Love Poems About Suiting or Suiting Love Poems
by Matt Daniels |
Categories: caregiving, dedication, devotion, love, romance,

The Wings of a Dove

The way you speak,
The way you smile,
Makes my emotions leak;
For a while.
The intensity of our glances,
Always influence my heart to do prances.
Your caressing words,
Influencing the birds,
That fly in the sky,
Where truancy lies. 
The dominate passion,
Suiting your fashion.
Surrounding our love,
With the wings of a dove.

by Paul Beadnall |
Categories: family,


We have a piece of love coming our way
 uncondtionally,no doubt will sway,
 to the bussoms and hearts that is held
 and heavens looking down that will weld.

 A love you can`t imagine until have grasped
 and for ever more that it will last.
 Creating happiness,memories for ever more
 suiting you both down to the core.

 You flung your soul into a career building state
 put on hold for a while, to create.
 A stableness that suits yourself and Shaun
 just while your life is born. *** 

by Adeyemi Joshua |
Categories: love,

Reserata Carcerem XXVI

love is not the tale of the cross;
dark diction callous clichés draw,
la-de-da limping of thorn-theme,
snapping at cum renting spun spree

love has never been an excuse;
taunted track punctured passion prunes,
masticated motive masks means,
felon fashion trimmed by lips' spree

neither is love hurled Utopia;
throbbing thrills, hoisted hemisphere,
dainty pastures, voluptuous vines,
salient stream, vying vision dines

love's a robe of many colours
rarely worn on suiting attire.

Note: of lured love.

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by olaoluwa samuel |
Categories: adventure, age, allusion, beautiful, dance, love, poetry,


The sight of her was like a thunder bolt
Her smile was a suiting balm
The words on lips embordered wisdom 
If I was a king she would own my kingdom

I wish i knew her name
Or take her home
Share a wine
And dance till sun rise