Love Poems About Suffocated or Suffocated Love Poems
by Rhona Mcferran |
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Cheesecake Nightmare

Love me or hate me
few people can take me
plain, unadulterated, true to myself
their compulsive need to gussy me up
or completely disguise me
gives me nightmares...
Horrible- horrible!

The worst is where
they try to make me

Suffocated in sauces, sweet relish
and pickled beets
garnished with green olives
and fussy-cut vienna sausages
all dancing in fancy chorus lines
on top of me
Oh No! I can't take it...
It just can't be!

What are they thinking?!

I awake with a snug sensation
as something warmish
drapes and
down my back
Caramel sauce-
Thank God!

by Anonymous Norman |
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Reflection's of the Soul.

The world is my mirror, it reflects
a man not yet made, so much
pain and suffering reside, it will not
change till I change inside, acknowledge
what I am, an inflated ego, in denial
of my true self, my sentient being
suffocated by lies, this is the reflection
I see, this is what is inside of me,
and little by little the ego crumbles
away and is buried by all of its
crutches unfulfilled, the reflection changes
with not one soul killed.

by Diana-Marie Bombardieri |
Categories: lost love, love, desire, devotion, love, me,

Unrequited Love

My love for you is an addiction, my devotion my noose
clinging to delusion makes me struggle for breath
to fill my aching lungs, I must cut my desire loose

Outwardly you love me, but it’s what’s inside that bears weight
my shameless attempts to woo you, stain a barren portrait 
my love for you is an addiction, my devotion my noose

I hunger for a love that is undeniably unrequited
suffocated by the harsh reality, shadows consume me 
to fill my aching lungs, I must cut my desire loose
my love for you is an addiction, my devotion my noose

by Cayce Force |
Categories: 9th grade, animal,

Oh My Dear Frappe

Oh my dear Frappe I love you so
Oh my sweet stalker kitty
Your heart just said no
And at the end you were all giddy

My sweet sweet kitty
You were always so funny
The way you almost suffocated the lizard
And it was sad when you died during the blizzard

Oh my dear Frappe I love you so
I love your giant bean toe
I love your fluffiness
I loved your niceness

I love your stalker tendencies
I love that you and the bear were enemies
I love your multi colered eyes
But unfortunely you had to cut ties

Oh my dear Frappe I love you so
I'm so sad you had to go
Oh my dear frappe I love you
I love you so

by Effie Blake |
Categories: angst, introspection, life, love, on writing and words,

Angst of Burden On An Overcast Day

traps me inside
myself -- suffocated.
to love but be unloved -- my cross 
to bear.

by Leighann Anderson |
Categories: lost love

Lubricating Darkness

Endless nights of darkness
and loneliness choke my
lost soul.
My soul becomes trapped
within a glass bottle of
untold tales.
My body feels only cravings,
cravings for his gentle hands
that I once embraced within
my own.
My mind only sees his face
fading from my memory,
making my heart to become
suffocated with the dust of
my shattered feelings.
As time goes by my whole 
body and mind will remain 
within an ocean of lubricating
darkness until I find his angelic 
face once more.

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: love, murder,

Peerless Princess

Peerless Princess

    The peerless princess
     in her charismatic charm
      owning pristine heart
       was tied in Royal chain.
      Got suffocated, throttled.

     Frantically yearned
     for freedom in open air.
      A passionate prince
      came in glamour of amour.
      Held hand to venture new life.

    Determined lovers
    exchanged wedding ring in glee
     to flee on joy ride.
    but murdered in the tunnel
    though declared as accident.  


 'All Yours (June 8 ) Contest by Brian Strand

by Chrissy .e. |
Categories: desire, longing, love,


I'm filled with such emotion- That my chest tremors with the earth itself. I can't- Breathe. Thoughts of- You. Have suffocated- Me.

by Phillipe Foucher |
Categories: allegory, betrayal, bible, heart, love hurts, sorrow, space,

Dark Heart Word Art

Dark Heart Word Art

She stole my heart, loves flood, no ark
Red lipstick, brown flesh, heart marked
I drew my breath directly from my heart
Art starts in the dark randomly quarked 

Searing black whole, nothing escapes
Too big to exist, love’s massive void
Passed out, drunk off bliss from her sweet grapes
Her piercing stare from eons away, mystery I couldn’t avoid

