Love Poems About Suing or Suing Love Poems
by Warner Baxter |
Categories: analogy, corruption, culture, hate, society, symbolism, visionary,

Human Doings

Somebody tell me what the hell happened to Cupid Everyone everywhere walking around acting stupid There is no love anymore and the World is full of hate C'mon people we need to change before it's too late Politics and Religion all of us take up sides for the fight Well I've got news, your side, their side, neither is right It doesn't matter if you’re a terrorist killing or a lawyer suing Be more than a human being, it's time to be a Human Doing

by Chinedum Ekwobi |
Categories: celebrity, character, love, people,

A Journey With a Funny Attorney

All were ready for the journey,
With us a funny attorney!
Each time he spoke dropped the funny
Like comedians out for money.
"No beauty is spared the horny"
"Life of knotted ties less thorny,
When from lips proceeds The Corny".
An easy-going Attorney!

Guess I could what he was doing:
For more peace among men suing.
I was to learn his name: Sunny
Who'd in Music worked for Sony...

To  him I gave the name Bunny
And pledged to call when it's sunny.