Love Poems About Suggestions or Suggestions Love Poems
by Sunlite Wanter |
Categories: humor, relationship,

Mother's Voice

Hush, my dear mother, say no more
(Shut up your criticizing, out the door)
I know you love me, want my best,
(You’re putting my temper to an acid test)
I’m trying Jenny Craig, I know I’ll win
(Your suggestions are tantamount to starvation sin!)

Hush, my dear mother, say no more.

by Norman Purvis |
Categories: devotion, uplifting,

My Poetess

To you.  I dedicate this poem.
Sweet poetess across the sea.
I tag your name and underline.
All the feedback, that is mine

Your comments and suggestions.
Make my day.
I love them , to come my way.
To hear you say.
My poetry.
Made your day.

I will try to-night.
A happy poem to write.
Sometimes the Devil gets in.
Making my poems, grim.
I write with all my heart.
They are all truly.
Just for you.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: mother,

Mother Has Style

mother’s love
voice as smooth as velvet
touch lighter than that
empathy that envelops people
wrapping them up in warm fuzziness
she has the style of the angels

listening without interrupting
saying the right things without directing
waiting for you to make up your own mind
letting you talk, without suggestions
cuddling you with her warm brown eyes,
she has the style of few who walk the earth

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: fairy, fantasy, friend, friendship, friendship love,

Empathetic Fairy

Among the dandelions empathetic fairy listened to misunderstood squirrel.
She made no suggestions, sat quietly, in silence, nodding sometimes.
Showing him how valuable a good listener can be. 
Especially one who does not interrupt to ask questions.
He concluded for himself the answer as he watched her watch him.
It was the best council he had ever received.
And in silence.
Empathetic fairy had helped him fix his problem
Without contributing one word.

by A.O. Taner |
Categories: blessing, confidence, cool, courage, dedication, deep, desire, destiny, devotion, for her, for him, girlfriend, happiness, heart, humanity, i love you, i miss you, identity, image, imagination, inspiration, inspirational, life, lost love, love, miss you, missing you, moving on, poems, poetry, poets, psychological, sensual, solitude, spiritual, spoken word, teacher, true love, trust, truth, uplifting, visionary, wisdom, woman, women,


Read the poem, and the poet
Paint the roses, and the vase
Envy the role, and the actress
Enjoy the soup, and the dish.

Love the person, not the looks
Miss the kiss, not the lips
Ride the road, not the bike
Smell the ocean, not the fish.

Grow old, but stay calm
Write bold, but speak less
Dream often, but cry more
Hope big, but make one wish.

by Julie Grenness |
Categories: funny love, giggle, how i feel, wisdom,

Of Hyperbole

This house of hyperbole,
Does defy credulity,
Let's all exaggerate,
Aim to manipulate,
"I shall love you infinitely!"
Sounds a normal hyperbole,
"I never got over you!"
Am I a drama mama too?
You want me and need me,
But you don't love me,
Is that called two out of three?
Or more hyperbole?
Why answer such questions?
I'm always open to your suggestions,
As usual for you and me,
In this house of hyperbole............

by Robin Davis |
Categories: fun, funny, humor, silly, boy,

Her Dream Boy Was Full of Joy

This is my FIRST attempt at a limerick.  Its for a contest, so please
let me know what you think.  Suggestions are appreciated.

She's longing for love and affection
So she tried to grab his attention
She let her "girls" go free
They were bigger than peas
He suddenly got an ********


by Lu Loo |
Categories: addiction, confusion, death, depression, grief, sister, sorrow, suicide,


Answers left more questions,
But lately I'm all wrong,
Continuing suggestions,
Daydreams to our song,
Even though you're above,
Forgiveness I have given,
Gripping for your love,
Held inside your prison,
Intellect enhanced,
Jerking our regret,
Kept the final chance,
Lying in neglect,
Mainly intoxicated,
Nonsense as a gift,
Obscenely complicated,
Prayers at sea, adrift,
Quiet screams so loud,
Reversed into beginning,
Shameful but proud,
Toward the underpinning,
Underground so safe,
Victim of vaccines,
Weakly misbehaved,
Xanax intervened,
Yawning wide awake,
Zapping good mistakes.

by Aashima Bansal |
Categories: best friend, birth, caregiving, childhood, deep, father, trust,

You Love Me Till the End

You are my inspiration
You are my belief
You are my life
You are my relief

You stand before me
You give me an embrace
You show your unconditional love
You present your grace

You make way for success
You guide me like thee
You help me throughout
You make me smile for free...

