Love Poems About Suitor or Suitor Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: romance,

Dear Juliet

Dear Juliet is on her balcony - awash in moonlight. Do you see her there? Her form - how graceful, and her face - how fair! She is a pearl which night stole from the sea and placed beneath the stars to spellbind me! Behold the luster of her auburn hair. The sun has set, bright red, and yet I’d swear it lingers in her long locks so fiery! How fortunate am I in that the Fates have given me the love of Juliet, for she’s a gem while I am but a stone. And see how patiently this goddess waits. She has her pick of any suitor. . . yet she’s chosen me and waits for me alone!

by Mama Bear |
Categories: love hurts,

Queen of Hearts

The queen of hearts 
She made some tarts
Because she had no suitor

The knave of hearts
He stole the tarts
Because he was a looter

He took them all
And left the ball
Going at a run

The queen she cried
The knave had lied
What did I see in the bum?

by Joseph Matose |



Name me an ardent disciple to polygamy
For falling head over heels with botany.
Would you compel me to pipe an apology
For my nuptials with beauty of zoology?

Mine is an irreconcilable and sweet plethora
Which has deeply dipped my heart in flora
For, I simmer in Nature’s rippling sauna
From where sprang Earth’s teeming fauna!

Jealous Guard with inescapable capture.... 
I love you sweet Suitor, I love you Nature!

03rd January 2014

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: fantasy, urdu, silver, stars,

Fire In the Sky

Darkness carves night from day's glare with a half moon
smile under star-studded eyes. Faces glow as silver spoon
ladles the rapture of Venus. Fly Golden flames! Shower
the horizon before stars fall, languishing too soon.

Behold, the glory! Applaud the gallant trail of pewter
in wide-eyed dreams. Dancing in shadows, the suitor
from silver screen projects shooting stars. Piercing
hearts of lovers, metal shines, a welcomed intruder.

Brand each beating heart with the reigning night! Fuse
with the goddess of love before stars fade from sight. Cruise
on blazing chariot through evanescence of passion's mist,
and memories of spirit sky shall set fire to our muse.

by Ann Holmes Williams |
Categories: beauty, best friend, drink, encouraging, friendship, funny, funny love,

Earl Grey

I taste your bergamot nectar.
Orange rhythms entice any suitor. 
I drizzle you with honey in the midst of true friends
To calm all tensions in the mist of turmoil.
Hence  I shall love you.
You shall love me.
And that is how it shall be.
For all eternity.

by Darlene Gifford |
Categories: death, destiny, love, romance,

The Garden Spider's Date

A feisty female spider

felt a plucking on her web.

And she let a yellow suitor in,

who crawled among her threads.

And when the night was ending,

she could not let him go,

because the lives inside her now,

needed nourishment to grow.

Some day she'd tell her babies,

the gift of life their daddy gave.

And how, almost, right up until 

the very end, he was so very brave. 


by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: moon, moon, muse,

Moon Is My Muse

La Luna’s sneaking through the sky tonight; I bet she thinks her creamy sheen is hid by clouds of grey, but now and then her light becomes exposed. Just who’s she trying to kid? She slowly slides behind nocturnal haze; I see a slice of her as she creeps by. Perhaps this is another lunar phase, one in which she’s showing us she’s sly. That Luna is mysterious we know, but also she’s a muse for those who woo. So why does she withhold a steady glow, and what’s an ardent suitor going to do? He tells his love, “The moon shines full tonight.” They gaze up at her face; she drifts from sight! 3/1/13 for Russell Sivey's Moon is my Muse Poetry Contest

by Joshua Adam |
Categories: love

Desperately Seeking Suitor

damsel in distress
her love, waiting to confess
with the right caress

by Samuel Emmanuel |
Categories: adventure, care, cinderella, crush, cute love, fairy, i love you,

Hunting the Loins

My heart is too weak to call for helps
Finding a suitor that has sight is like training for biceps
Which assurance is decided on too many things
Luxury is a perfume that attracts the availables
Only for my soul to refuses their lies called valuables
Quench my taste of what it is to live
Buy me space in your earth for me to till
I prefer a garden with the shrubs thought i have for you
This fight of swordsmanship is a sport i don't play spectator to
Give me a chance to win your pride
My leisure
Honorable pleasure
Invaluable treasure
Ocean without measure
Wind without seizure
Rule my uptown
For i want to buy your downtown forever.

