Love Poems About Suggestively or Suggestively Love Poems
by Christine Trower |
Categories: adventure, love, nostalgia, passion, sports, me, love, me,

You Don'T Meet Prince Charming At a Bar

He takes me in his arms
Leading me in his hypnotic dance
His arms are strong
As he embraces me
Twirling and grinding his body
Suggestively into mine
The music pounds
And tantalizes my ears
The lights they excite me
And if the liquor is
Thick in my veins
I can almost see him...
The man on the white horse
The man who is purely fantasy
And will never exist
But, oh how I would love for him to be real!
To fall in love in just one night
And to have him carry me off to never never land
But instead I wake up
From my fantasy
And look instead into
The eyes of a drunken lover

by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: fantasy, funny, loveme,

Tv Is Bad For the Eyes

Provocative the way she leans against the door,
Towel around her dripping wet beckoning me. 
Her lips pouting whispering to me begging for more,
In her arms kissing her, that where I wish to be.

Invisible hands loosen the towel as it drops,
To make a platform that worships her form.
Water runs down her breast to her belly and stops,
My eyes make love to every inch which makes me feel warm.

She combs her fingers through her hair,
Suggestively, enticing my pupils blur what is see.
I move closer to her over there,
But I find I’m too close to the TV. 
© 2000

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: love, magic, moon,

To Share the Magic

A full moon was staring 
  at me unabashedly
A stare of curiosity
  midst bright luminosity

When it dipped behind 
  a tree, so very sultry
Winking suggestively
  setting me free 

Hope flooding my heart
  that I'd find a true love
To share the magic
  of white Cupid above