Love Poems About Sufficient or Sufficient Love Poems
by Kim Merryman |
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Be Still

Be still and know that God is with you.
Be still and know His love is real.
Be still and know your Heavenly Father,
Feels every joy and pain you feel.

Be still and let God's love enfold you.
Be still and know His perfect peace.
Be still and know God is all-sufficient,
His grace and mercy will never cease.

Be still and know that God is for you.
Be still and know you're not alone.
Be still and know He'll ne'er forsake you.
He knows your name - you are His own.

Be still and know that God is holy.
Be still and learn His righteous ways.
Be still and know that God is worthy,
To receive our worship and our praise.


by Joanna Daniel |
Categories: god, jesus, joy,

Lord Jesus Christ, My Joy

Christ, the Lord of all tomorrows Lived a holy life of true worth Died for me, the Man of sorrows Angels proclaimed His virgin birth The wise men came in faith to see Messiah, king of all the earth His love was shown on Calvary When He paid the penance for sin He cried and died for you and me This woebegone world we live in We need His all-sufficient grace The wiles of the devil to win The hope of His return we face Giving us joy none can replace. 06.08.2021
For Regina McIntosh's "Jesus" contest

by Arturo Michael |
Categories: care, love, sweet,

The Great Hug

Everybody needs

A little love and care

A friendly hello, how are you dear

A little smile 

Can go for millions of miles

To make rainbows out of stormy skies

You don't have to be 


A little courtesy is sufficient

But what I have to say I can't hold back

I really mean it 

And that's a fact

I want to hug you, in  the  morning

Before it's breakfast time

I believe my arms were made for hugging you

And yours were meant for mine

I want to hug you, in  the  afternoon

A sunny evening delight

I want to snuggle really close when stars are out

And hug you under moonlight

by Douglas Ace |
Categories: devotion, faith, inspirationalme, may, me, strength,

In His Strength

Help me to use wisely
O Lord Father I pray
the strength that you give
to me from day to day.

Trusting in You daily
in all I do and say,
Your strength is sufficient 
for me in every way.

Lord help me to love
and always honor you
being ever the witness
to gladly glorify You.

For my life is an epistle,
seen and read of all men.
They may never see the Word
that is written for them in pen.

Lord, impart your strength now
for the work which yet remains,
that I may ever help others
to seek eternal gains.

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: love,

Ecstasies of Love

Just a whiff of your musky perfume
would suffice to fill my home.
Just a husky laugh of yours
is sufficient to make my day.
Just a show of your faithful love
is enough to send me into paradise.
Just a look from your dark brown eyes
is just right to make me quiver with love.
Just a passionate kiss from your lips
is adequate to satiate my life.

Placed 3

3 April 2021

by Diaa Adel |
Categories: beautiful, blessing, butterfly, fantasy, imagination, romantic love,


An energy field, 
Once you get in it, you will be stuck in there forever, 
She will captivate your mind and spirit.
Your body might be able to escape her spells, 
but your thoughts, emotions, and senses will worship her...
Don't beg for your freedom, 
I have seen her pulling the likes of you and me,
Like a Leopard pulling her victim with a sufficient amount of certainty.

Even if,
She sets you free, it's one of her charming tricks,
Without her blessings, you will be lost male energy in 
an endless universe owned by her.

by Terry Shuff |
Categories: dedication, love, poetry,

The Quest

Some say 'I can't find the words'
the challenge is to great.
For expressing their hearts cravings
or horrendous fears at gate.
Surely words exist,sufficient for the role
insufficientes for poets,on us they have no hold.
Compelling quest of passion,for jewels that speak so pure
yes dignified and lofty, nobility of words.
To satisfy our hearts demands
our quest reaps joy and pain.
We know our love of poetry
will never in vain.

by Norman Purvis |
Categories: religionson, god, earth, god, son,

The Son of God

The Son of God.

Are you the Son of God?
Do you wish to be?
To make heaven on earth.
For all to see.

Were you born to be.
The Son of God for eternity?
Do you live a sinless life?
Free from ties and strife.