You give cute expressions
You give excellent suggestions
You give me motivation
You show your determination

You are my father
You are my friend
You are great
You love me till the end..

by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: care, feelings, imagery, inspiration, love, self, thanksgiving,

Simply Me

My nails are plainly white
My face with make-up but light
My hair fixed on simple align
My clothes on comfortable flight

Not that I don't care to fix
Nor do I want to match and mix
It's because It's not in me to impress
"Suitable to occasion", that's how I dress

Though, lots have said I'm a beauty
I thank but still be in simplicity
I want to be liked just the way I am
Anyhow, I'm flexible enough to change

Opening myself to suggestions
Criticisms even I take to attention
Remembering this, I do manage
Putting myself right or above average...

by: olive_eloi

by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: conflict, environment, irony, work,

Suggestion Box Sonnet

Ever wonder what happens to suggestions Dropped in your employers’ slotted box? They are extracted and read with questions Seldom answered is somewhat orthodox, Proposals by the great, “unwashed” masses Of underlings seeking more remuneration, Gutsy enough to speak, these lower classes, Indeed, to want a scheduled, paid vacation! Imagine a thirty-minute lunch break, I laugh, Extending the law-provided ten-minute take Or double pay for overtime? Surely, they jest For all the silly complaints they love to make. More work, I say!--simply what you do best With my feet on my desk, I’m taking a rest!
Written August 9, 2022

by Dominique Webb |
Categories: love, muse, night, remember,

Reflections On My Lover, Nighttime Musings

Thinking back to his manly side outline, 
Flowing slightly inwards, but not enough to perturb, 
The suggestions of body hairs state humanity, 
His subtle tan includes him in with the rough; 
Smiling gently, he alights to my origami, 
His accepting hair copiously outweighs my breathing, 
As he hovers there to await the initiating signal, 
For warmth and movement’s harmoniously laughing spring.  

Constructing my suggestion and intention,  
I lie awake compiling my words for his reaction, 
Which settles me into life’s stance and symphony, 
Of entanglement and sexual interaction.

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: cute love, love, marriage, muse, romance, romantic, romantic love,


Simple moments, like the wind Whispering through the leaves, content Gifting each soul a taste of love’s song Breathing promises, tenderness Suggestions of the beauty and peace Stirred to life, each touch tracing Grace, the intimacy, the closeness that abides Short verse free style Poetry Contest Sponsored by Lisa YY July 19, 2022 Theme Chosen: Link D 40 words exactly

by Mohan Chutani |
Categories: devotion, god,

Goethe's Path

I would not take this forest path unless 

to your angelic threshold gate it led. 
All life, indeed the air, I do confess 

is cherished, if your esteem they spread! 

I can conclude a single thing my dear

I search for just your trail before me.
The traces only of your sign it’s clear

if I wander elsewhere, it does haunt me.

A path void of your love, I shall regret 

for I may not relate to one but you. 
My destiny is twined in you and set, 

my solace only on a path to you.

(Revised on 2/7/2014 after valuable suggestions from Roy Jerden)

by Sam Tiwana |
Categories: emotions, for him, love hurts, sad love,

A Little Longer To Forever

Maybe it's your eyes
Maybe it's your smile
Or our happy nights
That can't get you off my mind.

All those times you made me fly
You gave me wings and made it right
Your single touch that fills my soul
That fixed me up and made me whole.

All those days you made me laugh
The times you always lift me up
And all those times you made my day
Makes me strong in order to stay.

Those things make me fight for more
Stopped me from closing the door
Memories that make me stay a little longer
Longer enough to love you forever.

Hi guys... I'm new here and I'm still learning so please feel free to comment 
your thoughts and suggestions...
I'll be happy to learn a lot from you guys... :)

God Bless!!!!

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: lost love, sadlove,

I Won'T Cry

So you don’t love me,
I won’t cry, these are not tears.
So you don’t love me,
You  took your pleasure at will 
Laugh, it really meant nothing.

This is my first go at this form..suggestions?

by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: love, marriage, trust,

The Ball's In Your Court

What's the secret that's kept you together?
Hugs that are stronger than any tether.

