Love Poems About Sulla or Sulla Love Poems
by Amor Otong |
Categories: deep, love, star,

To Stella, To Stars

Lonesome moment fades by time
The awakening or my past sublime
L'ho provato sulla mia pelle
Or just maybe
L'amor che move il sole e l' altre stelle
Shines forth
The you and me
Like pleiades could be
The apple polishing of your smile
You sailed fervor under favor of cloudless skies
I could catch you from a million times
Because you're my winning festone
Simply looking in your eyes
To Stella
Cupidity exists in dreams
Your the pastime in between
I am born out of nothing
Love is faith and fate is mean
To love you is everything I could ever do
Your the light that I keep
To Stella, that's all I believe...