Love Poems About Sultan or Sultan Love Poems
by Odion Izegwire |
Categories: adventure, beauty, best friend, love,



There sat the Sultan
Holding hyacinth
He wore a pure white T-shirt
Then called out to
A gorgeous gazella,
Feeling the magic in the air
He asked July to look into her eyes,
Sea-blue bright eyes she had

Her dashing smiles took him to Pluto
And returned him halfway into earth.

She was elegantly dressed
In all shades of blue,
Dangling from her neck
Was a pendant made of onyx
She was fearless and flamboyantly sweet
Everything she said was right
He called her "The Intelligi-Bebe"
She gave him the keys to the chest
And became his quintessential queen, exuding light.

by David Drowley |
Categories: courage, fate, hate, peace, sun, war, wind,


Beyond these ramparts lurks the mangy foe
Set to leave our red bodies in the snow.
The sultan of mayhem smirks and awaits
To grant harsh orders to decide our fates

With his swarming dragons outside our gates
And kill our love and peace that he hates.
Quarter will not be asked, and none given
For by bloodlust his jackals are driven.

Courage! We must fight for our wives and kids
Lest all our heads be stacked in pyramids.
Is our story to be scribed in dust
And whisked away by the whimsey of winds?

Yonder the sun will arise in glory.
Today that must also be our story!