Love Poems About Sullied or Sullied Love Poems
by Quoth Theraven |
Categories: absence, goodbye, house, perspective, sad,

Quit My Dreams

Get out you feral ghost, never come back..
quit haunting I pray, depart my poor mind.
Faultless in features, vain visage you lack,
eyes lost to yesterday, while mine so blind.

Wandering my dream's rooms, just as before,
not persuaded to move on to new light.
Sway like swishing brooms, peering out soul's door..
knowing faithless fears before yours took flight.

Unsettled love affairs widened the rift,
once welcome heart never cared to explain.
No longer vex or taunt my sullied gift,
neither guiltless nor condemned to remain.

Train your last tears toward a howling wind,
'way from tattletale heart longing an end.

by John Lawless |
Categories: lost love, sorrow,

Love's Sullied Rose

Love’s Sullied Rose

He emptied the trash and his heart
the detritus of loving’s pain,
vain attempt to erase the start,
He emptied the trash and his heart
of sullied sweetness turned to tart
of loving's roses gone to stain.
He emptied the trash and his heart
the detritus of loving's pain.

for the Zeugma - Poetry Contest

by Shahidul Islam |
Categories: bangla, emotions, eve, faith, feelings, sin, truth,

Express Emotion

Emotions did not give the reason ,
                      Unfortunately not.
There are no borders to seek ,
                         not given ever .

Who , when my ego ,
          You 've melted .
What is there to express it?
                       Oh shame ..

We sullied body ,
                        Who does not mind .
do love, did love , will love,
          However lovefull life ..

by Seren Roberts |
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Colours of Love

through vibrant trees bursting with rich pink blooms
gently falling on the burning aura of the young loves,
with sweating hands which  gleam as they held hands......they
walked slowly back, with mindful steps indented in the go!den sand.

green stains off the grass sullied her dress,
not caring the girl smiled in bliss,
red swollen lips after their romantic interlude
where his fine hint of a beard had rubbed, whilst they kissed

his eyes twinkling blue with merriment which matched the sky, 
the burning sun, with it's psychedelic hue looked on.

penned 8 June 2016

by Gerald Kithinji |
Categories: kiss,

A Kiss

She hurried on slowly
Behind my footsteps
Now smiling
Now anxious
She hurried on
Into the dark tunnel

I sensed her presence
Her charm, pervading
I steeled myself, longing
Sensing her beauty
I trudged on
Defying the senses

My memory 
Clogged thus with defiance
My weary feet
Tethered to my race
My thought- sullied
I tripped and fell

She, beside me, whispered
‘I’m sorry about that, pretty face!’
‘I love you,’ I blubbered.
‘Welcome to my lips.’

That innocence
That was my virtue
Now seemed incongruous

That flicker sent ripples
Of jollity, soothing:
The magic of chance kisses!

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: angst, betrayal, emotions, feelings, hurt, jealousy, love hurts,


Betrayal festers inside, allowing fear to take wing. For; brushing all else aside, deceit is an ugly thing. Jealousy finds ways to hide, armed with its venomous sting. And there are nights that you've cried from the hurt memories bring. Angry tears have slowly dried since you gave him back his ring. Devastated that he'd lied, you disposed of everything. Showing his malicious side, he gathered up dirt to sling. And his jabs intensified when his sullied words didn't cling. Tending to your injured pride, you dodge the flack egos fling. And adrift without a guide, your heart recalls how to sing.

by James Peranteau |
Categories: funny,

Spring Thieves


   The sopranos each morning
              wake the me
  and at night they lull me into
              mine slumber

  In the days of spring though
        they pilfer my seeds
and thank me with their sullied

            All in all though
      I have soap and bucket
   and they have the prettiest
        which I thank God to 
               set eyes on

              I love those
               soil loving

by John Michaels |
Categories: emotions, feelings, first love, lost love, love, love hurts,


Old love note sullied mood; roused feelings thought past. - - - - - - - - - - - - - (C) 3-Jun-17

by Evan Blache |
Categories: deep, emotions, mystery,


Grey skies
Dark tones
Enclosed by cold

Dark soil
Dulling peat
Around your feet.

Wand’ring eyes
Raised heads
Heavy hearts of lead.

Sullied Gold
Sullied Hearts
Seeking Sapphire Love

Sapphire, Love.
Downcast, love.

Surging into an array of emotions:

Violet feelings 
White Emotions
Beige Thoughts 
Hazel feelings
Resilient, yet filled with loneliness 

Fading light
Diming Tones
Barren Void

by John Lawless |
Categories: love, spring,

This Thing - This Love

How would I define this thing – this love
this aching for the warmth of summer’s sun
nameless buds wriggling in the softened earth
giggling at the thought of sunlight’s bees.

For what is sane but love’s insanity
it’s urge to find fulfillment in its need
satisfaction in the bees unloving love
satiation shadow dancing with the sun

Oh, Love, how could you be so pure – and yet
so sullied by the dust of shortened days
leave me but withered petal memory
hanging on the edges of your chill

Oh Love how could you fail my need for you
to satisfy my need for being me


Spring Is In The Air Poetry Contest
Emile Pinet - sponsor

by Teclar Litabula |
Categories: appreciation, betrayal, black love, heart, heartbroken, sad love,

My Love

My love was too pure to be sullied by your lips
My love was too raw to be tainted by your touch
My love was too sacred to be defiled by your hands
My love was too musical to be howled back in my face

My love was too fragrant to be ill-scented by your words
My love was too delicate to be blemished by your ego
My love was too free to be caged in by your insecurities
My love was too infinite to be fathomed by your mind

My love was too unselfishly unconditional
My love so profound you could never comprehend
Except now its too late, My love
My love is no more

by Chris Peers |
Categories: age, dark, desire, first love, innocence, symbolism,

The Wounding of Innocence

Keep forever magenta memories,
chased in fields of old mud, barefooted,
  allow disgrace and stigma to reveal,
fading amber secrets,
of indelicate curiosity,
  scarlet laughter invited burgeoning confidence,
callow and covetous intrigue dissatisfied,
  Mother Mary's flower bud sinned against,
when carnal instincts overwhelmed,
  aching wounds of then still burnish,
but clemency is forever void of her embrace,
  when the sullied clothed in midnight blue,
wept for fading Spanish guitars,
and thunder rumbled to the turquoise sea.

by Lizzy Kulcsar |
Categories: angst, child, conflict,

My pearl

My pearl, 
I loved so much. 
A hole through the middle-
Stringed into a necklace-
Right on my chest. 
Love was too small of a word to describe;
How I felt. 
One day, it was stolen. 
My pearl;
The one I held so dear, 
Stolen by sullied hands. 
Left alone, I felt it, 
Part of me was missing;
Ruined by another. 
My pearl was sullied. 
Others laughed. 
For it was just a pearl
But I knew it wasn't.