Love Poems About Suffice or Suffice Love Poems
by Serenity D'Nae Montgomery |
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Take my life,
scatter the pieces all over.
I can't seem to suffice,
can't grasp our
final closure.
Why did everything 
have to end?
Or why did it
have to begin?
Pain is my normal,
misery is my everyday,
I'm glad our last talk 
was formal,
I'm glad you actually
knew what to say.
I promise this will be
my last good-bye,
we'll never walk
this hard road again.
And this time 
I know I won't cry,
but ill be smiling 
to myself within.

by Abigail May |
Categories: beautiful, care, devotion, girl, girlfriend, i love you, love,


I am aware that words will never suffice
We stand desparately
One in front of the other
Your face blemished with tears

So what did you do?
Asked the me, I once was

What will you do?
Begged the me, I shall become

What are you doing?
I urged myself

I stepped towards her and wrapped her in my arms
I had no words to offer
So I gave myself instead
My gift to her
A presence

I held the love of my eternity as she shed her grief
In my silence I professed my love for her
In my silence I revealed to her God's comfort

by Buhagiar Victor |
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Ecstasies of Love

Just a whiff of your musky perfume
would suffice to fill my home.
Just a husky laugh of yours
is sufficient to make my day.
Just a show of your faithful love
is enough to send me into paradise.
Just a look from your dark brown eyes
is just right to make me quiver with love.
Just a passionate kiss from your lips
is adequate to satiate my life.

Placed 3

3 April 2021

by Allan Granstrom |
Categories: friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, introspection, life, love

Friends Forever

Suffice it to say I knew you before
you and I became so much more.
You started out as my best friend.
I started loving my life again.
We laughed and cried both with tears. 
You helped put an end to all my fears.
Suddenly I realized I loved you so
I told you and you said," I know."
I feel the same you said to me.
But just being friends lets us be free.
Lets enjoy each other I don't want it to end.
Love destroys the fabric of being a friend.
Jealousy will arive and hate will come too.
The end of a friendship is I love you.
I reluctantly agreed but you were so clever.
This thing that we share makes us friends forever.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, emotions, feelings, heart, i love you, imagery, love,


I close my eyes, enamored by your kiss, and I let that feeling float me away. The stars twinkle in my hypnotic bliss, and time pauses, extending paradise. I love you more than these words can convey, and whispering I love you, won't suffice. Even the sun appears dim next to you, I'll adore you forever and a day. Everything poets write about love is true, it's even more magical than they say.

by Lu Loo |
Categories: passion,

Your Touch

YOUR TOUCH is a gift swelled inside my nape- wrapped up in words of love that suffice my desire for you ignite my body’s fire i tie myself snug with ruby red ribbons, gentle whispers enveloped inside- make sure the silver bow is in its place so you may open with blown kisses and perpetual promises you open me up- soft lace overlaying barren skin; i disentangle and fall into your arms, you kiss me like the first and we melt into the abyss of marriage bliss; my love, it’s always been… YOUR TOUCH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1.19.20

by Sandra Adams |
Categories: i miss you, lost love,

My Home

there's an ardent desire
burnt upon the umbrage
of my mind's deepest thoughts

on fields of green
i sit lost in the strokes
of time's hands
yearning to feel you
like a whisper of wind
as it twirls my hair
in its gentle breath

i long to strip
layers of life
that bind my heart
in the torment
that moans
through the valley
in heavy sighs

i want to gambol
like fragrant petals
in summer's warm caress
not suffocate on smokey breaths
in winter's colorless drab

i suspire beneath mist of dusk
laden upon my skin
and suffice in the bitterness
of your absence
through the traces
etched upon my face
as the years pass by
without you

