Love Poems About Suiters or Suiters Love Poems
by CayCay Jennings |
Categories: conflict, father daughter, romance,

A Love Dilettante

As a certified, bona fide woman of a grown-up sixteen,
she light-stepped with grace thru the baroque castle.
She wanted to tell her Father of the déjà vu she gleaned
at last night’s élan party scene with a man who dazzled.
She gave her fantasies carte blanche to freely travel
for she was but a love dilettante, still romance green
and unsure what her anomaly feelings could mean.
She found the King, Father, leaning on an avant-garde mantel,
his manner ennui, despite the cacophony of swords at cavil.
Knowing her, he said, "No talk of new suiters, many already battle."

... CayCay Jennings
January 25, 2018 

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: dog,

This is Ridiculous

Pups followed her home from this place and that.
She had bulldogs, basset hounds, and puppies so fat.
They followed her inside and lay down on her bed.
The mattress was cozy underneath each little head.

Her almost suiters were astounded to see the scene.
They said, “This is ridiculous!” One sounded quite mean.
You do not understand, she said. Here, I am the queen.
And my love for dogs and puppies is immensely keen.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: marriage,

She Agreed to Marry Him

Chet was gaga on the floor kick your feet in love with Serenity
she did not feel exactly this way, but wanted to be in love too
there were no other suiters, so she gave it her best shot
It was not working so she took a new approach
she would try to fall in love with his family
it was an easier gig; his mother was hilarious.
his grandmother made her cherry cheesecake brownies.
falling in love with these brownies was the deal-maker
she agreed to marry him.
unfortunately, it was not enough.