Love Poems About Sulk or Sulk Love Poems
by Russell Sivey |
Categories: family, friendship, love,


Talking of being in a deep sorrow
Masked for a time beyond
I hide, under my shell of invisibility
I sulk, for I am lower still
Than I was to begin with

But then something triggers
My thoughts explode with all kinds
Of special feelings of heavenly
Love, brought to me by so many
Of my friends, and my family
All of whom I cherish
Without which I would certainly
Drown in my own darkest nights
Of emptiness…

But I only see light filled love
Beaming all around me
Lifting me higher each day
Making my pain go away
So I may make it again this way
And love all today

Russell Sivey

by Judy Oketch |
Categories: satiresea, sea,

Me Myself and I

I run away from myself:
When I am happy, I am sad
when I am in love, I am out again
I try to joy myself, then I sulk.
I am sorrow when I rejoice.
when I think it is too late to frown
I turn dark and blue.
I run from darkness:
intending towards the light,
I burn from too much of it.......
and to darkness I am back again.
when my sea billows roar,
my sea tides calm.
When the bridge seems strong to cross,
Then a bar lingers
and back to wetness I am Again!

by Faith Carmichael |
Categories: addiction, beauty, feelings, how i feel, love, lust, sensual,

Your Skin

You will always be my favourite coat 
Skin on skin has always been in fashion 
The ensemble can be for any season 
When you’ve been sat in the sun for hours
On a hot summer’s day, I wear a darker shade
A tanned hide 
Or the milky tones of a winter’s day 
Pale and beautiful 
I know the design well 
Every detail down to the button
I know every crease 
There’s three on each side of your smile 
And four on your forehead when you sulk
You also have two little veins on each eyelid 
I checked when you were asleep
Just so I could make a mental note 
Your skin will always be my favourite coat 
I’d like to think I wear it well. 

by victor satekge |
Categories: break up, how i feel, hurt, lost love, love, love hurts, sorry,


I begged
I pleaded
And did I beg again
But at fault I was
Still I remained

But did I beg again
What was first sight of love
The consequences thereof
A night full of all
Much joy and jolly

Did I love and laugh
To me all you seemed
So much of my future
So much heartless of a puppet
Why sulk like a baby

But did I love again
Now all lies in balance
So much of love affair
That started by ending

by carolyne lloyd-hartley |
Categories: childhood, confusion, daughter

thirteen, who would want to be!.

Your sure your thirteen and not twenty two. Your bra size grows, and your attitude too. Your bossy, judgmental and spotty throughout. Carry on with the lip and I'll give you a clout. Your only thirteen get that make-up of now, Oh here we go another darn row. You sulk in that room, I'll frown in here, you'd have more respect if your father was near. I'm only thirteen and this world is not fair. With her crocodile tears and her neatly combed hair. I love you Mummy, She sob's as she says, Oh my god I agree, It's only a phase.

by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: april, art, august,


Should I have lived a life
Without upsetting anyone 
I’ll sulk in my grave 

Should I have lived a life
Without the madness of love 
Bewails will rot my coffin 

 Should I have lived a life
Of politeness and good manners 
Howling wind my voice 

Should I have lived a life
Not seen the beauty of a snowdrop
Black soil and blindness  

by macy southern |
Categories: hope, love,

A Tender Expression

Your irresistible smile
Covered by a dismal visage
Eager to salvage that grin,
Palm in palm, I lay a kiss 
Upon your cheek
And whisper terms of attraction in your ear
Awaiting to see those familiar dimples
Form over the peaks of perked lips, 
Your most admirable feature.
I wait, I witness- strain from your sulk
Is gently lifted into a tender expression
That I wish to keep spirited,
A tender expression 
That only I have the privilege to lay eyes upon.

by Marty King |
Categories: depression, poetry,

opposite of opposite

sad day for love
good day for gloom
wrong day for pushing the shove
good day to waste away and sulk in my room

by Melissa Hernandez |
Categories: love

untitled 3

I miss you when we talk I miss the way you walk Even when you sulk.

by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: dream, feelings, for her, for him, life, love, simple,


I sleep good last night
why oh why?
'Cause I dream of you hugging me tight..
I'm in a cocoon of warmth delight..

In the memory of our talks..
A giggle on my lips not a sulk..
Outside Rain may seems to bulk..
It's ok I'm in good house pack..

Nice to see you smile. 
Fine to hear you sigh..
Sweet, I saw you wave..
Joy, You fill me while..

I miss you, I said..
So you also replied..
No hesitation. 
No look of indignation..

by: olive_eloi

by Tumeka Young |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, life, love

Its More Love Than Lust

Like endless clouds in a clear blue sky
He slowly drifts into my mind
Shifting my cold depressing day
Into happiness with a single wave
I can never sulk
He makes me happy, totally not like the Hulk…

It’s more love than lust
He makes my every needs a must
His eyes break through my cloud of isolation
Now my heart will not go back into Desolation
Bandages of affection have healed my broken, shattered heart
Cupid has shot his arrow…or it’s more like his dart.

by Amos Joshua |
Categories: anger, emotions, heartbroken, loss, lost love, sad love,


We were two love birds
Flying on love's golden wings
I flip and you flap, you flap and I flip
We played our strings against the wind...

We were two eyes burning suns
We saw the light together
You peek and I peep, I peek and you peep
We envisioned our own forever...

Now we are just two birds of prey
Hunting down suffocating emotions
I frown and you sulk, we became stuck in our frowns
Two parallel trajectories, with no point of intersection...

Love has gone to sleep
While we played the game of thrones...

From a garden of beautiful roses
How did love come to be overthrown...?

by Kishan sharma |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade,

You believe sulk

You believe sulk,but do not forget this.
Love is yours illuminating us.
Without which you are nothing.
And we also without yours nothing.
Believe you sulk, but do not forget this.

Stay ahead you,we are happy behind.
But no,even then,we have some sad.
You see me no longer turn,
then where do you want to us enjoy.
You believe sulk,but do not forget this.
Love I'd yours illuminated us.

by Suzanne Carruthers |
Categories: animal, appreciation, cheer up, cute love,

The dog

What your dog is trying to say!

I know I annoy you when I bark at delivery men
I'm just protecting my families den,
I like to lick my bottom especially when we have guests
I do this because I like to look my best,
When you say walkies i don't know it's you're saying
But I get excited anyways as we go out oh you're paying,
And yes I get stubborn when to go the vets
For me this is as low as life can get,
Everytime we go there i get thermometer up my bum
So yes that's the reason I sulk and so bloomin glum,
So even though you try and trick me and pretend to throw my ball
I will always love and protect you all.

by Wilfredo Derequito |
Categories: loss, love, people,


Let go, buddy, no need to sulk and cry,
I won this girl’s heart, fair and square;
No, I won’t say ‘Sorry for your loss’,
After the pains you put her through.

Nothing you’ll do will bring her back to you,
Go, go, go, buddy, find someone new;
Kathy belongs to me now and she’s mine
And you’re not taking what belongs to me.

To this victor goes love’s delightful spoils
And I guess I’m just the better man.
You hear what I am saying? 

by Kishan sharma |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade,

I will love you even sulk

I will love you,even sulk.
I will just wait for you.
Whether you want me or not.
I will still remember you.
I will love you,even sulk.
I will just wait for you.
This life is my now named your.
Whether It's gum me now,reward is yours.
I will just laugh and say this.
I was yours I will be yours.
I will love you,even sulk.
I will just wait for you.
Whether you want me or not.
I will still remember you.