Love Poems About Sugarcoated or Sugarcoated Love Poems
by Robin Maughan |
Categories: allegory, life, people, philosophy

Untamed Tongue

Poison flicks out,
among saccharine promises.

His sugarcoated tongue is tarnish proof.

He holds his tongue.
Where shall he place it?
Let it rest.

Give permission to taste encouraging syrupy words.

"Love" is apple pie.
"Wonderful" drips of dark chocolate.
"Sorry "soaks of rich coffee savor.

Do not spew out:
"I hate you!"

Tame speech with righteousness.

Quiet tongues are blessed.

by Lu Loo |
Categories: break up, loss,

Quote Prompt 3

"You must have known you were wrong when your fingers dipped inside me searching for honey that would not come for you." -rupi kaur
searching endlessly for sweetness you crowded my reasons for letting you go- sudden heartbreak leaves no room for sugarcoated delicacies. -my flavorless goodbyes... Fictional Write- I love my hubby :) November 3, 2016

by ananya acharya |
Categories: appreciation, confidence, conflict, dedication, deep, imagination, life,


Things are happening at small scale
But reactions are on large scale 
Just because of sugarcoated humanity
Things are strucking mind
I am not able to find
My life my needs 
Forget the deeds
My life is throwing experiences 
Earlier then my fellows
Daily analysis tells my mood 
I am lost in the wood
Gradually I am understanding
The need of closers
I just love them all
 Who cares me who understands me

by Khadidja Megaache |
Categories: break up, how i feel, hurt, i miss you, sad love, solitude, sorrow,

Engagement ring

He woke up one day and called it quit,
The perfect engagement ring suddenly doesn’t fit,
The sugarcoated promise I strenuously held close to my heart
Became sour and bitter for I am nothing but a disposable, easily replaceable critter. 
I’m imperfect, impulsive and emotionally driven, 
I disappointed you at every chance given.
And if you hugged me tight I'd burst into tears,
I'd spill my secrets and my worst fears.
Why blame you when I can reflect your rejection upon myself? 
How can I expect you to love me when I don’t even love myself? 

by Amor Otong |
Categories: feelings,

Little By Fast

Once I held your arms little by fast
The scent is there, that moment it sparks
Love is like a flame to heat
And magnetized by pump ups swift movement
The more I look in your eyes
The more I'm blown away
The more my feelings sinks in
Of euphoric goosebumps
Little by fast I'm melting like sugarcoated kisses
Delighted how this feeling tasted…