Do you love all men?
Free from hate or greed.
Self sufficient and alone.
God is looking for the perfect one.
To be his Son.

When found with a mighty roar.
Great changes will occur.
Time and space will end.
Man will be as one.
For ever more.

A human link to God there will be.
Related, loved and close to He.
Rejoicing will fill the earth and sky.
Heaven on earth for you and I.

by Warren Dickman |
Categories: food, funny, humor, humorous, light,

For the Love of Cake




Just another Warrenpiece

by Ochiabuto Kalu Okorie |
Categories: faith, life,

Boundless Grace


However great your trials
However great your troubles
However great the stress of life
However great the storms of life
Even though life seems hopeless
Or perhaps worthless
You might have looked left
You might have looked right
You might have looked 
In every direction
Yet life seems so bleak
You have concluded
Beyond the horizon
Rays of hope appear
To bring the sunshine of glory
Beyond your imagination of gloom
The Savior’s grace is sufficient
In your state of gloom
The Savior is near
Nearer than you can think or imagine
In fulfillment of His promise
That He will neither leave you
Nor forsake you
Even in the worst situation
For His love is eternal
And His grace boundless.

by Jesudason Atputharajah |
Categories: blessing, care, caregiving, christian, giving, humanity, jesus,

And the World Gives

It's the spirit of giving,
It does not depend,
On the quantity,
It  proliferates,
With the love for altruism,
Five loaves of bread,
And two fish
Were found to ,
More than sufficient for ,
Five thousand,
God's grace is amazing,
The example propelled,
Electrifying humanism,
And the world gives !!!.

by Lori Lucas Mcclure |
Categories: faith, hope, inspirational,

The Mercies of God

Behold, the dawn comes with thy mercies ever renewed!
Bathed in the light of hope thy love O Lord shineth through!
Thy faithfulness endureth without end; on thee alone shall I depend.
Tho' I have dwelt in the house of mourning and sorrow hath  
walked with me thou hast never forsaken me.
My confidence O Lord is in thee; thy grace sufficient for me!

by Michael White |
Categories: introspection, lost love, song-

Mrs.Lady(If the Shoe Fit)

first of all respect yourself baby
act like a lady
what happened in your past ain't sufficient cause to hate me

get your self together you can shine like a pearl
but first distinguish the difference between women and girls

at first glance you was amazing had me in awe
but with simple conversation i revealed the flaw

you hid a lot of attitude under a body and a pretty face
but pouring syrup on shhhh don't make pancakes

I didn't sweat you or ride you
that probably surprised you
you'll find out the truth don't hurt but all the lies do

by Beata Agustin |
Categories: blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, true love,

Omnipotent Love

God with His omnipotent love* prevails dispels angst of fear engulfing grieved heart sufficient midst mercy when own strength fails timely to shield soul from bitterness’ dart yeah, indeed vanquishing woe that assails hoists faith along caring and sharing rampart.
*Ephesians 2:4 But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us… April 18, 2020 2nd place, "Each Letter Threads The Verse" Poetry Contest Sponsored by Joseph May; judged on 4/29/2020.

by Danielle Brown |
Categories: encouraging, faith, god, love, trust, words,

His Faithfulness

Always remember 
God’s love is enough
He is always with us
No matter how the road may get tough

His grace is sufficient
His presence is evident
He wraps us in his arms
He keeps us from evil
And even though he hates sin
God still love his people

But that’s just how he is
He loves us and forgives
He also know our thoughts
And the desire of our hearts

He wants us to trust him
So he can pour out his blessings
So turn from your wicked ways
Trust God and do what he says.

by Erin Soares-Anselmi |
Categories: christian, hope, life,

I Close My Eyes

When the world I live in is spinning out of control
I seek you Lord I grab on and take hold
I close my eyes and picture a place
Of your words of truth and sufficient grace
I run to you like child with arms open wide
To take refuge in your light darkness cannot hide
You swoop me up like Father protecting his own
Whispering softly you are my child and never alone
My face stained with tears of agony and disgrace
Are gone in an instant removed and replaced
Peace beyond measure and love surely abounds
My spirit wells up in me my feet on solid ground
I open my eyes now with new faith and hope
Knowing your love will carry me even when I can't cope.

