Love Poems About Suggestion or Suggestion Love Poems
by Abdul Malik |
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Looming Pain

My Love, lest I grow, oh, weary of the wait, And get tangled in a web of hate, Forsaken and forgotten, My cruel Maiden, Save me from pain. Oh, do come, Quell my emotion, With sorrow I sit alone drawing me down into a dire fate, My Love, lest I grow, oh, weary of the wait!
~"An Invented Form" contest by Andrea Dietrich ~Form Suggestion: "Cascade Royal"

by Elizabeth Range |
Categories: confusion, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love,

Love (Is Like Dying)

Love is like dying,
There is a weeping story for everyone to tell,
A cry and wisper, no matter if you go to heaven or hell.

Love will choke you with words,
Words that can burn or soothe your heart.
Just one saying and it could all fall apart.

It will steal your soul,
And make you feel alone.
If you fall into the hole,
Dont plan on going home.

So forget about past lovers,
And all your cries untold.
Remember all your memories,
For their the ones you hold.

You try to run from depression,
But it follows in your shadows.
Listen to my suggestion,
And like lightening love crackles.

by Harry Horsman |

The Conversation

Love and the Cook

I asked a simple question
need to know your suggestion
I know that you love me
I know I am your sweet pea
so what’s this indigestion?

Love and the Situation

Honey I think we are sinking
the tides coming in I am thinking
but then love is above all
did I hear a love bird call?
No it’s the sand in my eye winking.

Love and the Goddess

There was a girl from Philadelphia
who suffered from polydipsia
her lover’s advice she did seek
a holiday in ancient Greek
to drink the waters of Hestia.

© Harry J Horsman  2011

by Harry Horsman |
Categories: fun,

Married To the Cook

Darling I ask a simple question
Desperate to know your suggestion
I’m aware that you love me
And that I am your sweet pea
So, what on earth is this indigestion.

© Harry J Horsman 2019

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: silly,

My Rememberer

Love is the answer no matter the question Not even a pause at the slightest suggestion It's what life's about There's really no doubt Rememberer still works and avoids congestion

by Brian Johnston |
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Haiku Number 59

through pine tree shadows
winds monarch's path to home tree -
needles blown by wings

Brian Johnston
July 28, 2016

Inspired by Caro Cecile on Face Book's Japanese Poetry Garden Path

Poet's notes:
Hoards of monarch butterflies have an amazing migration which is more bird-like than that of any other insect. They migrate thousands of miles following the same path of their ancestors, even returning to the same trees that their parents inhabited to mate and lay eggs. I love the suggestion that their path might be traced by pine needles that have been disturbed and rearranged as they pass.

by Jeff Bell |
Categories: funny, me,

My Shrink

Mind games with my shrink.
Only giving me seconds to think.
His or my sanity on the brink.
Telling him what he wants to hear.
So these psychotic thoughts don't interfere.
I love a profession where all you do is ask questions.
I see your obsession.
Diagnosing patients.
With the power of suggestion.
Mocking once again.
Your profession.
So continue with your notes and antidotes.
On how to fix a fairy tale gone wrong.
So incarcerate me to the nearest psych ward.
At least with the nuts I won't be bored.
Your heart is in the right place but your dealing with a head case.

by Marty Owens |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, holiday, love, romance,

The Wonder of Mistletoe

Mistletoe hanging in strategic places,
reminds you that there are many lips to be kissed.
Some kisses cause surprised looks on faces.
But neither boy nor girl wants to be missed.
So to be kissed, mistletoe must be hung, we insist!

Suggestion is to hang both inside and out.
You can hang it high or hang it low.
When you see it hanging give us a shout.
We'll even get under it in the snow,
and all those wonderful kisses will make us glow!

