Love Poems About Sugars or Sugars Love Poems
by John Williams |
Categories: humorous,


Frothy coffee looks so good,
While flat coffee looks so bare,
I love my cappuccino,
Two sugars stirred with care.

I have a special seat
In my local Coffee Shop,
It makes me feel so relaxed
When I hear those two cubes drop.

by Joseph Osita |
Categories: nature

In Nature's Sanctuary

Blue skies bless green beings
Beauty holds eyes to ransom
Love Sugars the soul

Joseph Osita
For John Moses Freeman's Power of observation contest

by Peter Kiggin |
Categories: culture,

A Cultural Cup of Tea

A cultural cup of tea

Coffee isn’t my bean but give me tea leaves
A cup of cha do la not cocoa ta no ta
Brew me up chuck no Italian espresso like muck
Caffeine in the shape of a tea bag in a mug glug slug glug
Two sugars please love as I wink to see her breast in the gaze of my eyes pleased
No Darjeeling just plain old tea with a tea spoon and a bag to strenuously squeeze
A British moment of the day that almost everyone lifts their cup and elbows to the skies
I am an English man and I will have a decent cup of tea because it is in my cultural rites

by Carole Cookie Arnold |
Categories: love, romancenight, night,

Bridal Wreath

Bridal Wreath Jasmine is the scent of romance Its fragrance creates A hypnotic trance Two wrapped around each other move As one to the heart strings of one another Twilight falls upon a humid summer night Caressing lovers in warm vanilla sugars of delight Jasmine lays them in her arms of scented cotton Beneath the stars blossoms a night never forgotten His tender kiss and gentle search for the garden gate Calls passion through the porthole as desire waits As the zephyr breeze increases the flower opens beneath Engulfed in their night covered by their bridal wreath Carole Cookie Arnold 2011

by Kunda Chamatete |
Categories: abuse, break up, drink, emotions, hyperbole,

Forbidden Salt

There’s something in my cup of living…
I have misplaced my sense of warmth of my mother’s womb,
What if I told you that my family tree 
Is an olive that bares the forbidden fruit?

What if I told you that my love for Mwiinde is only to sugars sweet?
She is the creature of my heart’s craving
And I’m only there to set her heart on fire 
and have the ashes for salt.

Who said there is a method to falling out of love?
And what’s all these marshmallow words in a world with a lemon face?
There is no more making lemonade here, 
Only finding gin and seasoning my tender soul. 

Copyright © All Rights Reserved

by Leslie Scardigno |
Categories: absence, break up, feelings, heartbreak, longing, lost love,

He Was


hand-rolled cigarettes
a dead battery in a parking lot
guns and ammo
heated leather seats on a bitter night
a raspy voice that reached my depths
coffee-2 sugars and a bit of cream
my Friday nights
beaten, broken and beautiful
loose tobacco littering my dashboard
ink, needles and the buzz of the machine
my only saved voice mail
long conversations about everything
death metal and rainbows
protector of the innocent
purely raw and brutally honest
my favorite piece of body art
old photos in an album
everything I never knew I wanted

And then he was....gone.

by Njeri Hunjeri |
Categories: farewell,

Funeral Home Scene

On the day of her daughter's burial 
She requested to see the body

The family's decision was to discourage it
She was already in deep gripping sorrow

Her blood sugars were out of control 
Her depression would need counseling

But she had too, she had to see her daughter one last time
She stood next to the coffin and looked at her daughter's lifeless body

"My daughter," she talked to her daughter
"I love you
I raised you and your siblings as a widowed mother
The hardship and suffering I went through
Is nothing compared to losing another of my own
Lord, what wrong did I do to deserve this? "

And collapsed next to the coffin

by Nancy Jones |
Categories: love,

Breast Feeding

I still remember when the tiny ones would
latch on and suck themselves into comfort 
relieve my swelling, too.

I still remember their faces when
visual stimuli met oral yearning
so completely.

Those nasty nasal onslaughts 
who cared? For my lil sugars
were so dear I'd have drowned in sulfur before
forgoing the blue snot bulb.

by Patricia Lawton |
Categories: fun,

Perfect Cuppa

Perfect Cuppa.

Another cup of tea my dear
white two sugars, was it not?
A scone, a cake, a cracker
or something nice and hot?

Oh, yes please crackers and cheese
will be enough for me and yes I'd love a cuppa
but no sugar in my tea.
I'm not one for eating cakes
and I don't much care for scones
but I'll have another cuppa
when this one has gone.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: food,

Im a Chocolate Candy Holic

Chocolate? Sure. I like it several ways.
With lots of sugars, layered, and with glaze.
With caramel and peanut butter every day.
Add some mint also, I’ll eat it that way.

Truffles wrapped in fancy foils. Oh, yum!
Crunchy Nestle bar, yes, they are fun!
Chocolate I love in all kinds of environments.
I think I would like it wrapped around peppermints.

I am a chocolate-candy-holic you see.
I would share but I only have twenty-three.
Averaging five candy bars a night,
Most will be gone by Saturday night.

by Allan Terry |
Categories: business, character, extended metaphor, fashion, visionary, wine, women,

Kiss Spectacular

Beyond the spectrum
Those broad beams of
Light the world at both
ends marvels the sight

Yolks of eggs sweetened
By sugars luciuous kiss
Fattened by the oils of
Coconut this
Perfection of glamerious
Delicible love
I log with knowing my
Need shall be quensed
I desire its satisfying
That those without shall
Those wanttng and needing
Shall beg
That my love for sweet company
Might have me gracious enough 
To share