Love Poems About Suffusing or Suffusing Love Poems
by Jaycee Cervenka |
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Milky skin
Warming me inside
Suffusing my body with joy.
Every cell reaches toward you and shivers in glee.
Anticipation knows no bounds as you whisper across my skin and desire ignites.

by Denis Bruce |
Categories: happiness, love, passion,

The Rhythm of Love

Your eyelids fluttering with desire
My eyes gaze deeply into yours
Your soft lips suffusing scarlet
My kisses light your glorious fire.

Eager, you slip into my embrace
Against my chest  your full breasts squash
Fiercely we hold each other tight
Our hearts with strong passion pound and race.

Our bodies strive to unite as one
Entwined and threshing and thrusting
Feverish to melt  and to fuse
Until the full joy of love is won.

Then we relax beneath a pale moon
Our limbs at ease and gently freed
My lips caress your silky skin
Knowing we will entwine again ,soon.

by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
Categories: lost love,

You Orbit My Space

Determined feet walks life, trample the soul to reach the goal, broken heart can’t trace the trail. When you orbit my inner space, luminous love turns you into a star, suffusing me with its sparkle. _______________ September 23, 2017. For Bite Size Poem No. 40 Contest Sponsored by Line Gauthier

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: prayer,


Close our eyes, retaining soft attention, poised agendaless in dynamic stillness, resting lower mind urges, inviting the divine sublime to illumine all voids by loves light, transfixing us now in blissful rapture. Open eyes, beholding Gods radiance in multitude of beauteous forms, prismatic hues of a rainbow, scented by currents of bliss suffusing form with love, dispelling darkness as an answer to prayer, uttered thus. 03-May-2021

by Johnette Loefgren |
Categories: lost love,

In Dreams of You.


scarlett lips blurring,

my phantom fades.

lucid eyelids




breaking blueness

unfolds your shape,

drawing your soft image





by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: march,


Playing joyfully, ambling blissfully
In, not within, pulse of life in motion
Soothing softly, healing mist suffusing
Compassion pouring, countenance comely
Emotion effusing bliss elation
Sowing seeds of love, serenely sprouting


(syllabic rhyming Acrostic)

Star Sign Acrostics'
Sponsored by: Charlotte Puddifoot

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: sensual, spiritual,

Favourite Scent

Favourite scent, elixirous fragrance
Imbibed in a flow of pristine silence
Beginning with rapturous bliss current
Perfume divine, within heart resident
Suffusing being, in teasing parlance 

Blending love magnetism with innocence
Bliss pheromone flavours innate presence
Caressing each pore, with loving intent
Favourite scent

Inner polarity of sentience
Melds with this elixir in joyful trance
Grace envelopes awareness radiant
Filling our form with bliss mist so pleasant 
Our countenance reflects luminescence
Favourite scent


Favourite scent poetry contest
Sponsor: Chantelle Anne Cooke

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: april, flower,

Flowers of April

April invites fairies
to wave their magic wand,
colouring the landscape
with flowers of all shapes;
our heart’s in awe agape!

April invites fairies,
disguised as lotus buds
to blossom in our hearts,
suffusing us with love,
as our ego departs!

April invites fairies,
to infuse in soul joy,
seeds that in time flower,
manifesting within, 
a divine bliss shower!


Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

Recalibrating Consciousness

Our default state being sleepy stupor, as the weakest link of our awareness chain, let us then dive deep therein, suffusing self with love sublime, simply by melding mind with our heart, moment to moment, all moments entwined. Dwelling thus, in thought rested awareness, mindful eye, correcting our posture, we slip into the vibrant void, attentive, yet nonchalant, enlivened by the bliss, rising from within, transforming us, at our core. Stupor ends! 03-February-2021

by Vijai Pant |
Categories: love,

Smiles and Cheers

The weak rays of dawn
Struggling to 
Drive out the darkness
Her sleep-drowsed heavy eyelids
Opening slowly
A semblance of light yonder
And here,
The big deep brown eyes
Forcing the thick eyelashes 
To part
The apparently shy sun
Not in too great hurry
And here,
No flutter,
But languid movements.
Cheer spreading across the sky
And here,
Smile suffusing her face
After all, 
With the Eastern gleam
Looked forward to day begins,
Chance for love to beam

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: i am,

I Am

As pure awareness pulsating in form,
I Am as I Am, bliss drenched and complete,
gentling mindfully, onset of love’s storm,
suffusing mind-body, from head to feet.

The polarised aspect of who I Am,
as ego to navigate this earth realm,
knowing not the truth, creates a logjam,
manifesting desires that overwhelm.

Be this as it may, in truth I Am free,
provided I choose to stagnate nowhere,
nonchalant to outcomes, always carefree,
vibrant by day and night thus, self-aware.

I Am both immanent and transcendent ~ 
I Am God’s love and light, bliss resplendent

by Iris E. S-Lewis |
Categories: adventure, black love, dedication,

Full Measure of You

Oh, the thrill
Of seeing you
Above the masses
Mine eyes won't lie,
I look beyond you
Deep inside of you,
Then pause where tulips pose
Suffusing air I breathe,
Savoring aroma of you,
Pulling me closer.

The smell of cinnamon spice,
I'd love diving in.


by Harpreet Kaur |
Categories: beauty, blessing, joy, love, spring,

Spring Blossoms

What cascades pour light into my pores
with their holy waters, laving me
cleansing me of dusty layers?

What delicate fingers bloom my buds
with breezy touch, brushing my petals
making them flutter and dance in rhyme?

What surreal light my skin soaks up
with its rainbow colors suffusing
through and through my hollow being?

What bird warbles its soft melody
with verve, wafting around in my boughs
elating every nook and cranny?

Is it onset of sunny spring, 
herald of bounteous blossoms?

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

Divine Fragrance

Fragrance divine ineffable Real; not a mere parable Suffusing form from head to toe Tender touch inimitable Once softened attention mellow Presence beholds how love hues grow Poised in stillness, unexpectant Reaping fruits of seeds we did sow Erst fears and desires decadent Innocence here and now present Feels deep within, bliss magnetism Cognisant of heart radiant Bliss mists fill us, leaving no chasm Within this here, mind-body prism Boundaries blur, nodes within stir Synced with the divine pendulum 08-November-2021

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: joy, spiritual,

Bliss Renewal

Joy bubbling, deep within cave of our heart, suffusing our form, enlivening each node, by divine love magnetism, dissolves our lower ego mind, birthing thus a vacuum in form, wherein is instilled vibrant ecstasy. No doing by us done, save cessation of fears and desires of mind body, self blocking the divine current. Free and unbound, we flow on wherever love takes us, as we grow within, in blissful joy, unending, thus at play. 20-February-2021

by Unseeking Seeker |
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Zen mode

root to sacral
navel to heart
instincts gentled
in the cauldron of love
pauses for eternity

grace inpours
from the fontanel 
igniting the head ovoid
flowing along the throat
suffusing heart with bliss

the feral and ethereal
entwined transmutes dust
the ego that never was disappears 
and our true Self shines forth 
blurring all boundaries

here now in slow motion