Love Poems About Suits or Suits Love Poems
by James Marshall Goff |
Categories: life

Who I Am

My Inventory:

high-performance yo-yo
poetry books
fishing poles
ice-fishing hut
pocket knife
sharpening stones
life's artifacts
Grandpa's Fishing Hat
hope and joy
Guardian Angel
wooden snow-sleds
more poetry books
camping gear
Babar, the Stuffed-Elephant
McCoy Cookie Jars
nature field-guides
ties I don't wear
family heirloom recipes
suits I try not to wear
treasured photographs
170 poems
antique lamps
my Children's love

......and You

       my Savior

           ....... Jesus Christ

by James Fraser |
Categories: hope, love, passion, places

My Wish

Good morning to you
On this lovely day
Independence is the word
If i may say
I wish i was there
To share with you
A kiss on your cheek
And say how do you do
Take you to lunch
Spend the day
In the warm sunshine
The American way
In the evening we will fish
As hunter gatherers do
Play some music 
A dance for two
Into the night
As the owls hoot
Skinny dipping
In our birthday suits
Dried and refreshed
A nightcap for two
As we lie on the bed
Just me and you
But the toll of the day
Tires us so
With your head on my chest
We fall into dreamy flow

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: friend, poetess,


She let the door bang when she entered these pages
so all would know she was here.
She signed her pen name as Poet Destroyer.
We soon came to call her P.D.

She wanders these pages making kind comments,
runs contests that are easy and fun.
She judges and praises the winners, 
and does it all over again.

P.D. has won our hearts
and we love her.
She comes in the night 
leaving notes like mom used to do.
When she gets to know us 
she signs her real name
Linda suits her much better 
than Destroyer.

Written 5/10/ 13
For contest  “Appreciation” (for p.d.)

by Annabelle Jane |
Categories: imagination, love,

Yours Is a Beautiful Silhouette

Yours is a beautiful silhouette.
One I've learnt to recognise,
One I've come to love.
Your form, each detail,
Committed to memory.

Sight suits for now, but
One day, I will know you by
Touch, too.

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: age, angst, birth, childhood, life,

Come and See Me Fade Away

Sap has run dry
Time for me to die

My smile has run away
On the horse of my childhood

Spring will be no more
A season beyond my grasp

Life has fluttered away
Wasted moments, in lines

Gluttonous desires have filled me
With veins of death

No love to hold
No life I am told

Voices dancing in my head
Sweet words after I am dead

Ravens and crows all in black
Line up behind the vultures in suits

The last song, whispers her sad melody
As a silent ghost comes along

To witness my demise
Kissing the cold grey stone 

Beholden to dreary skies
As I rest among the rodents and flies

by Tumaini Elias |
Categories: courage,


Important urgent day,
Time to enhance pay,
With long smile to stay,
Indeed we deserve medals.

No time again to cultivate,
With joy we receive certificate,
My dear’s comrades lets collaborate,                                                                                                                           
We are heroes in the battle field.

Happiness love and joy we share,
Suits, jeans and gown we were,
To miss by plan don’t dare,
Am happy with no say.

Welcome comrades from different universities,
Leaders and members of all parties,
Social science, agriculture and humanities,
Comrades lets join hands together.

by Ricky Muse |
Categories: lust, sexy,

Stone In Love

I removed her clothes with my eyes again
she smiled then discretely leafed through my mind
our warm heartbeats tolling in unison
the sunset accents this moment sublime
small talk became a petulant old bore
wrong and right grew trite under evening shade
suits of bone and flesh fresh from the tailor
no muse of morrow or what they might say
the footprints on the ceiling can’t be true
this joyous toil leaves morality soiled
a night to remember yet days to rue
hinges, springs, and minds all in need of oil
our passion travels at the speed of thought
reveal secrets to a sole I think naught

by Joe Flach |
Categories: break up, life, lost love,

Walk-In Closets

The walk-in closets were such a big hit,
They made this apartment, one she couldn’t resist
We moved in together on a New Year’s Eve
Christening each room, watching the old year leave

As the years passed by, the closets grew full
Dresses and skirts and sweaters of wool
Shoes and suits, of the womanly kind
You had to go to the guest room for my clothes to find

Now they sit empty, with just a hangar or two
A cavernous symbol for a love that is through
I turn off the lights and lock the front door
Those walk-in closets we’ll use never more

by Funom Makama |
Categories: absence, betrayal, break up, funny love, future, grief, lost love,

I Was the Better Man

His suits and empires made it so swift
from afar all you saw was his mid-rift
with me you were glowing
our future was moving
from his dark pit, you now expect a lift.

