Love Poems About Sufi or Sufi Love Poems
by Susan Ashley |
Categories: appreciation, devotion, joy, soulmate, together, true love, universe,

Melting Point

The moment I saw you
I fell in love with the universe.
Like raindrops rippling a still pond,
our concentric circles coalesced -
moving past duality and melting into oneness.

Susan Ashley
May 14, 2019

*dedicated to my soulmate and husband, Bill*

~ First Place ~
Contest: May 2019 Premier 5 (Max 5 Lines)
Sponsor: Brian Strand

*The Sufi poet Rumi wrote; “The lover asked his beloved, do you love yourself more than you love me? The beloved replied, I have died to myself but I live for thee.”

by Mark Taylor |
Categories: africa, beautiful, beauty, identity, lost love, star, truth,

Olympus Opium

tears fall from the eyes of a broken soul
lost without her mate of choice the shrunken soul

ask for the truth of the lie to be revealed.
From beyond, the Sufi whispers to the forsaken soul

 frantic like a child without bottle
she to the machine has become the token soul.

Asked if her pride could bear the truth behind lies
 she questioned the worth of pride to a stricken soul

and prepared to swallow the pill of truth. 
summoning the mauve star of the Aladdin soul

truth blinded her eye and buckled her knee 
causing her tongue to cleanse her awaken soul.

All has become enlighten to this new humble spirit
while I, Taylor, splinter an impious dormant African soul ! 

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: inspirational, islamic, love, magic, moon, myth, philosophy,

O, Peri Face

(after Rumi)

You are with me, O Moon
Thou peri-face, the gentle One,
Drawing me to you, 
Drawing down to me
To our secret place of ecstasies.

Where you go, I go,
You that are my eyes, my light
Oh find me, drunk as I am;
Embrace me and ease me
Into the blissful realm of annihilation.

     A peri is a female jinn, related to dark powers but generally benevolent to humans. The "Peri face of God" encountered in Sufi poetry represents God as a beautiful young woman, the beloved of mystics, much as in the Jewish ecstatic mysticism of Abulfaraj, the Sabbath Bride (or Divine Shekhinah) comes down from a heavenly realm to become the lover of kabbalists. 

by Satish Verma |
Categories: art,


the scream ends, you start 
digging the shadows of 
red berries.

The sky, 
scoops the children of rape, 
waiting for 
the rains.

The tiger beetle, 
will run after the winged prey 
of first love.

Would you like to taste 
the moon in the dark bowl 
of malicious night ?

Reading about the spell 
of the roses, I went to a
Sufi, for an epitaph.

Satish Verma

by Eric Ashford |
Categories: poetry,

For Dorathy

A lady is missing.
She does not answer her voice mail,
distant friends look for signs
indications of further steps.

It can be presumed, assumed
that the end of her brilliant earth existence
faltered somewhere between night and day
where she wrote her poems.

Such poems!
She had come through,
she lived in the heart of Rumi.

Perhaps even now a Sufi wedding
between her and her unnamable Beloved
radiates across ten thousand heavens.

Let the sweet scent of ten thousand lovers
be her virginal wedding shift.

Let her be robed with light.
Long may her love poems
forever feed the hungry.

Live on forever Dorothy.