To what do you credit your long marriage?
Passion that won't put down or disparage.

Overcome by the volley of questions,
I passed to my husband for suggestions.

He returned my volley, his love I heard -
She's lovely - she let's me have the last word... 

Respect is crucial from the very start;
trust for your spouse only God can impart.

written January 7, 2017
for Broken Wings' - Form "C" contest

by Stephanie Leann |
Categories: fantasy, imagination,

Alice In My Wonderland

***This poem is a work in progress, i would love suggestions on how to add to this or how to improve it. I would also appreciate some bold words to use in this poem.  Ill finish this poem, promise** 
                                                 -xoxo Stephanie leann

With just this pen and paper i will fall down the rabbit hole.
"Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!"
Getting lost in my own mind.
My Wonderland
traveling far and wide in seek of my messenger.
“we're all mad here” chattered Hatter, sipping on liquid mercury.

by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: lifemarriage, love, marriage,

Mother Fixation

His love for me was divine
My words he’d enshrine
But when it came to his mother
His devotion was deeper and subtler
All her suggestions were commands
This would be done on hands
Her failings he’d refuse to see
Even if it meant leaving me
Her power she wielded over him
Her terror shook his very limbs
His mother-fixation took its toll
Our marriage went on a roll
Its the kids who suffered the most
Of the sham marriage and love ghost

Inspired by a friend’s true story

by Buhagiar Victor |
Categories: bird,

Listen To the Chaffinches

How pleasing to us are the quiet of the country lanes.
The vociferous extrovert chaffinches sing their refrains.

Remember how often we would trek the lonely paths
Occasionally they find some rill and have their baths

So common all over earth since they love to migrate,
Flying happily but from birds of prey quickly elate.

Their natural habitat is the woodland where they can rest.
Their songs communicate in different suggestions best

But especially when the mating seasons begin.
How lovely to listen songs far from the city's din

by Ken Bennight |
Categories: emotions, love,

Have You No Suggestions

How many more words can I share,
to prove my love is true.
How many more coins must I spare,
on roses red for you.
How many kisses can I gift,
upon your neck your cheek and lips.
To gratify your loveliness,
in fullfilness of all that you miss.
My heart is full of guestions,
have you no suggestions.

by Amber Underwood |

Hear Me Out

Alright so I know that this site is suppose to be all about poems. Well as much as I love writing poetry sometimes I like to just write about things on my mind. I also am aware that they have "blogger" sites, well I don't like those. I love this website simply because I know I can be myself and Know that people are going to be able to read and comment on how they feel or their suggestions to either a situation I am having or advice on something I need help on. So please just bare with me on this. It would be greatly appreciated, plus I still plan on doing poetry still too. Thank you for hearing me out. Have a wonderful day.

by David D'Braunstein |
Categories: devotion, dream, how i feel, loneliness, love,


Have you lost an EVERLASTING love like me?
Did you assume your love would last to eternity?
Well my answer is an emphatic yes to both questions!
And I’ve fielded so many suggestions
But it’s sheer folly to think that wonderful memories could fade
I was a foolish idiot to think my life was eternally made!
The love of my life was gone in a flash
But I keep having wonderful dreams and memories to rehash
I was a very lucky man to win her hand
That’s why her faintest little wish was always my EVERLASTING pleasure to command!

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: introspection, spiritual,

Take No Prisoners

We take no prisoners, for if they escape, fears and desires may burrow deep in our mind and then in stupor we will foolishly ape suggestions proffered that grip us in their bind and before we know it, disfigured's our shape, so we nip in the bud, such thought forms unkind. May the garden of our mind be thus nurtured, lower mind censured and love and light treasured. 15-January-2023

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: perspective, spiritual, wisdom,

The Echo Returns Not

We see their subterfuge 
A low animal cunning
Geniality a camouflage 
Deviousness concealing

We recognise but judge not
For as at this coordinate
Moving in a narrow ego slot
Baser instincts precipitate

Whatever for them we do
Casting pearls before swine
As they stir the toxic brew
We pray that love may align

Outcomes inconsequential 
Yet no need to trauma bond
Sidestepping the inimical
We flow on with no demand

Our suggestions unsolicited
Find in hearts no resonation 
We walk away love unrequited
Immersed in our own meditation