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: humorous,

My Parting Giftsl

I have to go I cannot stay
there are men in suits taking me away
they think I broke into a bank's vault
as if I would, or could, too thick for that.
I leave you love and memories galore
there is one thing would like you to note
teddy looks like he's busting  out of his coat
put on weight these past few days
must be the paper diet he's been on i'd say.
be good my darlings while I am away
think of me when all is done.
live life,be happy,most of all have fun.

Penned 6/2/2016

by Debra Mo |
Categories: confidence, inspirational,

The Girl In the Mirror

Gallant eyes, Bold, they say

Made up of love and life

And they shine like little emeralds

Covered in the safety of her long eye brows

Then there’s her hair, long, hard,

Braided and held atop of her head

Just like a little African queen

They call it mosodo, nature calls it beauty

And she calls it defense,

Double, double toil and trouble

The root of her strength,

Then that indomitable femininity,

But it suits her well

And she dances to its rhythm

And to the voices in her head

by Blythe Journey |
Categories: anxiety, blessing, cute love,

Sweet Spot

There's this sweet little spot
This nook, it's just mine
In the right corner
Of our couch, so divine

You see, it's my spot
And it suits me just fine 
Where I snuggle my loves
And sip a glass of wine

It's my comfort, my warm
It's my home base, my calm
When life is crazy and nuts 
It's my 23rd psalm

My love sits so close
It's where we discuss
All of life's moments
The hustle and fuss

It's there I recharge
Against his strong chest
So that tomorrow I give
The world only my best

by Skyy Allen |
Categories: baptism, devotion, love,

Viper Kiss

Kissing with the lips of a viper
Making out with every pauper 
Trying to find what suits
What's proper
Licking my lips at the thought 
Of another delectable morsel
Leaving behind another fossil
Craving a man full of strength & character
Encountering weak & laughable jesters
Longing for the embrace of a strong man
Yearning for the lips of a true man
Who can lead me into temptation
And not turn me away
From the path of self-gratification.

by Felicia Jarvis |
Categories: appreciation, wisdom,

Thank You Bananas

Bananas helped me to know what the most important thing was.
Thank you bananas, what you told me was wonderful.
Bananas showed me how to overcome terrible adversities.
Thank you bananas, your influence on me was very helpful.

What I admire and cherish about you is your adrenaline
I realized that your garments aren’t appreciated
I made cake using them after you were eaten
In the dough, the garments mixed with cinnamon and chocolate 

Wearing yellow suits getting brown and so noble.
Green before, now bright yellow with black spots. 
I love you bananas, keep teaching me how to be humble.
I promise you I’ll do my best, oh bananas my sweet friends.

by Chocho Diva |
Categories: lost love, love,

Fear Against Love

I go in search of your face every day
To peep at you and know that you are okay

I drown in the hot caress of your breath 
That I once knew warm, for it is my only comfort

I smooch my lips in the rhythm of a touch I once felt dear 
For it alone suits me in loneliness

How did I let this happen?
Why did I let you go?

Did I not know the touch of a sincere LOVE?
Was it fear that stopped two sincere hearts?

by Timothy Ray |
Categories: animal, introspection, nature,


i admire and love
these creatures we call birds
watch in envy the soar, dive
those landings of awkward elegance
internecine territorial disputes, my laughter
salubrious songs of the morning, my smile
the mocking bird's nocturnal cry, my reflections
living where the weather suits
something humans rarely achieve
never leaving an heir
with more than air they survive
living instinctively in nature's harmony
they have taught me
we humans struggle with freedom
birds simply live it
but it is more than just wings
some people prefer life complex
me, i am for the birds

   San Blas 91   The Patient Stones

by John Allen |
Categories: music, people,

Ode To Madness

Baggy Trousers and eating dirt
skanking to music for your money's worth
Blue skinned beast in our house
Prince Buster is the man, not a mouse
Orange street too hot for this town
rudies in the pool hall dancing to this nutty sound
Welcome to the House of Fun
now that you're listenin' the song has begun
Push on down the River Nile
stop and listen for awhile
Must be love I hear them saying
Suggs can never stop playing
Two-tone suits
Doc Martin boots
Fat Footin' all the way
with this sound ain't gonna be a gray day
Ska so good must be love
flying so high on the wings of a dove

by Matthew Brackley |
Categories: daughter, inspirational, love, flower, day, flower,

The Honey Bee

There was once a honey bee............ 
A honey bee so sweet 
Sweeter than any honey 
This honey bee you want to meet 

Every day collecting 
Honey dew 
Carefully selecting............. 
The honey for you 

There was once a honey bee 
Who flew free 
Flower to flower 
Searching,you see.............. 