August 13, 2019

by John Freeman |
Categories: introspection,

Love Is Source

Love is Source ~love is life, the one suffice, should I be death’s curse? do I hate? In Honor of Dr Ram And Contest

by Ken Hall |
Categories: inspirational, nature, visionary,

The Black Rose

What shadows hide 
your dreaming petals?
Ebony srtains, pure
blackness never seen.
You Pimpernel rose 
will elusive 
be your name.
Entwined with brothers white
so many hearts 
to flutter.
A dream of Martin
Luther king
love seeps 
in roots together.
An emblem for embrace.
The African star
will not suffice,
to buy your knotted gait.
But to see your wonder
afore I die,
I hope natures 
not too late.

by Dana Smith |
Categories: depression, forgiveness, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, love,


She's reckless and a constant change, Her ways have gone from calm to ill; A love so pure does she exchange But waves a warm embrace turn chill. Could you awake to morning grey, Or bright sunshine in the night A storm that brews in early day- Or an impulse shed by late moonlight? Could you let her in your heart that's sure, In your mind of ready thought? Could you invite her sure uncertainty And the frustration that she's brought? Could you let me in when I'm a mess, My sharp tongue, but gentle touch? Will my love alone suffice, Or am I just too much?

by Ilene Bauer |
Categories: giving,

Giving Gifts

It’s very tricky giving gifts
‘Cause it can be a waste
If what you’ve chosen doesn’t jibe
With the receiver’s taste.

The hours you spend searching
For what they will love, you hope,
Often ends with shallow smiles
And the verdict clearly – nope!

‘Cause the vibe was off, the size was wrong,
The color or the style
Missed the mark that you were aiming for,
By possibly a mile.

For those folks who hate to risk it,
Well, a gift card might suffice,
But a gift that hits the sweet spot
For the giver’s twice as nice.

by David Fisher |
Categories: funny love,

Marooned Honeymoon

When we got married at twenty two
We said our vows beside a ski-doo
But then got marooned
So we honeymooned
In a five star, two story igloo

My wife said a stiff drink would be nice
But I couldn’t locate any ice
So I stripped to get numb-er
Then asked for a hummer
Hoping that my iced cubes would suffice

by Dia Alshirqati |
Categories: beauty, cry, love,

Your Face Sadness


Take all the trees of the poet
and give me one drop from your face sadness 
I want to blow the joy of the world !


Written on a bottle of poem perfume
Made in your face !


Suffice it to write to you ..
to spread smell of your face on my fingers
on The shirt of place
I write to you ..
or ..
Peel an orange !

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: trust,

A Definite Love Triangle

When a man brings his wife some flowers without reason You can bet your sweet bippy there's definitely treason Flowers are quite nice But really don't suffice However large sums of money would deal with the demons

by Aycan Garip |
Categories: anniversary, faith, forgiveness, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, growing up, happiness, husband, life, love, mystery, nostalgia, people, philosophy, religion, romance, social, sorry, sympathy, thank you, uplifting, wife,

:sigh of Relief:

Words spoken in silence,

[When language does not suffice]

Like a look or a tear, although concise

Can echo a lifetime in your ear,

Much louder than those you can hear.

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: dream,

Beyond the Sun- Help Me Name It Contest

Beyond the gaze of the sun lies paradise The lights on the horizon entice dreamy thoughts of many men their hopes and dreams when prayers sent the air is rent, with love so sincere afraid, yet wanting to hear, love blossoms, will wings of hope suffice. Beyond the gaze of the sun lies paradise
My middle word is the Penned 10 February 2015 Form should be called centrifugal

by Margarita Lillico |
Categories: poets,

John Gondolf

 John’s “journey of high hopes through life’s extremes”
Of “searching poet’s trek while chasing dreams”,
“Heavy load of life”, eloquently shared,
No inner longings of his soul he spared.

Goodness and Gracious – highlights of mankind,
One would suffice; both truly is a find.
Nuanced, his nurtured words cast far and wide, 
Depth of his vivid vision - verified.
Once his verse “wraps round tightly like a glove
Leaving our lonely hearts” so full of love!
Following your muse – esthetic journey. 

