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by Paghunda Zahid |
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Love Is In the Air

Bare footed wind is swaying the curtains
Freeing the air from all its dewy burdens 

Letting the dim silvery moonlight 
Cast engolangated shadows at midnight

It brings some melodies along
Somebody, in distant, singing a song 

From the woods it comes, I can guess
Their windows are not shut,  it suggests 

The night is dark, the night is cold
A waning moon is rising and the wind is bold

Yet the song is lovely and feels so sweet
When sung for beloved , feelings are never offbeat

21st October, 2022

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: change, dream, lost love,

Yesterday's Embers

To pause and ponder on what could have been
And visit, a time of love, not distort
To change its outcome of judgment turned in 
And seek a new trial in my heart's court
Yesterday's embers have grown dimmer now
The evidence suggests nothing would change
Wishes and hopes can raise a folly's brow
To relive what was before and rearrange
To dream of love as it was to begin
And light the stars bright in a darkened sky
To kiss my love's mouth with passion again
And feel the pulse of her heart in reply
Would that I could turn back the hands of time
And find it was the love of a lifetime

10/8/19 contest If only we could turn back the hands of time

by Mark J. Halliday |
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Writing In Sand and Stone

Writing "I love you" in the sand suggests that love is meant to fade;
That it can be washed away by life's periodic tides.
I suggest we write our love in stone, always carving it deeper.

by Gerard Quain |
Categories: allegory, allusion, angst, anxiety, art, beauty, blessing,

Deep and Profound

Deep and Profound

She is so deep
You never know  her at all
The enigmatic smile
Denies the sadness of her eyes
She has been the victim
Of oh so many lies
The weariness of her sigh
Suggests she is so tired
Yet when she sings
The passion in her voice
It electrifies the silence
How could this be
This love beyond her vanity

Deep and profound
The resonance of  all her yesterdays
The shadow's and the ghost's
Trying to claim her memories
Before she is overcome
Deep and profound
A ballad  of  life
So full of thorn-ed roses
Scarred by there embraces
So deep and profound
So she tries to cover the traces
Lost in the lyrics
So deep and profound

by Desiree M |
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I Am Bored With Melancholy

I am bored with melancholy
This feeling poisons my tongue
And keep suggesting me I am wrong
I am trapped in deep agony,
a sensation that I am living in treachery,
when words are touching me like a sad song,
as hope is telling me to move on headstrong
I am bored with melancholy

When our love burns all the obstacles,
melancholy strives to knock me out
It paints my world to a deep brown color
and severely suggests me to wear spectacles
so that I can perceive the real feelings sprout
Melancholy forces me to soar higher and higher

Désirée Meunier

by Seren Roberts |
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The Poets Pluck- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Poets Plucker….. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Here in my cold lonely bed I ponder my all
I have FEARS in SOLITUDE of being alone
DEJECTION of my love had pierced my heart…..yet
THE NIGHTINGALE sings lustily a cheerful tune

My consciousness behaves as  EOLIAN HARP
as Coleridge poem suggests full of delusion
So through opaque glass  my window I cannot see
FROST AT MIDNIGHT has now spoilt for me this vision

So with dejection, curl into a foetal ball
I await my fate, wondering will my heart heal
Will I from my ongoing pity…soon awake

penned 5 February 2017

by Annabelle Jane |
Categories: love

Trapped In the Land of the Free

Even though you're miles away,
The thought of you still brings you home.
Your paper dragon guards my gates,
Reminds me that I'm not alone.

I wait beneath the milky sky,
Of another royal day,
Whilst half a turn, your home flag flies,
Underneath the milky way.

The rain today, it washed the earth,
And made clear tracks along my skin.
But no amount of heaven's tears,
Could drown the print you've made within.

A print which now suggests to me,
You might then share your Lover name,
When I am yours and you are mine,
The check-mate starts another game.

by Jim Slaughter |
Categories: humor,

Another Sonnet For Spring

Phooey on sonnets 'bout flowers in spring!
Those moldy crotchets are trite and cliché.
There's nothing 'bout flowers that makes me sing,
Ne'er to my love a bouquet would I bring,
She isn't keen on that stuff anyway.
Here is a list of a few other things
She coyly suggests she'd prefer I bring:
A silver Rolls Royce, a Tiffany ring,
Deed to a villa or castle in Spain.
To do so I'd have to live on a string,
And debt is a very cumbersome thing.
She smirks in reply, "No gain without pain."
If one day my love's dear neck I should wring,
Sing Sing, I hear, can be lovely in spring.

by Fathima Dawood |
Categories: passion, night, longing, night,

Silent Night. . .

In the dead of the night he attempts his surprise
Candlelight winks forming whispered pleas
The midnight moon casts a hint of light
Surreptitiously he beckons his love to his side
Tears glint in her starry eyes  tonight
His hand brushes past her flushed cheeks
She coyly tilts her head to one side
The sigh that escapes her suggests consent
Carefully he frees her hair so soft
Relishing the moment both so dearly want
Shyly she accedes, yet hesitant at first
Until desire burns with longing and thirst
In the dead of the night he attempted his surprise
Candlelight winked forming whispered pleas . . .

by Sidney Beck |
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Harmonious Scrabble Game


Tomorrow is an OPEN-DOOR.
Days are longer, light and fair –
Spring at last is IN-THE-AIR .

This  broken  arm’ll  take a while.
Catch her glance with EYES-A-SMILE .
BRUSH-PAST close in kitchen bright.
All is full, complete and right.

