Love Poems About Suffolk or Suffolk Love Poems
by Mike Jones |
Categories: beach, sea,

A seaside town

Bright coloured chalets, (very dear !)
Stand close in military line,
Along the prom, beyond the pier
“NO CYCLING”, please, observe the sign.
The waves roll in with thunderous roar
To dash the pebbles on the shore.

Incongruous lighthouse in the town
Looks out above Edwardian tiles,
Across Sole Bay and looking down
Shines out for more than twenty miles.
The pride of Suffolk, on the coast,
For many not an idle boast.

Victorian sleepy seaside town,
That’s Southwold, home of Adnam’s beer. 
I stroll the prom, first up, then down,
Sip coffee on the antique pier.
I love its charms and golden sands,