Love Poems About Sugary or Sugary Love Poems
by Swetha Vangaveti |
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Beyond Expression

She: I have no one to shower love upon me. 
He: "I" love you 
She: You are a busy man. You don't have time for anything. You neither wish me on my birthday nor text me ever. You never speak sugary sweet words to me. 
He: I "LOVE" you 
She: I have neither family nor friends, I possess neither wealth nor any riches, I have no education nor do I have any knowledge of the world. 
He: I love "YOU"

Her eyes melted and his heart filled with joy.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: dream, love,

Take Me Back

Oh take me back . . . take me back to a simpler time to a simpler place where we floated on clouds held our heads proud and life had a much slower pace oh take me back to a peaceful time not filled with hate where we chased butterfly dreams through meadows, past streams and your kisses were sugary sweet oh take me back to our start with wishes on stars where futures were far troubles set free and that love in your eyes I could see Oh take me back to a place that I truly miss where hearts beat as one where hands were held close I was the one you chose as we disappeared into the late setting sun

by Sarah Seraphin |
Categories: devotion, love, passion, romance,

Loves Perfect Nectars

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Honeydew dripping from the smiling petals in raspberry

Rose fragrance, upon the corners amid Her soft moist lips ~

Kissing their lovely tenderness; glistening buds of sweetness 

Perfumed pearls; sugary joy; heavenly, is their taste...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

...“Loves Perfect Nectars” *

by Daver Austin |
Categories: valentines day,

Valentine's Day


It’s a day of varied thoughts
Many of God’s sweetest love
Though     say it I must     
Some of     oh yes!     even lust

Just hear the breezes moan and croon
Offering some love-fashioned tune
And just see how Linda’s eyes light up
When struck by a frosty golden Moon

Then when it’s time
Two hearts in perfect rhyme
Beguile your lass
Let not a moment pass

Whisper words so sugary soft
Nestled snug in her dad’s hay loft
“My heart    dear girl    is truly thine
Will you be my valentine?”  

Dave Austin

by Rachel St.Cross |
Categories: girl, love, passion,

Vanilla Skies Ii

Lips kissing moist, wet, lips..
Sugary pink; silk, sliding softly
Gently, amid love's tender thighs
Orgasmic bliss; in moonbeam tides.

by Makala Bell |
Categories: food, health, life, love, sympathy,

That`s Just the Way It Is

Love is like sugary foods:
some people don`t need it at all!

by Karen Jones |
Categories: christian,

Goodnight Love

Goodnight my love may you sleep well
May peaceful peachy dreams be yours
May nothing wicked cast a spell 
As you are loved blessed by the lord.

May melodies from heaven sing to you
The sweetest of sandman’s lullaby
May your sugary dreams become your truth
When you wake from a restful night.

by Christopher Delegans |
Categories: love,


A gaze guided by the tender currents of your heart
You have always seen the world as complex folk art 

Rose-colored glasses are not necessarily a bad thing
Tinges of amber hues reveal what your future will bring

Eyes incredibly deep warm pools of sugary brown
Incandescent reflections below a mesmerizing crown

Sweet secrets softly whispered into the gentle breeze
Welcomed exploration for a soul to zealously appease

Symphonies of serenity where sighs find tranquil release
Your gracious existence majestically compels inner peace

by Cecilia Macfarlane |
Categories: life, lost love,

Tainted Love

On Valentines day you broke my heart.
Having an affair wasn't too smart.
Something inside me died.
"Forgive me", you cried.
"Without you I will fall apart"

From your tainted love I have flown.
You thought I wouldn't make it on my own.
Now you see you were wrong.
Without you I am strong.
I would have left sooner had I known.

I bet you wish that I was still yours.
Life's so much better since I closed those doors.
Life is now sugary sweet.
Breathlessly swept off my feet.
Captured my heart is a man who adores.

Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane Jan 27/12
For Sidney ~ LeeAnn  contest : A Valentine Limerick

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: desire, love, lust,

Confessions of a Chocolate Lover

Mesmerizing fragrance
to my palate
I am drawn
way beneath down
towards lustful scent
chocolate thighs
pure and dark
rich and creamy
sugary brown
such petals await
laden flower
moist with dew
like dark rum

my appetite 
a feast
of taste and tongue
I'm rewarded
tantalizing delight
my indulgence
made ever
so sweet
by honey and molasses
is satisfied...
~ ~ ~ ~

by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: animal, appreciation, candy, food, fruit, fun, funny,

Dragon Eats

Dragons, how they love to eat; What they eat the most are sweets. Candy, baked goods, pudding drinks; Rarely do they ever eat beets. No asparagus carrots or broccoli; They can be picky about meat. No carrots, beans or salad greens; Just the pleasant sugary treats. The darnedest thing about it though; Diabetes they never get. Sweets never seem to stunt their growth; But belly aches make them fret. Occasionally dragons will eat fruits, Because they’re a nectarous substitute.

by Jacob Osae |
Categories: first love, grief, heartbroken, how i feel, i love you, i miss you, nice,

Broken Pieces

Now picking up the pieces, 
From a heart full of bruises 
Dementia, pain and depression, 
Saturate my heart extension. 
She was a walking rainbow, 
I saw when the sun went low. 
She was a rare specie around town, 
Which I did not realize until now. 
Just like a sugary fleeting vine, 
Made she my life a tasteless wine. 
Every night I sit and ask the moon, 
Why did she have to leave so soon. 
I wish I could turn back the clock to gain; 
Her, I will be willing to take a bullet, through my brain.

by Mercedes Stevens |
Categories: boyfriend, faith, girlfriend, holiday, love, valentines day,

Sweet, Candy Love

Love is a splendid thing, painted sugary sweet, with pink purity. It’s an amazing thing, for two, who can only share this everlasting journey of truthfulness. It’s pure with honesty and undying truthfulness. For it shall always crave the pure, honest sweetness of its captive victims.

by Travis Tapley |
Categories: lovecandy, fruit,

Just One Bite

just one bite of you
like a fine fruit that fills
my mouth with sensation

tease my taste buds 
sugary juice of love
you are my passion 
my greatest pleasure

you are the candy that 
melts in my mouth
not in my hands

like a strawberry dipped
in milk chocolate
a combination of flavors
that sears my lips
a tantalizing treat

come be my fruit of passion
my candy that pleases 
these flames aching
for just one bite of you

by Sarah Seraphin |
Categories: love, passion, romance,

Loves Perfect Nectars

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Honeydew dripping from the smiling petals in raspberry

Rose fragrance, upon the corners amid Her soft moist lips ~

Kissing their lovely tenderness; glistening buds of sweetness 

Perfumed pearls; sugary joys; heavenly, is their taste...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

...“Loves Perfect Nectars” *

by A. Juman |
Categories: desire, food, love, lust, metaphor, romantic,

Be Assertive Before You Indulge

Be assertive before you indulge
like Chinese Sweet and Sour.
'Tis a fling? 
Or a zesty, 
full blown love affair?
It has an after taste that never goes away.
2015 © A. Juman -The "said" poet
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by Tim Smith |
Categories: desire, love,

A Delicate Treat

Her meringues make me water pristinely pure with elegance so sugary sweet offered up a special treat eyes fall out of focus as delicate swirls entice cobalt blue biding interpretations tantalized, lips licked a simple teasing and pleasing of the tongue nibbled, flavours seduce every taste savoured lapped, loved, and treasured making each morsel last never letting another precious moments pass

by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: kiss, love, sensual, sexy,

Fun Fruit

Oh, those bows - luscious, red and succulent, plucked from your visage

Like an apple from The Tree ... tempting and yet devilish!

Fruits, sugary and glistening, ripe and plump to perfection ...

Rain-drenched, I drink deep the dewy sweetness,

Sampling your moist, dappled lips, but oh,

Such is to savor these delicacies,

That my hunger only grows ...

I long for more ...

Yes, I desire ...

So much ...

MORE ...