12/07/11 for Francine Roberts English Quintain contest

by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: conflict, environment, irony, work,

Suggestion Box Sonnet

Ever wonder what happens to suggestions Dropped in your employers’ slotted box? They are extracted and read with questions Seldom answered is somewhat orthodox, Proposals by the great, “unwashed” masses Of underlings seeking more remuneration, Gutsy enough to speak, these lower classes, Indeed, to want a scheduled, paid vacation! Imagine a thirty-minute lunch break, I laugh, Extending the law-provided ten-minute take Or double pay for overtime? Surely, they jest For all the silly complaints they love to make. More work, I say!--simply what you do best With my feet on my desk, I’m taking a rest!
Written August 9, 2022

by Keith Bickerstaffe |
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...for D.H. Lawrence

Sit by the fire my love
   and let its flare
caress you softly,
      soft as the 
suggestion of my touch
fluttering gently on your 
   skin yet slowly
fading, as frail embers 
   quit their glow 
      and sputter cold.
My passion shall o'ercome 
   flame's waning appetite 
and keep you warm,
      'til stars rescind 
   their luster to the dawn.

by Paula Larson |
Categories: introspection, nostalgia, prayer,

Love's Remorse

Staid by sweet suggestion
and guileless of mounting truth,
this fellow suffering ~ remorse
is played upon ~ uncouth!

The goading fills my pastime
no more the anvil's muse,
but lawless, hastened by-line
indoctrinating lose!

My stand is only wait ~ Thine
Oh cherished friend removed,
what keeps thy prison recline,
what keeps my prayer from proved!

Oh action, I am inclined
to fade ~ helpless, aloof,
while victimizing bends stine,
and drinks my scant reprove!

The cruel heart ~ the grapevine
of melancholy's move
has decimated true pine
of love in newness groove!

by Dominique Webb |
Categories: love, muse, night, remember,

Reflections On My Lover, Nighttime Musings

Thinking back to his manly side outline, 
Flowing slightly inwards, but not enough to perturb, 
The suggestions of body hairs state humanity, 
His subtle tan includes him in with the rough; 
Smiling gently, he alights to my origami, 
His accepting hair copiously outweighs my breathing, 
As he hovers there to await the initiating signal, 
For warmth and movement’s harmoniously laughing spring.  

Constructing my suggestion and intention,  
I lie awake compiling my words for his reaction, 
Which settles me into life’s stance and symphony, 
Of entanglement and sexual interaction.

by Md Shahadat Hossain |
Categories: anger, anti bullying, betrayal, depression, grief, miracle,

The Black Shadow

Our beloved world is getting covered by unseen shadow,
Everyone is busy to find out a new window.
Through that window they want to bring light,
But some black ships are being brought night.
The people who are blind-
Today they can see too much as we say they are kind.
The people whose heart have no love or passion,
Our world is useless without their suggestion.
The person who can kill innocent people without compromise,
They will get easily Nobel Peace Prize.
Honesty, truthfulness are no more applicable,
Instead dishonesty and betrayal are appreciable.

by Keith Bickerstaffe |
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Sit by the fire my love, 
and let its flare 
caress you softly, 
soft as the 
suggestion of my touch 

fluttering gently on your 
skin yet slowly 
fading, as frail embers 
quit their glow 
and sputter cold. 

My passion shall o'ercome 
flame's waning appetite 
and keep you warm, 
'til stars rescind 
their luster to the dawn.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: heart,

Let Love Flow

How to open a blocked heart, the question,
since it offers soul choice of love or hate
and though conscience offers its suggestion,
that love alone takes us to heaven’s gate,
ego cravings drives us to a dark fate.
Love employs no force, so waits for remorse
to stir within us, altering life's course,
distanced from the world of desire and fear,
connecting us here and now with the source,
whereupon we feel God's presence draw near.


by Walayee Poet Lay Whitlock-Ishway |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, love, romance,

Could It Be...?

Could it be...

Free, free to be me entirely
My thoughts, desires, dreams and schemes!

The aggression, depression, and explicit suggestion
They don’t sway or push you away.

Could it be you are here to stay?
Dare I say; the questions are starting to fade away.

