Love Poems About Sulfur or Sulfur Love Poems
by Sunshine Smile |
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- Goodbye Dad -

Silence ...
  deep ...
overwhelming silence
Your arduous journey ...
- with fire and sulfur

A hand to hold
Words for comfort
A cold cloth on your forehead
Moisten your mouth
- wipe your tears

I will follow you to the gate
- but you must go in alone
The sleep of death
Where your soul has now returned

          ... bottomless sorrow
- at the deathbed
I whispered goodbye ... "I love you a lot"

R.I.P. Dad
Born 1934 - died 2020

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
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by Aiyah Torres |
Categories: conflict, depression, natural disasters, weather,


We are living in a world 
things are so hard to deal with.
unexpected tragedies we meet.
Don't you feel,
don't you care to ask?
Is it still normal,
what tomorrow will lead us.
People are killing people,
Nature causes big distress.
Pandemic diseases,
Abnormal weathers.
what is the future about to bring?
Prayers and faith,
is the only thing that's left.
To endure the sorrow,
save our soul from a boiling sulfur.
sizzling in the depth of core.
I hope its not yet late,
to bring back our love and faith.
May we find the way to life.
Before the ending has arrived.

by Troy Snyder |
Categories: dark, faith, life, philosophy, poems, symbolism,

The Crossroads Made of Fire

The crossroads made of fire

I walked my share of crossroads
But this path was mine to bare,
The street sign made of brimstone
And sulfur lingered in the air.
The journey made me weary
Voices heckled in the dark,
Depressed and very lonely
That's when the devil left his mark.
This crossroad stole my passion
Demons taunted in my sleep,
I asked God to give me strength
And my soul for him to keep.
Others will face this crossroad
And I pray they make it through,
Lost souls searching for an end
A new beginning waits for you.
Love will find your heart again
Your soul will seek desire,
I got burned but made my way
On the crossroads made of fire.

by Pauly Plaster J.R. |
Categories: howl, i love you,

Of course

Awaken, this first breathe commemorates your new day.  You’ve great things to do and we’re waiting, the trees, the birds, and I.  Hanging on a moment. And with a slight endeavor…you create your own destiny. Eyes bear witness to the marvel that is you. The great mother, the divine goddess.  Paths merge and become one. I wait for that embrace. I wait for true warmth. Skin on skin, sharing a breathe. Welcome our lives. We, as one.  Our Sanctified path. Tis our destiny that we forge. Sulfur crown illuminates as the mystics have chosen. We are night sky beyond human design.

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: hope, life, light,

Coming Out of the Shadows

Coming out of the shadows is dire hope With no mechanisms at which to cope It’s like the darkness is grasping to hold Wanting to strangle, to break the light mold Smell of sulfur sits within its confines Being expelled right from its center lines Forming a deadly piece to relinquish Suffocating by what it does relish There is a window of time that’s bestowed Where some light leaks on out from deep below With the glow to come out of the darkness The portal frees love from the emptiness Moon’s gravitational pull brings out light Coming out of the shadows it is bright
Russell Sivey Contest: Coming Out Of The Shadows Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle 7/11/2013

by Sean Cannon |
Categories: emotions, hate, love, pain, relationship, sad love, wisdom,

Hate and Hurt are the Causes of Love

You make my head hurt.
Like I love in a sulfur cave.
You eat away at me as though
I were already dead,
cannibal of love;
Tears drip with green tint
(the smell of sulfur sits inside droplets)
onto the rocks,
which jut through my thoughts.
This trial fills
my mind and body,
and therefore my soul
of longing and love.
We fight for emotion
not given in which we deserve.
At least we feel our own demands.
In order to love,
we hate;
an abstract term
as beautiful as love
deserves and demands
an equal opposite.
I love you,
I understand hate.

by Tim B |
Categories: natural disasters, nature, philosophy, love,

Tidal Waves and Volcanoes

Like the flowing rage of magma
it drapes across the land
sweet and sickly smell of sulfur
Making love to noses up high
down low alike
Lake of fire bubbling about and kissing the kingdom
of the frightened, their fiery smiles blossom
A flower 
Singular in its purpose
It buds and pollinates
the rest
Like the flowing rage of water
it sweeps across the land
crisp and clean smell of fresh and new
Tidal waves making love to the land
the noses are full
they come clean in the wash

by Nancy Jones |
Categories: love,

Breast Feeding

I still remember when the tiny ones would
latch on and suck themselves into comfort 
relieve my swelling, too.

I still remember their faces when
visual stimuli met oral yearning
so completely.

Those nasty nasal onslaughts 
who cared? For my lil sugars
were so dear I'd have drowned in sulfur before
forgoing the blue snot bulb.

by Sam Mayhue |
Categories: love


And the echo grew stronger, not weaker
as I sat on the ledge next to the waterfall,
your head cradled in my lap
until even our skin shook with the sound.
I covered your ears for you as we watched
the sulfur turn clear water to rusty orange.
I smoothed back your hair
but waiting for you to speak.

by Christopher Ferguson |
Categories: love, socialme, me, drug,

Audio Cyanide

Cerebral response
Spark sent through the brain
Chemical mixture
Of hormones and drugs

Define me
Remind me
Find my first reactions

Sober intoxication
Audio respiration
Inhaling sulfur gas
Exhaling cyanide

Inhibition by emotion
Softly stuttering shyly
Chiseled to the center
Of my base security

Fill me
Thrill me
Spill me on the wall
And paint me in the bricks

You serve as my distraction
Cut me into little pieces
Collage my inner thoughts
Hidden deep in this attraction

by Jo Bien |
Categories: love


I can feel the thunder
see the lightning in your eyes
as this storm is raging
riding passion in the night
like a candle burning at both ends
strike a match the sulfur ignites
smell the heat
taste the honey
as it burns into the night

by Poet Tellaferro |
Categories: allegory, allusion, analogy, art, dark, death, depression, emotions, fear, gothic, image, imagination, life, lonely, lost, love, metaphor, mystery, myth, mythology, perspective, philosophy, poems, poetess, poetry, poets, riddle, sad, senses, spiritual, storm, suicide, surreal, symbolism, word play, words,

Of Ashen Hues

Drinking in ink
Black of raven eyes
I spy a Stars demise
Racing to Razor edge of reality
Somethings are lost in my gloom
The burn of sulfur looms
Their coming doom
The reek of things left undead, unseen
With jaded eyes and thorns of onyx black
My thoughts are cold and burned in the blast
My thoughts crash 
Die as they drift far far away
And only ghosts are left
Shades of yesterday.

by Satish Verma |
Categories: allegory, angst, animals, anniversary, art


for self deception
sulfur fumes incite
mood swings
soaring to clean the malice,

reaper of gravity zero
what was the price,
of a tongue, mimicking
the greatness?

between birth and death,
for survival of crotch,
undressing the fear, terror
inflicts  the pumice,

for honour killing
a roadside encounter,
with meddling of thighs,
lets down the clouds,

words in print were unccceptable
for a verdict on a silky mat
my fate splits open like a pod
in summer, for a love untold


Categories: allegory, allusion, appreciation, creation, extended metaphor,


              it's feather,
                the pain
                  it's lead...

               The joy
                 it's perfume,
                   the sadness
                     it's sulfur...

                 The friendship,
                   is balm,
                     the enmity
                       it's stink...

                    the faith
                      it is all,
                        the disbelief
                          it's pure illusion,
                            total loss !