Love Poems About Suicidal or Suicidal Love Poems
by Ken Carroll |
Categories: confusion, depression, suicide, , Lullaby,

The Cutter

She went to sleep
closing her eyes
beginning to dream
of broken butterflies
tearing her lovely monarch wings
on faithless love that angels sings...

She finds shiny metal in kitchen sink
in an evening absent light
she finds peace in cuts of pink
watching crimson blood flow feels so right..

Starlight shines upon her tears
I whisper darling, you cannot bleed
all of your suicidal fears
at night when you begin to cry
I'll sing you a lover's lullaby..

My love do not wish that you were dead
dreaming of an absent pulse
laying on silken sheets bleeding red
I will offer love so do not bleed
give me your knife I am all you need...
~ ~ ~ ~

by Dora Perez |
Categories: confusion, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, love,

Multiple Personality Life Time Girl

When she's with her family,
she can be a child,throw tantrums
get mad at anything-
she'll never grow up in their eyes anyways.
When she's alone,
she's relieved,
she feels lost and
so alive.
When she's with him,
she feels beautiful,
he tells her she's perfect,
she knows its what best friends say.
When she's with her girl friends,
she can be
crazy wild angry sweetheart,
baby girl.
When she meets a stranger,
she's the angel,
the mystery.
When she's with HIM.
shes NOT with him.
she feels pathetic.

by Sabion Osore |
Categories: crazy, funny, love, love hurts, sad love, satire, scary,

Suicidal Love

Suicidal Love It chokes and mauls me, It suffocates me as its venom spread to shake my heart, It kneads and lives me vulnerable to hurt, When you hunt it, I remained obdurate to love, Its obsession sucks my strength, When the peril of real epitome of African beauty sprout her, Chokes and desires of having you drown me into sour guts, It is a suicide how this eerie feeling fills, For it freezes not the frosted and fermented heart to freedom It is suicidal how love is.

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: hope, lost love,

Hope Floats

Frail hearts’ bond fractures Hope’s glacier slips ‘neath cold sea Chilled memories drift away Frozen dreams sever Forever vows abandoned Titanic phenomenon Healing ebbs and flows Suicidal solitude Hope struggles, floats to surface Yes, the sun still shines Hold close faith’s life preserver Live to welcome love again
* Entry for Brian's "Any 2011 Poem" contest

by Kenneth Melvin |
Categories: heartbroken,

Nascar Love

Sometimes she reminisce about suicidal accounts, As a result she didn't possess money in her account, Subconscious playing NASCAR because her Brain/Heart occasionally racing, Attempts regaining Love nonetheless she always end up chasing.
- Loverboi

by Billy Thekidster |
Categories: suicide,

Suicide Warning

If you are someone who I love and care for very dearly,
and you are feeling suicidal and do not reach out to me,
I just want you to know that if you do succeed,
in bringing to fruition this most cowardly deed,
not one ounce of my grief will you ever receive,
because while you may or may not be resting in peace,
All Of The Survivors You Left Behind Will Suffer Horribly,
and anyone who could do anything like that to anybody,
gets no respect from me and certainly not my grief.

by Tavarus M. Moreland |
Categories: lovelove,

Poetry Portraits Iii

If I would love you unconditionally, would you always love me back?

I told her, “No way, you can’t possibly be”

The girl of my dreams finally escaping the wrinkles of my imagination

On longitudes and latitudes, you are dotted in silhouettes

This is not a suicidal love

A feeling oh so lovely so powerful how could you possibly try to ignore

I can’t stay asleep every minute I need to see your pretty face

The deep well of sorrow is now covered

And innocence regained

Is she too perfect to be true?

Maybe, maybe not!

*Inspired by the PoetrySoup mix bowl of talented artist writers*

by Michael Byte |
Categories: christian, happiness, inspirational, joy,

Changing Tides of My Soul

There have been dark days 
there have been bright days 
all done inside my soul.
All has come like waves
through the years
of my many days.

All the trials
and happiness 
have given strength
through these days.
Suicidal thoughts 
like waves
crashing in shores
have left marks
upon my soul.

Through these days 
God walks
through these valley's
with my dispares.
Now my thoughts 
are on his
love he gives 
who listens.

by Max Ortiz |
Categories: death, hate, loneliness, repetition, sorrow, suicide, voice,

A Taste of the Noise In a Suicidal Head

You are worthless
even if you do your best.
The world without you
won’t feel any less.