Quotes from “The Journey”,” Longing”

January 04, 2021

by Amos Anon |
Categories: lost love, lust,

An Insufficient Replacement Service

when love is absent,
lost in the eye of the storm,
lust will just suffice.

by Gavin Chuene |
Categories: black african american,

I Tell You of a Queen

I tell you of a Queen

As dawn crept upon me silently.
The ear picks up on a bath prepared.
Breakfast flirting with my nose,
A true mother you are...

Her love brings solace to a community
and humbles troubled,treason ed hearts.
Caring for the young and old souls
I tell you about a mother...

I tell you of a pillar
There at every talent show
A savior in life cruxes
Mother of true diligence indeed.

I searched for adjectives,
none suffice you dear mother
I ended up with this...
Mother you are love.

by Kim Merryman |
Categories: holiday, husband, love, me,

You'Re All Mine, Valentine

Will you be my Valentine?
Take me out and wine and dine,
Lavish me with chocolate candy,
A bouquet of roses would be dandy.

A diamond or pearl would be nice,
My favorite perfume would suffice.
Ah, Honey, I don't really care,
If all I get is a teddy bear.

You're worth much more to me than material things,
Your crooked grin still sends a zing!
Knowing that you're mine, all mine,
Is gift enough, Sweet Valentine.

Kim Merryman
2/8/12 Dedicated to my husband
For PD's Valentine Contest  2/14/13

by Mick Talbot |
Categories: nature, true love,

Roundabout Poetry - Unconditional Love

my heart, it beats with pure true love unconditional love for all wildlife without no strife unconditional love mother nature without a shove I would fight for her life she will survive on me rely I would fight for her life only my best will it suffice for her, I'd give my time am I losing my head choosing for her, I'd give my time how I would love to call her mine she is ours, our lady no doubt, alive she can't contrive she is ours, our lady

by Bilal Hb |
Categories: war

Killed In Action

Enlist list
Signed sheets
Quick and easy
It's all so cheesy

Come home soon, please
Chinook ride overseas
She sends a letter
I've felt better

Night raids
Humanitarian aid
A spade's a spade
All this just to get paid

Improvised Explosive Device
Repeating "love will suffice"
Injured soldier
Never colder

White flags
Lines of sight
Bodies to drag
A fire to constantly ignite

Longest war in history
Victory is a mystery
Endless gunfire
Situation dire

In our blood
Till our blood spills
And our casualty joins the statistic

by Christian Howes |
Categories: absence, betrayal, break up, farewell, longing, love hurts, lust,

Honest Words

For all those sins & reckless lies. For all the time and tears and sacrifice
And all his honest words too late, too shallow now to vindicate 
A futile bid at any rate 
And far too little to suffice

She saw the time that passed her by,
Too weak to look within and wonder why
Had torn apart and wrought to dust
The little things which earned his trust. 
That bruised their lips and stirred her lust and left him burning in reply 

But now it seems just far too real
And strange there isn't more beneath to feel
A numbness spreads and quells his heart, together seems now so apart
The ending once again, the start
The ever spinning wheel.

by Beverly Vera |
Categories: beach, beauty, body, boyfriend, dedication, deep, desire, feelings, for him, love, me, night, ocean, paradise, passion, romance, romantic, sensual, soulmate, sweet, together, wind,

Our Night At the Beach

Hand in hand 
walk along the beach 
Calming sounds of the ocean
feel that zephyr breeze
Secure n Content
Mind is at ease 

Cant stop smiling
never felt like this before 
In heavenly bliss 
as we lay upon the shore

The scent of his cologne
His gentle caress 
Sweet n tender kisses
Head rested against his chest

Good conversation
He stimulates my mind 
Could it be that my heart has 
finally consigned?

A moment in paradise 
It all seems so surreal 
Perfect moments like these,
are the ones that truly suffice

This may be the beginning 
of something beautifully real 
The union of two souls 
That were meant to congeal.

by John Freeman |
Categories: devotion

First Begotten

~The awesome Jesus, the Christ
       The chosen from birth for sacrifice
           The Agape Love with no vice
                Bringer of peace will suffice
                   First begotten Son of the highest