Love Poems About Suggestive or Suggestive Love Poems
by Janis Thompson |
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Extemporaneous Love

Extemporaneous Love

Like a fire 
contained in a crate
extemporaneous love
burning wildly
outside compassionate law

fiery eyed suave, furtive glance
soft, quick stroke at the back of the neck
and a long voluptuous wish

electric current charging
the eros energy of
thought undone dares
elicit naughtiness

beginning with a friendly touch
the words “hello”
suggestive smile
yes, so


by Mike Gentile |
Categories: bird, song, spring,

Songs of a Feather

A robin holds her verdant perch
La primavera song
Now fills the air of nature’s church
As I stroll along

I stop to try and catch a glimpse
To witness her refrain
Beheld in beauty lush and green
So sweetly does she reign

Her heartfelt chorus carries me
It is suggestive of
What I would call, this morning
A feathered song of love

by Brian Strand |
Categories: art, people, , memorial,

ART EKPHRASIS 3-Klimt and Chagall-recited

A fantasist,alive upon canvas,surreal
and very real his love-for her-
not concealed.There..floating for all
to see..childlike, innocence his lady
in white,for us to wonder..and delight

Inspired by Chagall’s ‘Lady in White’
A kiss,Klimt’s symbol of love nouveau,
suggestive rather than descriptive,yet
of time immemorial.Love upon a cloud
of gold,lost in that moment where time
does not exist.One with the other,alone
and yet..desire..and need in love’s power
then to exist.

Inspired by Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’

Listen to me recite these ekphrasis on youtube under my pen name ichthyschiro

by Rick Berry |
Categories: love, passion, romance

The Small of a Womans Back

The small of a womans back
Sacred ground, desire
It beckons, quietly inviting

Waiting to be caressed
Waiting to be touched
Waiting to be claimed

Unmistakably feminine
Uniquely landscaped
Female curves, danger

Feel the touch of my hands
Strong, firm, suggestive
Soft, tender, comforting

The small of a womans back
Waiting to be caressed
By the hands of her lover 

~Rick Berry

by nick faber |
Categories: fantasy, love, passion, romance

sweet hints

Devilish smile intriguing
Suggestive mood hints desire
perfume wildly provoking
humming profound moans

by Rick Parise |
Categories: love


An enchanting movement with green eyes allure......
twilight wistful along passionate stream flow......
a rapture spills free on untouched dreams of pure...... 
this theatrical moment loves grace bestow 
lightly brushed vineyards flow through innocent land
suggestive submission, I reach for her hand......
purification in her loving demure......
subtle songs of desire within hearts stir...... 


by Marti Sutherland |
Categories: emotions,

The Color of Love and Death

Crimson was the blush, coloring my heated cheeks when tempted by the suggestive words he speaks A crimson bouquet of budded roses I carried on the day we said our vows; the day we married. In a pool of crimson blood I awaited my death, calling his name until I gasped for my last breath. 7/25/2016 Crimson Contest-Royal Ninja

by Lebo Bopalamo |
Categories: jealousy, love,

Our names across the sky

If they could sense your heartbeat 
They would frame it  
in the annuls of their minds 
And they would tap and hum to it 
In complete reverence  
of a lifetime rhyme   

If they knew what to wish for 
They would forsake the grief held in gory 
Dress in suggestive clothes,  
make one wish for 
And write poems, songs  
and charming metaphors   

If they could see me with you 
They would bow and plead 
To fathom a sign they could too 
have a love to keep

Categories: adventure,

Yesterday i've known

peals the bell of sweetest sweet romance,
Where Mystic Rose begins to memorise the dance,
where love was sweetest ever known,
where passion was mesmerised and overthrown,
by the mystic wielder of the lance,
suggestive in its very overtone...


by moha lakers |
Categories: sorry, trust, truth,

loving you still

Seeing you have not come with me, nor spent 
This day's suggestive beauty as we ought, 
I have gone forth alone and been content 
To make you mistress only of my thought. 
And I have blessed the fate that was so kind 
In my life's agitations to include 
This moment's refuge where my sense can find 
Refreshment, and my soul beatitude. 
Oh, be my gentle love a little while! 
Walk with me sometimes. Let me see you smile. 
Watching some night under the winter sky, 
Before the charge, or on the bed of pain, 
These blessed memories shall revive and deep inside I will not stop  cherishing the sweet memories. ..

by Brian Strand |
Categories: art, tribute,

SYMBOLS of love

A kiss
     symbol of love 

    suggestive  descriptive,
of time 

            upon a cloud
of gold
      lost in that moment 
      does not exist

One with the other
and yet 
       desire &need
 in      love’s 

    to exist
   & cuddle

     drama of
pictured ceilings 
    wall friezes 
            on show

by Sydney Banks |
Categories: absence, confusion, journey, daffodils,

Lost and Found

Say goodbye to the place you love
Shadows intrepid, 
A shallow 
Grave of desire
A wooded embouchure, a tightening grip
A melody, 
Resounded, it's reverberation rejected
Of sounds, 
Through your negotiations
A breeze, through the laughing bluebells of spring
Extracting the numbness of vanity fiends
Yellow indoctrination of the 
Daffodils sway
Suggestive and playful.
You penetrate realisation,
Knowing you can never return
By chance, 
You may find yourself again!

by Stephen Parker |
Categories: love

Residual Love

Lingering glance more than circumstance,
Endearing gesture not mere chance.
Corresponding smile engenders romance;
Suggestive movements invite dalliance.
An enticing scent that permeates,
An enchanting voice that resonates,
An alluring personality that levitates,
A tender feeling that stimulates.