You are worthless.
You are a mess.
In this world you’re just a grain,
it won’t matter, even if you feel pain.

You are worthless
even if you do your best.
She can’t even remember your name.
All your efforts went in vain.

You are worthless
even if they tell you “you are blessed,”
for you can’t even make her love you
after doing all that you can do.

You are worthless.
You are a mess.
Just take the knife
and go end your life.

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: depression, lost love, love, strength,

Her Frightening Impulse

Within her mind suicidal thoughts fester
Would she have the strength to continue?

With unfaithful love from a jester
Inside her mind suicidal thoughts test her
With love our good Lord had not blessed her
Collecting her thoughts, she just walked away blue

Within her mind suicidal thoughts fester
Would she have the strength to continue?

For Nette's "In the Afterglow" contest
by Carolyn Devonshire

by David Smalling |
Categories: heartbroken,

The Suicidal

I thought you the most beautiful of women
Only waiting for you to come again
Knocking on my door at sunset lonely evening
I see you again and again
In so many tall and elegant bodies
And the fantastic turn of the head
The voice see-saw me in its ripples
And I will say that love is dead
And we are only cemeteries now,
All of us. I tried not to worship self,
To be different from your selfishness
In the end I opted never to suffer again -
And love fell bleeding at my feet.

by Samantha Mcdougal |
Categories: angst, love, teen, love,

What Does God Have To Do With It?

Drunken Smutty Teenager.
Burning Suicidal Angst.
Red Breast Ripped Open
In The Cold January Heat.
When Love Is Harsh.
When Love Quakes
Within This Presence.
When It's Burs Are Only Nibbling. 
When It's Eating Out Our Ancestors
And Crumbling With The Asphalt.
Breaking And Entering.
Lapping Up The Crimson 
Of A Bleeding Heart.

by Patrick Collier |
Categories: care, cry, dark, fear, love,

I Fell In Love With a Suicidal Girl

I only tell of sunny hours due to sunny wanting days
Her sandy brown skin and melting baby blue eyes
Told a story of sorrow. I only tell of sunny hours
Due to sunny wanting days, a haunting of shame
Manages to storm her mental mind. Kicking out 
The sunlight that would save her. 

I only tell of sunny hours due to sunny wanting days
Rushing her in and out the dark places and shadows 
Called a hospital. Bloody love is what she called us
Pills that targeted her throat that were linked to the dark
I only tell of sunny hours due to sunny wanting days
For the sunlight would save her, I’d praise.

by Jazmin Sang |
Categories: drug, emo, suicide,

Yes I Am Suicidal

Let the scars heal I keep telling myself,
Cutting is weak and you’re destroying yourself.
Others may think that I’m a crazy girl that just needs help.
But on this earth I’m trapped in my own hell
But there isn’t there suppose to be beauty in the struggle or maybe is it after?
Slicing my wrist like pain means nothing to me,
I don’t think that’s crazy.
Much like alcoholics, razors are my drugs
Yes I’m suicidal.
Yes I want to be loved,
But it’s a cold world with people scared to love,
It’s so common it’s an endless cycle.
You hurt me…taking revenge I hurt him… he hurts her she hurts them.
The cycle never ends.

by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: baby, love,

Amid This Night Her, Tender Dove

Twenty-one years young bending her lovely beauty over at
Our state hospital within the latreen; golden locks her tender
Ivory bliss going deeply into this, her soft sweet, desirous dreams..
Moaning gentle these rivers which flowed ? But I could nay remember
Her priceless beauty's name ? Suicidal tendecies and I never knew
What her trip was ? I suppose that we could speak unto a psychologist
Finding their retro of petro's, theories themes as scenes; yet why do such....
Baby girl, wherever you are ? A kiss to your beautiful lips and hold you, in my arms.

by Monica Sofia |
Categories: addiction, angst, crazy, dream, drug, firework, muse,

Love Unknown

How do you love?
Tell me, ask me

True and deep, 
raw or unknown

Desperate haunted, 
on the edge

dark and broken

Stolen, caged, 
out of this world

Let me love you
Fierce and fearless

Let me go, 
don’t let me

Break me, save me
Leave me home

by Jazmine Alcaraz |
Categories: beautiful, cry, dark, hurt, i love you, i miss you, september,

