Love Poems About Sulphuric or Sulphuric Love Poems
by Winged Warrior |
Categories: dark, heaven, humanity, surreal,

Seven For Chaos and Order-Of Hells and Heavens

Seven For Chaos And Order-Of Hells & Heavens

With Love abandoned and Demons are handed your serving succulent Soul
Megalomaniacal monstrosities, hideous oddities welcome you to the devils hole
Dreams of destruction for your consumption with sulphuric scorching smells
Blistering blasphemous bondage, you pay homage to the Master of Hells

My Soul escapes thru damnation drapes, I see the Loving Light
An Angelic reunion a Holy communion, the Heavens are within sight
No more enslaved my Soul is saved in harmonious habitual height.

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by Eamon Duffin |
Categories: depression

Sealed In Unhappiness

Once long ago 
You made the sun shine
Now you cast
A septic sulphuric shadow
You came and stole
My heart and my happiness
And interred them
In cold grey granite stone 
Days once so brief
Now linger, last too long
As we must sit
Separate in the same room
And listen to
The silence of hurtful hate

For contest * Jaded Love*  by John Heck