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: appreciation, fun, love, sweet, words,


no harm done
words rolling off the tongue
mellow and melodious
luscious and lingering
seductive and suggestive
feelings hushed yet heightened

a dainty dilemma decidedly delicious
delightfully divine

AP: Honorable Mention 2023, Honorable Mention 2023

Posted on March 11, 2023

by Brian Strand |
Categories: art,

KLIMT a tribute

 Art Nouveau
he painted 
very slow
& thus
came on show
a kiss
  love nouveau
of time 

love upon 
a cloud
of gold
lost in 
where time
does not 

with the other
& yet..
and need 

by Angeletta Jackson |
Categories: adventure, art, black african american, inspirational, life, love, nostalgia, passion, body, love,

The Union

I am in a relationship
This guy is love to my eyes
thighs, mind, soul and my whole
internal and external being
my heart feels exuberant
when I catch him in my arms
and I hold him there
like in my heart
Baby the vibe you're givin' is 
Why not let me- let you- cultivate love within me
Pay attention to my body as it croons
in this melodic reverberation
mysterious to man
lets slaughter misconceptions with our
love innovations 
of what a relationship is suppose to be
is what your body says to me
as we hold each other tight
I am in a relationship
and I am in love...

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: kiss, love,

Love's First Kiss

Because love is you, beneath a full moon
A rendered silhouette in soft splayed light
Our arms are empty, only eyes consume
In wondrous dreams that lay before the night
The fragrant scents of love pause in rapture
As if to music, love's sensual dance
Our emotions overtake to capture
We treasure every suggestive glance
How quiet and naked is our desire 
And how tenderly warm our hands when held
Closer to the edge of the moment prior
When lips silently have begun to meld

   As love's sweet mouth drips in warm nectared bliss 
   Lover's lips slowly part from the first kiss


by David Kavanagh |
Categories: allusion, mental illness, moving on,

Suggestive thinking

Take a deep breath relax
I’ll loosen your straps 
Feel the warmth of love 
Shining high above 

Yes, that’s a nice big smile 
It will be ok in a while 
Try laughing now and then 
Face the truth again 

Crack a joke, make peace 
Such a great release 
Pen someone a nice poem 
you’ll feel right at home 

Ignore them long shadows 
It’s ok to be shallow 
Your not eight foot three 
It’s only imaginary 

Come back down to earth 
Forget lies you spread 
I click my fingers, awake!
No more need to fake

David Kavanagh 

by Courtney Dyer |
Categories: loss, nostalgia, passion, me, me,

Death of an Era

Sadie Thompson where have you gone?
Too many Matrix's in my mind
Sadie McKee and Our Dancing Daughters
Our Blushing Brides have left me

Suggestive romance has forsaken me for
poignant lust is present now
He has stolen my love by the Gaslight
We have been bamboozled by the women and hunted by the men

The new one has blackened me by the razors edge of the screen
I confess my distrust of thee
For my very thrust has forsaken all others
Susan and God, when summers die, there is no more for the innocent eye

The Time has passed ,remember the night
the lady's eve has given me fright
Norman Bates double edged true
the shining hour has stolen you
Subtleness is gone!

by verlecia fields |
Categories: anniversary, black african american, devotion, husband, lost love, love, wife,



eyes of deepest  black
lips of  honey brown
hands on my shy back~

lips that touch with deepest thoughts
eyes that are willing to see only one~ 

tips of lustful fingers tips  that 
reach to please
skin that wants to begs me~

our private 
erotic suggestive 
sexual moment ~

slow madness
quickly burns between  
you and me 

mangled together
with hearts entwined ~


by Brian Strand |
Categories: poetry,

FLIRTATION a freed verse

a  pretext
the  glamorous
the  core
of romantic love
swathed in
the symbolic
in a suggestive
of the
so so
to the occasion

 & filtered
looking fo
 a glimpse
of the
 the spectacular
 in profile
to be paraded
in an
so soft
 aspiring towards
& promise
 covered with
  of perfection
 focus on
&  aimed at
the  observer
at  will

by Marissa Faries |
Categories: crush, lust, passion, sensual, sexy,

Object Of My Affection

I have always been prone to such suggestive thoughts,
I have always listened to songs of love and seduction.

Never before have I encountered someone as suit as you.
Never has there been someone, who makes me want it all and more.

You love me as I am, as well as love me for everything I can be.
You are the object of my affection, the subject of all my fantasies…