The guards that were reinforced with lies as their primary source
Even they are beginning to disassemble and change there course.


by Louis Borgo |
Categories: art, love,

The Suggestion

If i am in a position to hold the candle, 

Then light the candle, 

If the edge of chair no more romantic then, 

A thriller then explain the foot work, 
Time elapse then let be known I am have good time, 

If the morning breaks and howl of the moon is, 

Approaching what distance is the runner set it for home, 

Rules among conquers words of relapse circle of comas, 

like the ice age, 

If learning is not free I say set sail to eastern hemisphere

Ask them the dawn question, 

If freedom is the question and love is real, 

Then what is the suggestion.

by Alexandra Nik |
Categories: love,

In Deep Waters

It's the depths of your ocean -
more important than wavelength.

The continuous questioning
stumbles on edge.
Disbalancing proportion
influences the bane's strength.

There's single suggestion: Ink
must be left 
             as a pledge
to the circles of Living
for the happier dusting

for the better tomorrow
where the Sun WILL arise,
currency is caregiving,
where the lie is disgusting,
where the most pain is sorrow
over choosing unwise.

I hope, somewhere in timeline
our veins will be woven
into something tremendous
like a hydrogen bomb.
I know, this growth is malign.

But I wish I could point
on your heart for momentous
question 'where I come from?"


by Seren Roberts |
Categories: blue, color,


Blue as the ocean
That reflects the sky above
The beautiful ****
With the suggestion of love
The blues music's haunting sound

10 May 2013

by Robert Ray |
Categories: funny, visionary,

Lets Save On Gas

Gas is so expensive
You cant get far in your car
So here is my suggestion
We can stay right where we are.

There is plenty of food on the table.
In the fridge a cold case of beer
We dont have to go nowhere
We can stay right here.

While we are staying here
We will be saving on gas.
Lets save the gas,

ILL turn on the radio
You can turn the lighs down low.
While we hold each other in our arms
We can dance to the radio..

When the moment is right
And we know the the moment will not last..
When we are upstairs making love.
We will be saving on gas.

by Louis Borgo |
Categories: art, love,

Passionately Glory

Early beginning a early late night out price 
Of the game a walk on the town  
Tale as a river long a a french brigade it all knights out 

Of cheers holder of hands who knew early beginning held better then Wednesday night out

Strange is of weather formal company shack of a hand glory of games Word suggestion longest of days
That would be Passionately Glory.

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: longing, love, silence, wind, words,

Will There Be a Right Time, Aka Nothing More Than a Gust of Wind

you better than anyone
know the power of words
their careful selection
their perfect timing

mostly though you know
the power of reserve
of holding back
of innuendo

the suggestion with nothing said
no commitment
no evidence
no trace

the knock
the open door not entered
like the wind there and gone

Published in my 24-page photo/anthology book ~THE RIGHT TIME~ 2023

AP: 2nd place 2022, Honorable Mention 2022, Honorable Mention 2023

Posted on November 21, 2022

by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: love, romance,


Sit by the fire, my love, 
and let its flare 
caress you softly, 
soft as the 
suggestion of my touch 

fluttering gently on your 
skin yet slowly 
fading, as frail embers 
quit their glow 
and sputter cold. 

My passion shall o'ercome 
flame's waning appetite 
and keep you warm, 
'til stars rescind 
their luster to the dawn.

by Yvonne Livingstone Kania |
Categories: beautiful, fruit, love,


Sensual Interludes mapping my lover's chest
Taking in the essence of his exuberant passion suggest
Ravishing moments will be filled with sentimental embrace
Angelic radiance will never leave my face's trace
Weighing in his love for me on a lover's scale measuring to a 
level of prevail
Borrowing wisdom from my grandmother's advice to keep
love strong; un-laced
Excited at the mere suggestion of his commitment to live
harmonious in one space 
Reiterated vows of heavenly interface
Reaching our golden years in love without an intermission
of division
Yields an external love with respect and sweet submission.

by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: love,


...for D.H. Lawrence

Sit by the fire my love
   and let its flare
caress you softly,
      soft as the 
suggestion of my touch
fluttering gently on your 
   skin yet slowly
fading, as frail embers 
   quit their glow 
      and sputter cold.
My passion shall o'ercome 
   flame's waning appetite 
and keep you warm,
      till stars rescind 
   their luster to the dawn.