* THIRD PLACE in the "Melting Snowball" Poetry Contest, Line Gauthier, Sponsor. *

by Al Juman |
Categories: beauty, butterfly, candy, first love, i love you, love, passion,

Said My Wondering Eyes

Said my  wondering  eyes.
Your image tantalizes me.
mischievousness pierces 
through lascivious eyes
sinking into mines,
waiting to touch.
A sugary kiss 
on soft lips 
lusciously pasted. 
My palpitating heart 
like a butterfly revel to nectar,
with magic slowing its wings,
and gloating it's colors.  
Never will we part.
Oh ecstasy Indeed I am indebted,
This tingling excitement of a day dreamer
and a sweetness to savor.
© Al. Juman  The "said" Poet  6/24/2016

by James Fraser |
Categories: food, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passion

My Meal and I

The meal I require tonight
Will satisfy my appetite
As she lies on the table
Oh boy am I able
To relish in her sweet delights

First her curvaceous curves
Enjoyable for any serve
Taken abreast
How my heart requests
So pert in tasteful observe

Her sweetness is sure to follow
Like a bear in honey I wallow
Then like a lion I roar
As I head back for more
Sugary just like a marshmallow

My love has a craving to share
For into my eyes she does stare
She says "Hun are you able"
It's your turn on the table
I have teeth so you better beware

by Sadashivan Nair |
Categories: change, emotions, hope, senses, sensual, truth,

Be Attractive To Attract, Its a Story In Each Ones Life

Be attractive to attract,
It's a story in each one's life;
Floret's bud carry sugary juice,
Bees romanticise sitting on it;
Fluttering wings make frolic music,
Stimulating bud fill fluid in its gland;
suckling nectar make both fulfilled;
Be attractive to attract,
It's a story in each one's life...
Hummingbird too sings and dance;
Feel my wings, I am hummingbird,
My wings flutter fifty times a sec;
Makes floret feel sense of love;
Makes sound of humming,
My beak is long, I kiss your soul,
reaches deep in your heart;
Bud too submits,
Seek my nectar, pass my pollen;
Give something to get something,
It's a story in each one's life;

© Sadashivan Nair

by Andrew Mwalasha |
Categories: feelings, for her, girlfriend, i love you, i miss you, love, romance,

True Love

I'll be your cover, when it's cold,
Always your lover, love that's bold,
Kissing forever, fingers together fold,
Watching stars, days over, i'll ever hold.

You are a beautiful star, found you shinning in the sky,
An angel, that's who you are, brought beauty to my eye,
Poured out my love, a full jar, ever sweet with you my pie,
Sugary lips, feeling them from far, kiss me love, loosen my tie.

I will always say, "I love you", because that's how i feel,
I will always say, "I miss you", my empty heart, you fill,
I will always say, "I need you", without you, life's a raw deal,
It's true love for you, "Will you marry me", on one knee, i will kneel.

by Jan Oskar Hansen |
Categories: cute love, dad, dance, dark, daughter,

Paris Sonnet

Paris Sonnet 
 I visited Paris a few days ago went into a café 
And ordered a cream cake, the slice was huge 
And had a yellow liquid on top, I was assured 
It was sweaty sugar.
Tiny footsteps
No, it was decoration 
Made by an artistic baker and a fork 
I have diabetes should not eat sugary things
Put a serviette over the cake, drank my coffee and left. 
The river Seine was still high

I just this morning read that Paris has a plaque of rats 
Discerning taste prefers cake shops and why not
Who wants to live in that dirty river blind lovers 
Think are romantic.

by Travis Tapley |
Categories: love, sensual,

Sweet Images of Deep Desires

sweet images of deep desires
traces of your shadow steal my mind
pulls me into the depth of delight

penetrating taste of sensual lips
divine conspiracy burns my tongue
secret passions inside my eyes

souvenirs lick my fingertips
the softness of your flesh
kissing the wishes of my thoughts

hearts and bodies intertwined in
the caress of ultimate satisfaction
sensations of  touch light my dreams

sugary visions drip from my soul
eager excitement floods my veins
vivid nights of you and i roaming free

sweet images of deep desires
the beauty of you my love
embers that will never  turn to ash

by Ivy Vresk |
Categories: devotion, faith, girlfriend-boyfriend, love,


the wish I try to hide,
                      is no longer a wish,
                      its a visible feeling I have for you
                      that one only can imagine,
                      waiting to be unleashed,
                      in a soft desirable kiss,
                      placed on sugary lips,
                      kiss that burns inside of me,
                      as is in you