Love Poems About Suites or Suites Love Poems
by Christopher Steven Coan |
Categories: love

A Whispering

Sweetest voice that I await,
Springtime suites you best, 
For as a bloom that bursts to life
Are you within my chest.
Never has a whisper slipped
That falls so gracefully;
Spoken from your perfect lips, 
A word is proud to be.
The ocean breathes your very breath;
You speak--the waters move.
Yea, the breaking of the waves--
Grace is all you do.

by Anselmo Boles |
Categories: betrayal, lost love,

Heart Set Free

                                               Heart Set Free

                                   Betrayal stirs his dormant shiver
                                   Regretful tears flowed out to sea

                                   Broken promises failed to deliver

                                   Silent goodbye set her heart free

  Penned: 02/26/2021
  1:22 p.m.
  Intown Suites
  Riviera Beach
  Florida USA

by Anselmo Boles |
Categories: emotions, lost love,

Trail Of Morass

                                               Trail Of Morass

                  The mind dreams, the blood streams, the body screams

                   within a flash, emotions crash

                   Lips gasp, fingers grasp, tenacious determination lapsed

                   fractured vows laid bare on grass

                   Yesterday love left, faith is bereft, eyes incessantly wept

                   shooting star leaves a trail of morass

4:12 p.m.
Intown Suites
Riviera Beach, Florida