poet  : oluremi samuel

by Stephen Parker |
Categories: love, nature

Fertile Spring

Lover #1

cherry tree blossoms
sweet scented perfume distilled
your lush fruit revealed
  Lover #2

rutting buck rattles  
virile stag catches sweet scent
drifts through fertile fronds
nubile does snuggle closer
suitor fondles coy lover

by Faith Elizabeth Brigham |
Categories: boyfriend, romance, sad love,

You'Ll Do What You'Ve Always Done

you'll do what you've always done 
stay too long 
pretending you're a suitor 
or a knight in shining armor 
and i'm a damsel in this dress 

what a mess we've made of things 
you've been content to play the part 
of an ill-suited lover 
in a prime-time t.v. sitcom 
and i've been swiftly blown about 
wearing my heart on my sleeve

by Donald Reith |
Categories: angst, love, passion, romance,

Fine Maiden

Thou doth teareth fine maiden 

Tis is true 

But remembereth in all posterity

The damsel scorned 

Shall shucketh like corn 

The tapestries of her suitor 

And Knighteth the new conqueror 

To her most royal ambitions, nay aspirations! 

Which shall more properly suiteth her reverance

And presently her constitution

by Dennis Spilchuk |
Categories: celebration, dance, happiness, love, romance, romantic,

Country Dance

Country Dance

“Come,” she said; “tell me lies,
Too many truths suck the air dry! 
Let's be merry and dance to the tune
Of the country orchestra under the moon.”

Oh, how Renoir could capture the scene,
Of love’s blossoming delicacy, with an enduring smile.
So chivalrously romantic: He in his manly attire,
And she, in a calico print dress, embraced in the arms
Of her charming suitor (strong and confident).

Oh, to be young and gay (they light on their feet).
He twirls her around as her eyes gaze off into the night
and his chapeau flings off his head to the gazebo’s deck
(stealing the lady’s heart away) while the audience watches.

by Mark Massey |
Categories: angst, beauty,

The Portrait

~In placid thought her beauty lies in wait
for what the future holds in dormant trust.
Such youth a squander, time cares not her fate
for loveliness displayed is merely dust.
  In pomp attire, to woo a fancy’s eye,
embellished with the floral gifts of spring,
the pigments fade beneath the azure sky
portrayed upon the hills where swallows sing.
  Though she will be adored but never see
this suitor without hope for love so sweet,
her aura beckons, posed eternally,
and ever will I hope her heart to beat.
  A graceful brush strokes beauty into art
      but never will it paint a beating heart.

Portrait: Margaret "gretchen" Strong
             by Frank Benson


by R.A. Marschall |
Categories: deep, emotions, love, sad love, true love,

All I Could Do Was Surrender

An ethereal essence suspended sublime;
A most beautiful image never to be mine.
A reluctant suitor in the heat of God's time,
Clinging to a shadow made of my own design.

I had searched my life for a face in the crowds, and
Been scorned and rebuked on every occasion.
Some say our destinies are foreordained - preplanned;
I prayed somehow I could write my own equation.

Yet, when I came to that final moment I saw
That fate would have taken me to a loftier plane.
My reality offered no time to withdraw;
I could do naught but surrender my heart and my brain.

My search is not over, I've envisioned her face;
Surrendering to love and the one I'll embrace.

August 1, 2016

by Maureen Peris |
Categories: courage, evil, heart, hero,


My heart is bleeding off its safest place,

And conceding the past to a future

That was harmed by a dagger in fate’s space.

As when a fool and fantasy suture,

Mine eyes thought hollow beauty were a suitor,

So failed the test to trust the just Est knight.

My soul believed the solemn silence butcher:

This beast did feast with undivided right.

A hallowed demon took my sight and might,

His hand possessed the blade of shining love;

Which bright as a candle in the noon daylight,

It cut loose the wisdom of love from above.

Now arise thou in treason and bleed him,

To claim again the pieces of my freedom.

by Raul Silva |
Categories: anger,

A Forbidden Love

A Forbidden Love*

The young Romina died
When she was 14 years old
She knew that love was not a sin
As she had always been told.

She believed that her suitor
Could help her to feel free
Though older than her
Her father would never agree.

