Love Poems About Suicides or Suicides Love Poems
by randy johnson |
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Cousins in love

(This poem is based on a movie I saw.)

It was tragic when two teenagers died.
They couldn't be together so they committed suicide.
They were cousins and that's why their parents kept them apart.
They decided to end it all because of their broken hearts.

The parents forbade their relationship because they were in love with each other.
They decided that they wanted to die because they couldn't be with one another.
Now their parents are all tore up inside.
They'll be in misery for the rest of their lives because of their kids suicides.

by rebecca howard |
Categories: death, depression, lost love

heart heart broken hearts

He loves me
All kind and nice
Rapidly growing 
To exciting new heights

He's always there to wipe all my tears
Entrusted with my heart
All the life we may have apart
Realizing the fear
That loves not always here

But fear is dissolved into something stronger
Realizing that love is so awful
Opportunities are gone and so is he
Killing myself is all that’s I’d be
Eternal anguish fills tears in my eyes
No one had seen through all of his lies

He’s gone from my heart and he’s gone from my life
Everyone never saw he was nice
All night and all day
Regret courses my veins
Time is so slow
Suicides where I’ll go 

by Erin Beckett |
Categories: beautiful, boyfriend, symbolism, women,

Down With the Ladies

It's true what they said
in the Virgin Suicides-
we seem to be the ones
full of fascination
with their sounds,
drunk on on our beauty,
drunk on our lives.

She'd understand if I said 
I wanted to write, understand
if years that felt like wind
had us drift apart 
just to come together again.

And blood's like paint,
because we understand death
is perfectly understandable, a pretty darkness,
pretty heads to the sky, dancing in rain.
We love to let it win, masters of submission.
That kiss, that kiss
was a way to gain access.

It's us giving permission
for howling wolves to feed, 
howling at their goddess moon.

by john castro |
Categories: love

urban complacency

nostrils filled with the asphalt rain 
sewer systems and whirlpool drains 
shadowed sun downs by one oclock
flashing lights and city cops 
wailing sirens in traffic rush 
taxi cabs and commuter bus 
when will all the chaos stop 
suicides from building tops 
drive by shootings hit and run 
abondonded buildings home for some 
underneath the neon lights 
murder death kill records heights 
when will all the madness end 
a vicious cycle starts again.

by cortney bartholomew |
Categories: faith, hope, love,


endless pain and heartache tried to drag me away,
death tried to break down my door, and scream in my face,
beyond my control, sitting next to debree,
why's minutes turned into days, too much pain to feel free,
i lied to run away from suicides face,
claiming it was an accident in my heart to erase...
the truth, knowing everything underneath,
im not allowing death to try to claim me from being free,
what support was left? who could understand?,
who would be willing to reach out their hand?,
the love i gained in the midst of that pain,
in the taught me how to love again.

by Steven McMorrow |
Categories: angst, depression, lost love, teen, me,


A fire inside,
burns within.
Too many times I've cried,
I die yet again.
Hope is unknown,
sometimes waking is surreal.
Suicides are shown,
My pain wont heal!
I sing the sorrow,
Life isnt tangible.
I cant wake tomorrow,
I'm so full...
somebody help me through this nightmare,
somebody kill my fright.
Do you still you care,
If i cried would you hold me throughout the night?
Because i love you,
I cannot make it through...

by Tony Bush |
Categories: life, love, mystery, nostalgia, seasons, time, sleep,

November Falls

How clear in sleep a mind recalls
November falls from harbour walls,
dumb concrete boots and splashing sounds,
dead flower wreaths float sickly
sweet halos slowly drowning.

Confused by red and blue regrets
the sun then sets, spent cigarettes
flicked nonchalant to watery graves,
old love affairs mount spiral
stairs leading steeply downward.

Stolen on a breath that sighs,
fake alibis at crying eyes,
gasping hooks and dragging dreams
way out to sea where they may
be consigned to sleep with fishes.

With grim resign a mind recalls
November falls when winter calls
with spells of ice from frosted tongues,
the iron bind, the lemming love,
blind suicides of virgins.

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: baby, children, joy, love, peace, truth,

Babies and Children Bring the Messiah

Babies... Children... Mealtime... Cooking...
   Food... Agriculture... Farms... Failure...
Economy... Disaster… Jobs... Unemployment...
   Food-Banks... Bankruptcies... Suicides...
Health... Resilience... Struggle... Overcome...
   Unity... Cooperation... Triumph … Relief...
Smiles... Joy... Love... Peace... Truth... Messiah

by mercedes terry |
Categories: life, world, love, me,

my reality

what kind of world is this?
people dying,
women crying,
baby momma drama,
you shoot me and
I shoot you.
you ask why just because
you aint with my crew 
thats slang for my gang.
what kind of world is this?
wars, guns, fights,
oh so long nights.
nights of pain 
nights of strain
wondering why do I live my 
life in vain?
what kind of world is this?
love, hugs, kisses,
always dissin.
I love you and
you love me 
long as I open my legs
and let it be.
death, crying,
in a deep sleep,
love, hugs, and kisses,
suicides, o.d.'s
wars, rape
please just sleep with me.
what kind of world is this?
it's my reality.