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: life, love, passion, romance, sad

Lonely Winter Nights

Lonely winter nights –
Quilt is not sufficient!
Time hardly passes!

by Akilah Babb |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, gender, gospel, joy,

In Awe of Your Love

LORD,I'm awe of your love
You keep me  safe in your
Arms and bless me with
The presence of your
Righteous arms 
LORD,I'm in awe of your love
The wings of a dove
It extends further than
Your love,more than hate,
Is always enough 
LORD,I'm in awe of your love
Your discipline never is viewed as tough
It is soft than a shower puffer (lol/smile )
Like your grace
I'm in awe of your love
For it is forever sufficient

by Bozhidar Pangelov |
Categories: lost love,


I do not expect you.
Sunken hours.
And the streets are rocking like slow guards.
I do not expect you.
The thought is sufficient. And long one …
For a Sunday.

A dream 
are dreaming
the birch’s

by Brian Strand |
Categories: faith, life, people

Love In Action

Y  es you are
E  verywhere
S heperding
H  ealing
U  niquely
A  ll sufficient

by Geoffery Mchugh |
Categories: brother


Look at the Icicle. 
It forms- 
An ugly mass drooping from a cragged rock, the water
hardening before it has sufficient time to 

I've heard them called things of beauty by others, and
indeed I once thought of them as such.

But after today...

My father called me to tell 
me that my Nine Year old bother has lukemia.
I cried for hours.

Today I found out that he is going to be alright, though he 
will participate in outpatient treatment for three years. 
I cried again.

And as I drove home from Dornbecher's childrens hospital this afternoon, I 
saw the Icicles hanging from the rocks hidden in the shade.
I cried some more.
I love my brother Sean.

by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: perspective, philosophy, self, true love,

On Self-Sufficiency

To be self-sufficient is an admirable trait Not needing to depend on anyone is great Being able to set one’s own course each day Free to express opinions, to have one’s say In my way of thinking opens heaven’s gate.
Written November 29, 2022 submitted to "Bitesize No 56" Poetry Contest sponsored by Line Gauthier

by Paul Schneiter |
Categories: 12th grade, angel, bible, christmas, love,

Love Came To Earth

The manger was empty and bare.
But that didn’t matter,
because Love would come there.

Joseph and Mary found it sufficient,
she being full with God’s own son.
Thus in that night came Love omniscient.

An angel told shepherds of the birth.
They journeyed in joy to the place
and saw that Love had come to earth.

Wise men came led by a star’s holy light.
They brought gifts, worshipped the babe,
and knew that Love was in their sight.

Thus the prophecies of centuries long past
were fulfilled in some stranger’s manger,
and Love. . .Love came to earth at last.

by Malvika Shanker |
Categories: inspirational, life,


Human nature is such
All you need is much 
Whatever you have is less 
You always stay in a mess.

Content are few
Not in search of something new
Values are not valuable enough
To assess the available stuff

Love is inadequate 
So are the feelings.
Words are inadequate, 
So is the meaning.

Inadequate is normal now
Sufficient will lead to a 'wow'
Its wise to find sufficiency 
In all sorts of inadequacy.

Contentment cannot be bought
It comes from within the heart.
It is a form of acceptance, 
Without any reluctance.

It is a sign of maturity, 
That overlooks all scarcity.
It's not the end of life , 
It's the glimpse of a new light.

by Karena Brown |
Categories: lost love, love, passion, sad,


A section of me...
not sufficient!
I expect to be loved wholly!
I lie beside you 
skin to ceiling
all you think to do touch is my...elbow?!!
Wow...really intimate!!!
I am exposed 
you chose to have me close
from afar
I am whole...with the imperfections that made me
a masterpiece...can't you see?
Curves and crevices that form a sculpture made of flesh 
and pure love...
why do you not love me?