I used to be human but what am I now?
Deep water’s darkness soul silent and suffocated
Fields of abundance, she stole my plow
Spirit fled hungrily as the ego masturbated

Commandments, I’m done with this, love's hypothesis
Our triangle had a space, wholly trinity, no Pythagorus

by Charlotte Jordan |
Categories: angst, forgiveness, love, mystery,


Drowning in the darkness
suffocated by the cool air
Breathing in forgiveness
yet not exhaling all the confusion
comes to seek 
While I run to find
the path already chosen
That way we will succeed
I'll win this battle with all my might
For your love I'll always fight

by Lasean Century |
Categories: blessing, love,

Planted Power

I breath heavily,
 as I'm suffocated by the oxygen in the room,
 your hands filled with my flesh, 
your arms compress my bones, as I place my forehead against your chest, 
giving you consent, to submerge me in your zest, 
Giving you direction, my body is your quest,
 i'm a movement by my self, but a force when we connect.
protrude beyond my flesh, my body's soaking wet, drenched within your gentle caress, you peer into my soul through the windows of your own, relying solely upon desire, and what the human body knows, the passion, the fire, the highs and the lows, Love shouldn't hurt, the planted power grows.

by Madeline Dong |
Categories: anxiety, boyfriend, feelings, love, love hurts, spoken word,

Not the Same

Arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder and it's been so long since the night I told her.

Please come closer and look at me harder.

You had me crying tears of liquid lying.

Burning at the stake I'm sorry but I wont make it.

I used to be in love with dying, but you got me to start trying.

I love you a lot a lot but let me confess that I'm not

The same person I was because

The flames have been suffocated and become more hated.

To you I devote myself for that I've withheld.

I'm yours, I'm mine, I'm yours, you're mine.

by White Wolf |
Categories: lost love, love,

Ivy and the Elm

The mighty Elm said to the Vine, 
“On me you may climb, to reach out for the sun.”
Ivy was not shy, for she had her reasons why,
So replied to the Elm, “only if you don’t mind?”

The Elm being proud, looked Ivy in the eye,
“I see no reason why we both cannot survive?”
So Ivy held on tight and prospered in the light.
So much so she could not let go.

After many happy years, the Elm began to creak, 
Ivy had grown and grown,
So much so the Elm was barely known. 

Finally the Elm did die, suffocated from the sky,
With Ivy still around, it stood no longer in the ground. 
Bringing Ivy right along, now both had finally gone.

by Rob Levasseur |
Categories: lost love,

A Thousand Times

We met up
in the hallway
my fear
landed on your lips.

Trembling in thoughts
shifting from your
eyes that told me
we were done.

Molasses words
suffocated young
tongues those hands
so soft, so warm
so distant.

In this scene
this final act
your scent erased
any thoughts

A Half-hearted smile
as leaves scattered
so many opposites to
the carnation
in your hair.

And in those tail lights
those bloody globes
a thousand times
regret would never
replace the loss.

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by Shirlyn Ledesma |
Categories: confusion, lost love, , Lullaby,

Uncertainly Wrong

Uncertainly Wrong

Should I believe that I’m breathing?

When I know I’m just suffocated?

Should I believe that I’m alive?

When I know I’m dead?

Should I wait for the time you will be here?

When I know you’re not coming back?

Should I stop myself from crying?

When I know my tears can’t stop from falling?

Should I end mending my heart?

When I know you’re the reason why it’s broken?

Should I turn off the lullaby in my head?

When I know it’s the only thing I can keep?

Should I go back to every moment we’ve made?

When I know it’s fading swiftly?

Should I stop screaming your name?

When I know that my lips will always remember it?

by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: addiction, anger, animal, bereavement, betrayal, blessing, blue,

Smoke In the Market

That smoke, stinks and heat
You are underneath
In the fish market
You died suffocated

No one loves you
You died nothing
If you don't stink
You are kept there

You are no human
Because you are 'illegals'
You are nothing
But a waste that stink

You don't have to defend
If you love yourselves
Wake up, mirror yourselves
Don't forget to wash your face

Look at yourselves
and fonder what happen
You are a 'catshit'
Lovelier than a 'bullshit'

No one could help
Help alone yourselves
Not anyone but you
Wake up, knocked the morning!

