th

by John Gondolf |
Categories: love, passion, strength, summer,

The Pillar of Our Love

Across the table gazing in your eyes I see the bright reflections of our love, and like a sweet duet we harmonize with soulful melodies of mourning dove. Our love is ever present in my mind; these feelings that to you I do impart. For not a better lover could I find; you will remain forever in my heart. You touch my hand, my pulsing passions rise; My ever fervid fantasies take flight. I wonder if this leads to love’s surprise, and tangled sheets on sultry, summer night. My love you are the bedrock of my soul; the pillar which forever makes love whole.
May 11, 2018 Contest: Summer Love Sonnet Sponsor: John Hamilton

by James Fraser |
Categories: love, passion, people, placesblue,

Blue Lagoon Delight

Oiled and bronzed
In cupped pose
Her wetted hair
The want in me grows

Against the moonlight
Beside the blue lagoon
Her curves of delight

She turns her head
As she looks into my eyes
Sultry and steamy
On the cooling sands we lie

Tethered together
By capturing arms
Under the light of the moon
We share our charms

In sync we caress
With the sounds of the waves
Our tongues fencing
As our lips crave

Two become one
On this moonlit night
The love of two
In wonderful delight

We arise from the sands
Beside the blue lagoon
Walking home hand in hand
Our hearts in loving bloom

by Paloma P |
Categories: dark, desire, love, lust, passion, poetry, sensual,

Surreptitious Breaths

Silken linens scented of 

  last night's rendezvous,

     still wafting midst

         reticent moments, 

cognac and aromatic

   candlelight burning 'neath

      surreptitious breaths, 

  as we unfurled

     sultry seduction's poetry 

              'tween clandestine shadows

by Charles Fuller |
Categories: imagination, inspirational, love, passion, time, visionary,

From Sultry Eyes.

Seeping heavy under my skin
Shivering inception
Calming from its wisping caress
Tenderly soothing 

Reaching with tendril like fingers
Lithe and satin
Permeating through my veins
Enveloping essence

Taming the maelstrom within me
Purity embracing
Divulging the rains of promise
Cleansing shame

Defusing against the flow of time
Forever young
Standing open in naked candor
Unselfish passion

by Cheryl Koko Koomoa |
Categories: beach, beauty, fantasy, love,

Sipping Twilight

The sullen sea from my balcony mirrors gray sky 
it’s been hauntingly lazy,
raining, two summer days now.

And like the ocean, the dog days ebb,
low whispers,from an abandoned conch shell beckoning me
Come to the sea..... 
Placing pink side against my ear, 
from inside comes a hollow sound and
my small child hears the ocean captured!

Passion always seeks more
from the hearts of lovers……
The sultry breeze caresses
like your breath on my skin.
The sweet perfume of you
lingers like salt air and clings like sand to moist legs.
I'm lost in my dream
in the far lavender horizon,
the ocean swallows the sun 
I'm sipping twilight and waiting for paradise.

by Stephen Frazier |
Categories: inspirational, life, love, star, star,

Somewhere Out There

Somewhere out there on a distant star is a 

place where we belong all to ourselves where 

there's no words nor a familiar face. On 

this star is where we eternally exist 

without critiscism or anyone's sultry words. 

On this star you'll never cry, except from 

tears of joy. Somewhere out there our love 

has no bounds, out there were never alone, 

always in each other's arms. Though no 

matter how bright this star maybe it still 

doesn't compare to you or me. Some where out 

there on that star we'll find each other and 

finally be at peace. Until then somewhere 

out there we shall meet.

by L'nass Shango |
Categories: art

Poetry Poem Poets for kristin reynolds and dion bess

Pain in the prophecy of wings through sultry sky
Orchestrating vision, love, destiny
Emancipating the tongue to tattle tales taloned with grief
Triumphing in truth to tumult another joy
Reel all poets in, glistening on a silver sliver of string
Yearning to for a final travail, immortality on wing.

Please God, tonight, dry her tears
Oyster her heart in your love
Eternal comforter of cares
Mystic center of the universe, a dove

Perpetual are music mustering our minds to sing
Overtones from the litany of emotions
Easeless wonder, sacrifice, oblation, offering
Tremulous thunder eastering devotions
Sweetly from the ragged anthems of our gift.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love, morning,


Morning fog scrolls amid lonely hills
scarlet rays of wonder sultry bead 
dissipating breaths mist in prelude
offering up a delicate canvas of need

drenched at attention mid stare
reflections begging to be revealed
all of life's secrets soon to bare

painted corners of blushed lips 
curl, in the drawing of your way
hushed the half-beats of my drum
crave, welcoming in a new day

and when the moments lay dry
drift into the balance of my eye

Categories: adventuresweet, sweet,

Half Cocked

Half Cocked

If life was sweet as buttercups
we wouldna have to say wassup
and as I slipped into your room 
your figure shining with the moon
you gasped with seeming utter shock
as i smoked a pipe of havelock.............(old tobacco)
we came together neath the stars
and Jupiter he belted Mars
they put me in the JPs dock
said johnson had gone off half cocked

Don Johnson ....

Thank you sultry sweet Janine
your comments sweet, i'll lay between
and love will flow serenely not 
steam and passion hot hot hot...
love Don

by Angel L Villanueva |
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, love, marriage, wife,

Endless Bloom

She worries that her softest bloom is gone,
The beauty that was hers in younger years.
She reminisces days of early dawn,
When flawless skin awoke to gleeful cheers.

She frets her steps have lost their sultry dance,
Her slender figure time has cast away.
She dreads her crown to white will soon advance,
So feels it is in vain to hide her gray.

But I don't see the years her mirror shows,
Instead I view a bloom's maturing glow.
Her smile, her lively eyes and button nose,
Are still like early days of long ago.

The mirror only sees her graying years,
But I the graceful bloom beneath the tears.

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: sea,

Nocturnal Reverie

The sultry night dispelled the light warm breeze,
As he snoozed on the hot sand of the beach:
She smiled and giggled, a dance of a tease,
Till she flew up quite far beyond his reach.

          He moaned; desire urged him to fly with her.

Could he zoom towards scintillating stars?
Achieve a love along the milky way,
Add her in his voluminous memoirs?
Search for passion in dark night's misty ray?
Summer silence held him in tangled blur.

by Richard D Seal |
Categories: love,



From dusty day, a lulled sunset
A silver moon begins to rise
Darkening sultry of her eyes
I ride the road to Juliet
My pace in haste, our time is short
Upon the balcony she waits
Our love is open to the fates
If by her pious father caught

So soon our words fly through the air
Though false perception plays its part
A distance keeps us heart from heart
No holding of this night we share
She blows a kiss as dawn does break
I’m gone but with, her love to take.

Written in Italian Sonnet
For Isaiah Zerbst Contest
14 February 2014

by Carol Sunshine Brown |
Categories: happiness, love, romance,


Two bodies entwined...
Sultry feeling spreads quickly
Heat sparks engulfing us