Love Poems About Sulks or Sulks Love Poems
by Albert Ahearn |
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Reasons For My Love

I love the way she wears the sun
In her hair; and the way the rain
Beads on her delicate shoulders;
I love when her eyelids flutter
In early morning springtime breeze;
I love the way she pouts and sulks
When things don’t seem to go her way;
I love it when she feigns anger
That’s soon betrayed by a smile;
I love the look of guiltiness
On her face after we make love;
I love her childlike naiveté;
Her occasional whininess
And vagaries that define her.

by Micky Money |
Categories: life, love,


Logic sulks in a
corner as love bewitches
young, eager heart.

by Ciara Aiyana Ashley-Garn |
Categories: love, passion, visionaryangel, angel, love,

An angel of Love

An angel of love carries a deed
This must in turn return in heed
It a powerful spell that withers and dies
Not unknown too well within hearts lie
What feeling we feel as though we have come undone
It feels somewhat real as it sulks in the sun
Which day we have spent counting the hours
While the seasons pass its lovely powers
In dread we have seen what we suit
When an angel of love begins pursuit
What seraph?
What meaning of love
An angel of love 
Will come from above…