Love Poems About Suffuse or Suffuse Love Poems
by Sharon Tideswell |
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Lilac Times

Warm summer sun and dappled shade,
long, ice-cool drinks of lemonade,
relax your head upon my knee
… lie with me ‘neath the lilac tree.

Rich fragrances suffuse the air,
light breezes sift through tousled hair
‘midst music from the honey bee
… lie with me ‘neath the lilac tree.

Exquisite touch of fingertips,
young innocence joins satin lips;
just let your heart’s desire run free
… lie with me ‘neath the lilac tree.

Too soon we’ll see that youth can’t last,
such times as these will be our past,
but when from life our souls must flee
…lie with me ‘neath the lilac tree

by Chele G. |
Categories: devotion, inspirational, love,

Lover's Canvas

How is it that thy strokes amuse!
A lover’s canvas burning ooze 
and to all else you do confuse,
Except to us, a playful ruse.

Behind your lips I shall peruse
a blazing sun of thickened hues
Among your shades of reds and blues,
your splattered kiss I can’t refuse.

I pray that we may never lose
such swirled emotions that suffuse
Beyond shadows of scared excuse,
I remain devoted muse.

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: inspirational

Sunsets Magnificent

The last rays of the setting sun
Suffuse the western sky
With a rosy glow so splendid
It warms my solitude.
Fingers of the varying colors 
Spread to the north and south
As if the doors of Paradise
Have opened for preview.
The evenings when Heaven’s paint jars fall
And spill their precious hues,
I glimpse the Eternity of God
And magnitude of His love.

For Rick's contest

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: life, lost love, sad, me,

Fish Out Of Water

Without you in my life Oh again and again
Like fish out of water my love is having pain!

I am keen to go out of your sight so very much
But fate brings me to you and doesn’t let me touch!

I try to forget you but you are like glue
That sticks on my soul so I can’t forget you!

My eyes suffuse with tears every now and then
When I think you are the ink and I am a pen!

by DM Babbit |
Categories: absence, lost love,

Sailor's Song

Crimson red sailor's sky too soon devoured,
 shadowed contemplative horizon set,
brush faded on concrete gravestone flowered.
 promises denied from a lover's debt,

Rapture forever,  wind gale staggered free,
  breathe lithe love back across this distant span
salt foam tossing in humbled majesty
 edging in shallow sands, a rhythmic stand.

Once sent furtive dreams, kisses in each  crest
   pounded surf, nonchalant waves kinetic,
 whales whistling, anguished from their very breast,
   vestige song, purest love lost ascetic.

Suffuse me back out to the raging seas
 no longer is there a reason to be.

by Eve Roper |
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Night of Passion and Desire

Moon darkness falls on the streets of muse,
Its royal veil of lilac amorous hues.
Drawn to submissive embrace wind-tee base
Love weave lacey quintessence grace.

Flaxen way paves a world that swaddles me,
Poised a wide tide to guide the love of thee.
Suffuse in rolling mirth, night passionate dreams
Etched in memory silken honey beams.

Dry crimson leaves fumble as moonlight dance
Beneath calm of trees as we're lost in blushing trance.
Drifting off in the depth of flowering cherry tree
Finding warmth in forgotten summer beauty of love's glee.

Wind puffs its lips tussle autumn initiative
Leaves awakening us from our melodic recitative.


by fauxcroft wade |
Categories: creation, humanity, inspiration, spiritual, truth, uplifting,

Spiritual rejuvenation

My mood was rhapsodic

And suffuse with spiritual love

A matrix of redolent being

Centered in my inner self grace

Exuding light and love throughout the human race.

In tranquility I hear the susurration in my ear

Beckoning me to reach for the zenith

Of conscious borne and created mindset

Enticing me to face my greatest tests

Leaving behind all traces of any of my anger

That grew out of loss and pain

But here I stand rejuvenated again

High upon spiritual enlightened plains.

by Dennis Spilchuk |
Categories: april, love, romance, spring,

In The Fresh Month of April

(In) The Fresh Month of April

There is a finesse expressed in a spring step
When flowers unfurl and come out to impress.
And release fragrances unique to the nostrils,
In the fresh month of April.

Pillowy clouds suffuse grey silken skies
Bringing with them isolated showers,
But she would that we dance until the sunset,
And cherish the moment as if a promise kept.
And partake in the frills of romantic thrills,
In the fresh month of April.

So, shower away, and revitalize the planet.
Unlocking the essence for life’s experience.
And we light on our feet, limber in the chill.
In the fresh month of April.