Love Poems About Sully or Sully Love Poems
by Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti |
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Love Unfetterred

It is no doubt no matter for love, 
To be bold and face, though frail, fray.
Of adversity, asperity, power and proud, 
Love though lone, can never be a prey.

Chains and bounds of so-called norms, 
Can easily be broken by love profound.
When love wants, dreams come true, 
It has remained always unbound.

No tactics of tyrants, no plights of power, 
Has ever subdued love unfettered.
Whoever wrangled to sully it or slay, 
Love never is defeated, remained bettered.

No monarchy can mold love, neither tyranny, 
Towards their side and find any favour.
Yes, but if one wants to win love with love, 
Can subdue and surmount with no endivour.

by Robert Wagner |
Categories: love, memory,

First Kiss

You wonder why 
it took so long
for my lips to brush 
against your lips.
Like a young child 
searching for words,
I lack the vocabulary 
to communicate 
my feelings for you.
It is not because 
you are not appealing
nor a question of 
my sexual preference.
Rather, it was 
respect for the dignity
embodied within 
your womanhood 
that makes me hesitate.
Aware of my lust for you,
who am I to sully 
with my wanton desires 
your beauty and integrity
knowing that once our lips touch
breached would be the dike 
that long I took to build.
Little did I know
you were waiting 
for that dike to crumble.