Love Poems About Suffuses or Suffuses Love Poems
by Unseeking Seeker |
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Subtle, tingling, blissful caress
Wholeness of being, free from stress
Essence of presence celebrates 
Each node within, Cupid’s address

Magnetic heat, pheromones grates
To music of spheres, soul gyrates
Bliss elixir suffuses form
Soma nectar drips through love’s straits

Mists divine are both cool and warm
Magical is, this benign storm
The false drops away, truth is known
Rapture unbound, is the new norm

Bliss and wisdom, that’s ours to own
Borne of love and light, is home grown
Within our heart, is God’s heaven
Yet each must enter there alone 


by Diana77 Wh |
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I Am Home

The wind marauds away outside
Rain beats its staccato drum on the window pane
Let the tempest do its worst.
It can’t touch me here.
I am home.

The fireplace casts its warm cozy glow
Shadows dance against the wall.
Sleep inducing warmth suffuses me.
Relaxing me into the Sandman's waiting embrace
I am home.

Here is my sanctuary.
Here is my safe place.
Here is my shelter from the world.
Here is where I most love to be.
I am home.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: joy, spiritual,

Bliss Magnetism

As the Bindu chakra nods in consent, commencing flow of the soma nectar, nodes pulsate with joy, assured of ascent, propelled through an invisible vector Soundless bliss thunder resounds in our heart, as a fragrance sublime suffuses form, vaporised presence sees erst fears depart, from head to toe, we’re swathed in a bliss storm We’re no doer and yet there’s a mover, pristine stillness enriched by magnetism, heart’s transmuted thus in a bliss shower, there remaining no void, within body prism All’s enabled no sooner we align head and heart, with love pulsations divine 12-February-2022

by Unseeking Seeker |
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Patience Dear

We know now who we are Which is, simply stated, living light Nothing changes, life goes on as before But touch gentles, having garnered clear sight Earlier we were asleep and now we are awake But who we are and were does not change We now dwell in bliss that suffuses form Transcendence seems not strange We see life as but a lucid dream We are pure spirit in mind-body shell Awareness self-aware no longer in trance Marks with reverence the place where ego fell Grace imbibed ours but assimilation yet awaits So life lessons are repeated as in school We go through life in as is ordained Recognising love’s the only rule

by Unseeking Seeker |
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Dance of Shiva

DANCE OF SHIVA Just imagine Head as a balloon A periscope feeling earth With heart as the seat Of soul essence Senses five Powered by mind Interact and interpret Duality at play Witnessed Separation Of head and heart Allows us to feel contrast Manifest epiphany Lucid dream Union Of polarities Aligned with God’s love Suffuses us thus With bliss There then Being no seeking Tango dancing, so becoming Vibrant God-essence Here now 14-February-2022

by Unseeking Seeker |
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Fragrant Bliss

sublime love fragrance
suffuses each pore of form
entwining with bliss


by Vinoda Bommakanti |
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The Divine Duo

Wow! What a wowsome couple
Solid super and serenely supple
Seems to have and understanding much
Love just suffuses seeing them such
How they are about to entwine
To run the universe divine
Yogic romance and celestial dance
Inspires me to skill enhance
Vibrance in their aura oozing
Perfectly flexible and amazing
Radha and her consort supreme
Stand for and epitomic couple extreme
Dreaming together is dashing duo
In their delightful romance due..!!

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: joy, magic, spiritual,


as we outpour loving intent into the void of silence here feeling the rising bliss current which within each pore of form spears mystic bliss mist suffuses us as we outpour loving intent erst desires turbid, make no fuss presence, to each pulse cognisant all we do, is be here present melding with love in surrender as we outpour loving intent beholding each breath in wonder there then being nothing we do save watching soul luminescent while the rhythm divine renews as we outpour loving intent 17-June-2021

by Unseeking Seeker |
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Divine Perfume

Divine perfume suffuses form Quite oft in early morn Ineffable elixir warm Love to secrecy sworn God’s wonders never end When will to Him we bend Our soul thus does ascend Pheromones bloom Divine perfume 04-March-2022 Quietus

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: joy, spiritual,

Zen mode

a gentle magnetic breeze suffuses form
rising from a centreless fulcrum within
hitherto dormant nodes within come alive
celebrating the sublime caress of love divine
cajoling soma nectar to drip from the bliss hive

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: sensual, spiritual,

Divine Fragrance

Divine fragrance suffuses form Bliss mist invisible Mind-body seduced, we transform Truly a miracle Love and light held steady God connect guarantee Blissful soul samadhi God remembrance Divine fragrance 24-October-2021 Quietus

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: joy, love, spiritual,

Bliss mist

waking upon the pathless path
we paused the cause to reflect
wherefrom arises the love storm 
flowing within form unchecked

emptiness draws in magnetism 
innocence in body prism is pure
bliss effervescence surges forth
within purged presence demure

as rapture suffuses every node
in heart abode we find our muse
touch kind holds love in embrace 
from our aura golden mists ooze