Love Poems About Sugarplum or Sugarplum Love Poems
by Sidney Beck |
Categories: inspirational

Is It Just Me


Is it just me?   Or
Does everybody secretly 

-Want to lie down and roll in a 
Huge clump of bluebells when they see it?

-Think  that pepperoni pizza 
is just about the tastiest food in the world?

-Realise  how wonderful it is to
Embrace someone they love deeply?

-feel almost brought to tears by  Pacino’s “blind” speech 
at the school in Scent of a Woman?  

-wish that Tchaikovski had written about 100 
Different dances in The Nutcracker,
Each as beautiful as Sugarplum?

by Kuppy Phom Sudhir |
Categories: love, missing, mother,

Pouring Out Her Heart

At times, I sank low
At times, I felt on top of the world
Questioning why ebb and flow.
Why the bitterness creeps in, I asked?
Nobody knows, I wept for night to over
Memories of my mother kissing on my cheeks!
Wish I could fly back to her before dead separate us.
I wish I wish ……
Growing in her wings was like having sugarplum.
Nostalgic dream, while holding forth her care
Would it‘d be enough if I live for her
At any cost, pouring out her heart.
Simply cherishing her boundless love!

by Joseph May |
Categories: desire, kiss, romance,

Kissing Lips

Waves of romance caress her dreamy shore,
   Desire in its rise and dips
 I only want to hug her more
 As the gift of love flows from her fingertips
 And I tenderly kiss her sugarplum lips

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