TABLE-SHAKES  words to the floor,
Making space for  EVER-MORE,
Lift them back  -  not the same,
But all the letters  fit  OUR  game.

My drawing  seven square blank tiles
Only suggests to us joint smiles
The word is short and very clear
HARMONY  throughout the year

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Entered in  Nancy Jones' Contest

by Roof Missing |
Categories: dream, faith, love,

Rainbow Promises

No need for sweetness lady fair,
Or perfumed sex that stains the air, 
Life's pregnant miracle is you,
My prayer: love it brings is true!

Does promise hide in dreamy eyes
No man deserves? If Love's surprise
Suggests souls grow, embraces rain,
Its snow can't crystalize Love's pain.

Might clouds that vanish tell me why
The rainbow's promise makes me cry
Until it comes again, again:
Who knows the what, the where, or when?

Long Tooth
July 28, 2019

by Terry Ledwell |
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Just to be re-born suggests,
This life is nothing but a test,
So karma or a resurrection,
Disguises truth for our protection...
Are ones who leave us truly gone,
Though we believe that they moved on,
As writing on a granite stone,
Secure the plot of land they own...
Why question what is consequence,
Suggesting it may make some sense,
While others sit and contemplate,
And hoping chance is found by fate...
But somehow death seems to explain,
Just what is left and who to blame,
Bringing us but one conclusion,
Based on faith but no illusion...
So I ask the ones here after,
Fill me with your love and laughter,
So when the life from me is torn,
The soul in me can be re-born...

by Sotto Poet |
Categories: assonance, dream, tree,

Unscarred Petals

Petals fall from the sky unscarred and woolly I approach in a hapless way and stare I see motion and haze and mist swaying in the wind swaying in the wind a quisling feeling and sides of the petals twist Illuminated before your eyes specify what it suggests to be in love with your mind...
Written: October 21, 2022

by Caren Krutsinger |
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My Time Machine

I go backwards into 1961, so I can watch Elvis on TV.
He is terrific; makes me swoon. I adore him. 
Then for some reason I think of Prince 
So I reset my Time Machine to 1982. He is terrific!

What about the Mamas and the Papa’s? Mind suggests.
They were so good! What about the Beach Boys?
1958 it is. What about General Washinghood?
Who is that? Trust me you will love him. Go to 2052.

I get there and I am relieved to see we still have trees.
We are each wearing a hazmat suit with helmet though.
A person walking next to me raises my helmet and coughs in my mouth.
In thirty-two years we have not figured out how to eliminate bullies?

by Roof Missing |
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Imagine Love

Imagine Love, I know I do, and probably I misconstrue
All love, include the love of God (if Bible's true) though it feels odd!
And yet if there's a price to pay, let it be so, all Justice say
Its piece, prevail in fact, through time, and thus eclipse all human rhyme.

I crave God's Judgment like His Love, but see Love's touch needs Judgment's glove,
If it's attached to God at all, if not then God would be too small,
It seems the interface is blurred! Suggests the Truth won't get interred!
Creation’s purpose then might be, not less, not more than POETRY!

Long Tooth
June 26, 2018

by J. I. Thomas F. |
Categories: confusion, riddle, sad love,


What curious charge to press 'pon lover -
that he "overthinks" - therein his mistake.
When he feels fire difficult to cover,
while innocent passions keep him awake.

The only p'wr prompting hesitation
is perception -correct- that you don't feel.
Thus tortuous math, sour consternation:
Duty to realism or the ideal?

Intuition suggests looming failure,
but still, perhaps, the truth should be revealed
rather than cast to sea by a sailor.
My heart - small sacrifice- it shall be healed. 

Cautious? I am - but also greatly dare.
I overthink things, dear, because I care.

15 July 2023

by Patricia Roche |
Categories: life,


Will I live long enough to figure it out?
Will it resemble the future?
Will it be a peaceful existence?
Or will it be a fall -out shelter
How rough is rough?

I don't see it!
Life is love!
I believe what is in my heart and spirit
Before I believe fear suggests fear!

Or is it our imagination?
Or our level of trust?
Is it  beyond our self?
What we trust in
What we think is love?

Is the knowledge beyond our reach?
Or is it beyond our existence?
Beyond the skys above
Beneath the setting sun
Below the earth surface
As hot as a fired gun!

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: introspection,

Zen mode

mind suggests we leap
transcending the concept
of an extra day imaginary
brought forth on this day
being a leap year

a sunbird builds a nest
knowing only love
renewing within its heart
in the ever present now
with no memory imagery 

ah! to be the bird …

by Patricia Roche |
Categories: life,


Will I live long enough to figure it out?
Will it resemble the future?
Will it be a peaceful existence?
Or will it be a fall -out shelter
How rough is rough?

I don't see it!
Life is love!
I believe what is in my heart and spirit
Before I believe fear suggests fear!

Or is it our imagination?
Or our level of trust?
Is it  beyond our self?
What we trust in
What we think is love?

Is the knowledge beyond our reach?
Or is it beyond our existence?
Beyond the skys above
Beneath the setting sun
Below the earth surface
As hot as a fired gun!

by Michael Shoemaker |
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Stars of Clarity

Stars of Clarity

It's a mysterious nonmystery.
As I contemplate numberless
stars with the same mind
that counts out my correct change
at the checkout stand at the supermarket
I am baffled by the mathematical infinity, 
An expanse of beauty I see
and yet I do not feel alone or distant.
There is something right on the outskirts
of the soul that suggests stars of clarity 
and lets me know I am in some way more a beloved brother
than rejected outlander 
to these living rotating masses of hydrogen and helium.
So glad you are here to hold my hand.