Love Poems About Suffers or Suffers Love Poems
by Silent One |
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Inflictions of addiction

Two Sedoka's on addiction.
I think we all know someone who suffers from addiction, be it alcohol, drugs, pills or gambling..  Sadly too many judge from the action and do not see the reason behind many fall into it.

fighting addiction chains of control solder hold held captive to corrupt brain unhealed trauma screams judgement offers no respite soul hopes to escape prison
warfare addiction mind battles intense craving brain hellbent to find next fix without compassion do not judge - support through love save a soul that's still alive

by Danka Sikorska |
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The End

Constantly looking for salvation that does not exist.

Living a dream, living a lie.

All alone among a deaf crowd
that suffers from insomnia.

As one of the most famous ghosts once said,
“Find what you love and let it kill you”

The saddest, most painful death.

The sky is getting darker.
Another shooting star has faded.

You know, they do not grand wishes.
They run away from greedy, coldblooded demons
sucking out their minds.

While the majority keeps being blind and silent
Neverland misses your light…

In memory of Robin Williams

by Janis Thompson |
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New Day

New Day

Mixture for a brand, new day,
one cup of bended knees to pray.
Two cups of care for one another,
three cups to ensure no one suffers.
A pint of peace for all to know,
a quart of love to grow and grow.
Like rising yeast, each brand, new day
spreads and smothers hate away.
A pinch of pride and pound of hope
A brand, new day of finer scope


New Day
Sponsored by: Nayda Ivette Negron

by Lamech Obare |
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Sucking Love

Gone are the days,
When I really cared,
I only had you,
My sun rose in you,
My earth evolved,
around you.
I never imagined 
a day without you,
You were my queen,
My happiness source,
Am worried if how things
I suddenly became a stranger,
My heart bleeds,
My body suffers a syndrome,
Yes Lovelaria.

©Poet Igweee

by Jeanette Ozee |
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No one knows what to do
But to stare and be rude
When a child of four is old

They just stand there and stare
Without any care
And the child suffers the stranger’s cold

And Life may not seem fair
When a girl has no hair
Like I said, she’s only four

But she takes it in stride
And has nothing to hide
It is the stranger that is poor

So no matter the eyes
That continually spy
Into her daily play

She is the purest gold
For me to hold
And I’ll love her everyday!

by Funom Makama |
Categories: heart, heartbreak, life, lost love, love, love hurts,

Love Turn Bitter

Submission so complete and fragile like nylon
Love so new, constantly refreshed in the salon
such virtue suffers the kill
creating a devastating skill
for guts to replace passion and fill the gallon.

by Jan Allison |
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Why Ted Doesn'T Love Lucy - Bawdy Warning

Ted suffers from 'Looseheel Ball' It’s driving him clean up the wall He’s got such an itch It’s making him twitch He’s begging the doctor to call The medic said oh dearie me This condition I rarely see Your balls badly twisted Teds scared eyes soon misted When doc says you need surgery Doc bundles Ted onto the table and borrows a knife from Aunt Mable This won’t hurt a bit… He gives ball a snip Ted will rise again when he’s able 10/10/21

by Yvette Dignos |
Categories: dark, death, depression, heartbreak, sad, solitude, suicide,

A Poem of An Unwanted Soul

Born crooked and cradled half-hearted
I was a residue of false hope and demented feelings
Each day suffers my existence
A paralysis to my mother, burden to my stepfather
Seeking attention, looking for love; do I deserve?

I was nice to the touch, a burning torch deep inside
My parents lived a slow death; I was high
Unfulfilled, unwanted and scarred
To my family, I was a broken mold
They were adamant, would I contest?