Searching for honey dew 
On a day so sunny, 
and a sky so blue 
Flower to flower 
Looking for you............. 
To make the honey 

There was once a honey bee 
Who flew free 
This honey bee 
That I know 
This honey bee that I love so 
This honey bee has a name 
This honey bee............. 
is Melissa 
It suits her perfectly

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: adventure, character, feelings, hyperbole, imagery, obituary, tribute,

On His Steel Steed

A knight on his steel steed rides the wind on two wheels. One with the elements he enjoys how it feels. He likes the biker look not a big fan of suits. And he's clad in leather down to his stuffed-up boots. His flaming hair and beard complement his bronze tan. And he's a fine figure, of a masculine man. A jack of all trades, he was born to tinker. And he loves to party, but he's not a drinker. Without a helmet on, he puts on his best shades. And mounts his love and joy, like he's done for decades. He's paid all of his dues, it's time to say goodbye. And ride to paradise, under an open sky. (Quatrain) 11/26/2017

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: life,

Cup of Tea

A glass of milk, of water, and wine -
Which one that suits you best? 
Which do you prefer to drink? 
Me? The first two are my faves.

There on the center table stand
A cup of tea and a cup of coffee -
Take your pick and sip, 
As you enjoy watching TV.

A mug of liquor, a sachet of drugs, 
And a pack of cigarettes -
Are you going to seriously damage
Both your health and wealth? 

Listening to the sound of music, 
Painting, or writing songs of love -
Whatever is your plan of activity, 
Make sure it pleases the Lord above.

I'll vow to fear the Almighty, 
I'll depart from the road of iniquity; 
Intensive obedience to His Word
Is my cup of tea.

by Judy Oketch |
Categories: husband, lost love,

I Finally Did

My eyes rolled, searching the ceiling
As if it had some reason to my demise 
Or was it the third dimension I was in?
I finally left your side by the bed

The suits, the dresses, the charms
They sure are expensive,
Made me almost forget why I cooked you diner every night
I finally did pack my suitcase you know

The coffee cup was full
Only this time round, I noticed it was used for tea
But always staring back as if full of Ethiopian coffee 
I finally left your wedding ring on the coffee table.

by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty |
Categories: poetry,

Three Liners

by the river Seine
a girl of sixteen summers
opened her blue eyes

the tulip opened
to speak out love but the bee
carried the last dew

a wrinkle in time
puckered the curtain of her
certain diffidence

the distant thunder
to wake  the quick and the dead
smashed in the window
the sun cascaded 
over the back of egret
to give birth to dawn

nimble fingers curl
plaits of creepers wedded in
moonlit slumber dew

mittens of rabbits
galloped in yellow forest 
gamboling skippers

succubus laid eggs
hatched clone in gray and blue suits
on some other world

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allusion,

Magnum Opus

In simple lines
Grand thought divine

Love speaks easy
Plain and wisely

Seek the good here
Live happy cheer

Work faith and hope
Love suits all scope

Be here now then
Let how know when

Glimpse ample light
Bring wise insight

Allow great work
To flood fond perks

This is your life
Transcend mere strife

Each moment counts
Blooms grand amounts

Just do your best
With zeal and zest

Joy brings good pay
Life starts with play

Leon Enriquez
14 March 2016

by Feli Elizab |
Categories: absence, anger, hurt, lost love, love hurts, memory, pain,

My Heart Is 104 Degrees

There are five missed phone calls from you.
One voice message.
You've even tried to mail me a letter.
Desperation suits you, makes you kinder.
You keep trying to inch your way back in,
thinking you'll find a little shade here,
somewhere cool to rest your head.
But you have picked so much at my roots,
the earth is now dry and barren.
And even if I cried a thousand tears,
baby, these are still drought-like conditions.
Nothing can grow here

by Paul Beadnall |
Categories: family,


We have a piece of love coming our way
 uncondtionally,no doubt will sway,
 to the bussoms and hearts that is held
 and heavens looking down that will weld.

 A love you can`t imagine until have grasped
 and for ever more that it will last.
 Creating happiness,memories for ever more
 suiting you both down to the core.

 You flung your soul into a career building state
 put on hold for a while, to create.
 A stableness that suits yourself and Shaun
 just while your life is born. ***