9 Months To Go

its been three months, nine more to go

i cant stand to see you threw a glass window

it hurts so much to talk threw a phone

without you here i feel so alone

i go threw so much, you would'nt understand

i need you here holding my hand

my parents don't listen, they don't even care

i just wanna let you know so that you are aware

i have so much pain inside me, so much.. suicidal thoughts

&' no one seems to notice that i go threw so much

i've felt like this for way too long

i just wish i was gone

by Nayda Ivette Negron Flores |
Categories: lonely,

Suicidal Heart

Shattered in pieces the tender heart
Fixed with the healing that brings time
Rises from the nowhere world
Beats with the hidden scars
Subsaning the pain
Past feelings
Killed love

For You Broke My Heart Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Nicola Byrne
Fifth Place

by Shereeen Esther J |
Categories: beautiful, beauty,

Prince Leone

Prince Leone (

The man of God who stands for hurt women 
who were despised by men,
his heart is to see them healed 
of those which had been nailed.

Night and day hurt lives pass his way
divine words is that which he has to say,
healing flows through the source 
of the power of God's love force.

World will know him by his song
which he sings for all those who suffered so long,
suicidal thoughts comes to an end 
when he ministers at the edge of each bend 
fear looses it's hold
when he pours God's love unfold.
by Esther J

by Charles Baker |
Categories: death, growing up, happiness, love, nature,


Not suicidal my vitals are strong, I reside in the bayous of pain for too long,
I wish the earth would consume and resume me, 
so the hurt could leave spirit as you will assume free, 
see the effect of tears is like this, 
for to have cried is first to have bliss, 
you were here now you’re gone I'm still dying through song, I knew you would kill at first kiss. 
I'm still waiting debating the notion, to resist the existing commotion that runs now in my head only saying I’m dead, self-destruction is not my devotion.

by Dean Walker |
Categories: allegory, angst, inspirational, life, love, on writing and words, poems,

Beat Red

I’d like to write poems beat red.
Like the color of my face
when white spit foams the lips.
I’d like an utterly violent embrace.

No pretense, nothing dishonest
about this undoctored rage.
Hold nothing back, let it all go,
tear off clothes, and punch the walls.

I’d like my poems to be suicidal.
Willing to jump off the Golden Gate,
overdose on sleeping pills,
a Black and Decker drill to the skull.

At least then I will have killed
for complete love of the poem.

by Renny Goonerage |
Categories: angel, depression, psychological, religion, religious, suicide, war,


i fell in love with a suicidal dream
i went to sleep with a homocidal scream
i woke up with a genocidal fantasy
and i can't believe its real...

its like a suicidal dream
and its come to real
im in a homocidal scene
with a genocidal fantasy...

~care bEar

aka charlie aka lucky aka skittle aka big penguin aka control presenter aka 

by Janet Anderegg |
Categories: daughter, faith, forgiveness, history, inspirational, sympathy,

Amish Tragedy

Amish families weep as they bury their

Murdered daughters; those poor

Innocent little girls torn from their lives and

Sacrificed on an altar of self-pity by a suicidal man.

Heavy hearted we watch these quiet people who


Take nothing from us and ask for less,

Readily forgive without question the man responsible.

Asking not for vengeance or justice, but also

Going to his wife and children in peace;

Embracing them in the love of God and

Demonstrating the true meaning of forgiveness.

Yes, I believe they shame us.

by Brendan Self |
Categories: religion

First Poem: What If

What if we kill?
What if we hate?
What if we abuse?
What if we discriminate?
The world is ending.
We don't care.
Theres hardly love,
but here and there.
We have the strength.
We are bright.
We have the words
To make things right.
Teens are killing themselves.
But we don't care.
Suicidal thoughts.
No memory's there.   
What if we spread the love?
What if we learned to share?
What if we had help from above?
What if we tried to care?
We can make a change, that's for sure
We are the one's that have the cure.

But the question we ask ourselves.
What if?

by Tommy Dorsey |
Categories: depressionlife,


Sweet death come quickly and silence the noise.
Longing to feel your arctic embrace.
To kiss your life sucking lips and breathe an eternal last breath.
Gun to the head, rope round the throat, and knife to the wrist.

There are many was to show your love.
Or maybe a leap of faith into a dismal abyss
Fade slowly out of the physical in the spirit.
Gun to the head, rope round the throat, and knife to the wrist.

Suicidal guidance through a benevolent violent act of grace.
What is life without death? What is the sun without rain?
What is joy without sorrow? What is day without night?
Gun to the head, rope round the throat, and knife to the wrist.