I love you peace. Let's sail together. Layag Sug!
Nature City. 21 March 2015. 8:52AM
Room of Angels.

by S. Grace |
Categories: deep, emotions, first love, goodbye, lost love, love, memory,


From the moment you walked away,
I tried replacing you the things you loved.
I read your poetry over and over until my eyes burned
And my heart combusted.
I tried to like black coffee, but only choked down half a cup
Before adding milk and honey to what remained.
I tried to use your detergent, but everything smelled of regret.
I tried sleeping in your shirt,
But I was suffocated by the fabric every night. 
I listened to your playlist until my mind spoke in Nirvana lyrics.
I tried to love what you left behind, 
But it wasn’t the same.

by Sierra Chen |
Categories: death of a friend, fun, giggle, grief, loss, remember, sorry,

Little Fellow

A prayer for our household friend
Please bow our heads

Dear Little Fellow,

We’re very sorry 
you are dead
suffocated in the trap

your last supper 
was enjoyable:  homemade roasted pine nuts
May you find peace
in mouse heaven
Reunite with your love ones


by Fauxcroft Wade |
Categories: freedom, inspirational, love, uplifting,

Breathe Again

How many give themselves for love.

Only to find themselves controlled and suffocated

Told what to wear and how to think

Treated invisibly

This is no kind of love at all

Love is something to be shared with all

If you feel as if you're being oppressed

Then breakaway

Then breakout

Then take care of your own needs

Then take care of your own love

Spread your wings and soar on clouds

Of freedom and start to breath again.

by Patricia . Garcia Howard Bramble |
Categories: children, love, mother,


Motherhood is good
Yet I feel suffocated in it's daily hood
Choked by chores 
Burden by it's routines
Bombarded by everyday responsibilities
Motherhood is hard
Yet it makes me glad
The smiles I see
The hugs I receive
The children I bear
The children I rear
Motherhood is the evidence that love will last
It's what I call the tremendous blast

by Shay Mohi |
Categories: abuse, anger, i love you, love hurts,

Body Language

Your lips smile sweetly,
                            But your eyes are so cold,
Your arms wrap around me,
                            Like a cage. 
Your hand on my cheek,
                            In a slap so bold,
Your fingers on my neck,
                            Eyes hot with rage.
My face on your chest,
                            Suffocated in your hold,
Love binds my heart,
                            And I cannot disengage.

by Alyssa M |
Categories: angst, family, father, mother, people, sad, teen, love, mother,


As kids, we fell and you
Helped us up.
My mother, unemployed, tended to our every need.

As kids, we fell and you
Yelled and made us do it again.
My father, employed, suffocated our souls.

As teens, we needed love advice.
My mother explained consequences of our actions.

As teens we needed love advice. 
My father explained the "four F's".

Now as adults, 
We only include our mother in our lives.
Wonder why?

by Robin Davis |
Categories: emotions, heart, heartbroken, lost love, love hurts,

A Stomped On Heart

My whole nervous systems fried
There's a day I haven't cried
From the feelings I've bounced
all around--it's like you pounced
On a heart you suffocated
That can't be resuscitated
My life force is being drained
And your footprint is engrained
With tread marks of certain doom
You didn't leave me any room 
To catch any of my breath
My hearts being squished to death
Along with the love I gave
Now its all just in the grave
You buried my love away
Stomping on it till the day 
I no longer live any more
You hated me down to the core
From the start I don't know why
All these years was just a lie

by Dr Ranjit Dutta |
Categories: 7th grade, angst,

With Your Feelings

With Your Feelings

       Dr Ranjit Dutta

It is the moment
To confront  with time,
It is the moment of
A silent prepation
To find me in myself.
The memories are amusing 
Let them amuse.
Suffrrings struck my heart
Let it be continued.
The drops of  toxicant vermon
Drip down from the Cosmos,
The door is closed
I 'll not open it.
If the intoxication of life
Is suffocated 
Why should I  become siege in vain?
Let me live far away in solitude
Embracing the warmth of your love.

by Jonathan J. |
Categories: love,

Are You Coming

If I reached out, would your fingers entwine?
If I stepped forward, would you stay behind? 
We have suffocated here, what use to be home, now just a town. 
And I just want to live with you, dear, and ensure you needn’t ever frown. 
Come with me please, there is a world waiting to live. 
Dearest, travel with me, so that to you I can freely give. 
I am waiting to spill out all that I have, am, and can. 
So please, my darling. Reach out. Take my hand.