Love should be the reason 
For Romina's conception
But when love is always absent
A loved daughter is an exception.

Romina was a victim 
Of  her father's brutality
It was an honour crime
Never accused of being guilty

After Romina's death
Her suitor forgot her name
His love for Romina
Became a feeling of shame.

* In memory of Romina Ashrafi.

Raul Máximo da Silva

by Christopher Flaherty |
Categories: lost love,

Love Poems Great Talkers

Great Talkers

Those blessed with the gift of the gab

Are really found without Love

As everything they say
To a prospective suitor
Sounds like a Love Poem

Designed and written especially for them

Until the smell of Roses wares off

And is replaced by the Manure
it is based in

And Isn't it Ironic
How ugly is Platonic
Beauty is Moronic

Talk and Love is Cheap

And No Buys Roses 
For the Losers and the Lonely

by Stacie Fry |
Categories: lovelove,

Love Is Not Old

Yet mere love is not old,
It just has a new twist to be told.
It only comes out if one wish to seek,
But it is not for the weak.
For some, love is only a game,
To which they get all their fame.
But for the fair Juliet looking for her
Suitor is just a matter of time.
For off in the distance there comes
Romeo for he speaks in rhyme.
For these two being star-crossed
Lovers wasn’t bad.
Until the end when it was all over,
Then it was sad.
From this I tell you love is not old,
It just needs to be told.

by Annabelle Jane |
Categories: confusion, hope, love

Western Front

When the One that you want shares the wanting-you-too, 
The decision falls squarely, unfairly on you.

The Man That You Love, or Unexpectedly There? 
Who's promised more love than the former will spare.

Do you wait in the shadows, grasp at faith in the future?
Or find your frail heart a more Suitable Suitor?

by Stephen Parker |
Categories: lovelonging,

Bridge To Fealty

Bartered memories with lust twined
Truant souls that could never bind
Carnal fancies solemnly pined
Exchanged for fealty and left behind
Hopes sacrificed; dreams resigned
Narcissistic bridges burned; amorous harbors mined
Walking along life's highway blind
Stumbled upon fertile path with opportunities lined
Fateful suitor my longing footsteps divined
Heart that was broken now realigned
Faithful partner with noble intentions my will refined
A succoring ally of the nurturing kind
Now carnal treasures canker in the dark; steadying rays of love 
have shined

by Matt Mulkey |
Categories: family, father, life, love, mother, song-sympathy, cry, sin,

About a World

Don't sin and cry to me
(I do)
I never promised to agree
(I do)
Smile, kill, rinse, repeat
(I do)
Spill the shells at our children's feet

You make it harder to
Lay down and die
Point the question at troubled skies

I do

I'm liking what I see
(I do)
Clean and civil sanity
(I do)
For best results, overdo
(I do)
Collapse and promise that you'll lose

You make it harder to
Lay down and die
Point the question at troubled skies

Don't sin and cry to me
(I do)
Blinded suitor always sees
(I do)
Smile, kill, rinse, repeat
(I do)
A fine institution, indeed

You make it harder to
Lay down and die
Point the question at troubled skies

I do

by George Aul |
Categories: love,

Forever Land

They say nothing last forever,
who the heck are they?
My kingdom for my lady,
any suitor I will slay

My love shall grow strong
through the trials and tribulations,
our kingdom of great love
will shine for new generations

Dear lady, take my hand...
"Love forever" rules our land.

For "10 Lines, 5 Words" contest by Laura Loo.

by Julie Achilles |
Categories: imagery, love, sweet love,

The Suitor

So oft' he used to pass my way, and
merrily nod and pass the time of day
with a polite lift of his tall bola-hat
then he'd wander off again

His stature was somewhat portly
yet his  nature charming just the same
I knew him to be a gentleman
with hat and gloves and cane.

One day he stopped and bowed so low
twas' not an empty gesture
for he became a suitor and I his wife
and he passes  by no longer.

by Viv Wigley |
Categories: abuse,


She doesn't walk or pace, she strides
at the speed of escape,
her head panning,
eyes scanning,
every suitor a potential threat,
all tarred with the same brush,
she cannot forgive and cannot forget.
The price paid for violation and she can't settle the debt.
Her assets have been frozen-
love, and trust.
And so she keeps moving, as she must.
Trying to leave her past far behind her
but wherever she goes, her memories find her.