To my fair share of love
To the pieces I have given and I have never taken back
I am slowly dismembered; now darkness embraces me to see the light
A bottle of intoxication and a few pills to add
To all the ones I loved, will this occasion be joyous or sad?

by Nato Calubiran |
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Melancholy Memory : Forever Alone

Do remember me
Hope tangled on a string
Love isn't a thing

Like a fallen tree
Branches and twigs wither
The whole body suffers

Love is full of lies
Full of hatred and despise
Bringing people demise

I keep on waiting
For the tree to bear fruit
For the fruit to ripen
This patience

I love you so much
My reason for breathing
The reason I'm living

This is my entry for the contest
Melancholy Memory

Pls. leave a comment after reading.

by The Situation |
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Love Is

love suffers long the abuse 
and missuse of others
truely it is very kind
love is not envy it need not show
its specialty at anytime
love does not answer rudely
or ask for something in return
it is never provoked
or suspect its own harm
it burns in the sight of unfaithfulness
but would rather know the truth
bearing every pain that life can bring
it doesn't mind being used
love believes lies though in the heart
the truth is known 
and love waits patiently
with hopes of a peaceful home

(I Cor. 13; 4-7.)

by Bukang Liwayway |
Categories: love, mother,

Mother's Love

Mother’s love is great,
For nine months she awaits,
For you to be in this world,
So that she will hug you and to hold,

Many times she suffers,
But love you so much so she conquer,
Whatever she experience,
Always there for you with patience.

Happiness is always in her heart,
You are the most important part,
Caring you is her timeless mission,
Her promise to God is her devotion.

September 7, 2013
Happy Mother's Day Everyday :)
5th Place Winner
For PD's New Poem" Contest

by Misty Penton-Leccese |
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A Blow To the Heart

She crys out in pain
No one there to comfort her
She suffers alone

By: Misty Leccese
© June 17, 2009

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: angst, betrayal, break up, emotions, feelings, love hurts,


Everybody lies; it's part of the norm, for truth's a coin that tarnishes with age. Honesty, being a stickler for form, is best portrayed in movies or on stage. Everybody cries; it's what humans do, it is all part of love's ultimate price. And the pain of betrayal's nothing new, lovers oft break up like a sea of ice. Everybody suffers to some degree, yet I can't ignore the pain in my heart. And if my feelings were to be set free, they'd undoubtedly tear my soul apart. Everybody has felt the pain I feel, so, why do I think it's such a big deal?

by Funom Makama |
Categories: heartbreak, heartbroken, life, wisdom,

Heart Broken

Hard hit on the inside with a devastating impact
Ending a pleasure once enjoyed and cherished
All events in this situation presents with a heavy baggage
Rendering sadness to a degree nature avoids
To meet a turning point in life’s book of experiences.

Breathlessness, the soul suffers from a mourning mind
Ravaging condition from death, failed love or betrayal
On a heart on total submission to the vanquished blessing
Kicks, felt from the torments of good memories
Enslaving in thoughts, imaginations, questions and wishes
None giving an answer as the only way forward is to move on.

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: beauty, freedom, love,

Beauty Treatment

Beauty wraps freedom
in love's peaceful justice arms
or suffers ugly.

by Ferdous Mahmud |
Categories: 7th grade, i miss you, universe,

Love and Woodland

Sometimes A ship comes your port searching me.

Not getting me that go away with full of passenger. I fall in love that lady-passenger, who suffers all the time Decision making for confusion.

For celebrating love bringing rented best comedian of the country, but Sit Down being serious before on their performance.

One of the group singer tell me, all mystery is at the body. I ask them, is human-body minor version as universe? They said, fire-soil-wind-water all are might of named universe. look around and see, fire of star dancing with flying dust of all planets.

Growing up woodland in space!!

by Sara Kendrick |
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Love Touches Gently

Love is like a butterfly,
Gently it touches on lives.
Just a tiny flutter; lifts high.
In awe we stand, watch strive.

Just a glance of kindness see, 
Restores a right spirit friend
More like a butterfly be,
As patiently he faces the wind.

Aspects of love through butterfly's 
Courageous flight; as suffers
Loveless blooms whose nectar snuffly
But found high and dry though bolsters

The butterfly's example be kind
Gently touch on all mankind.

Contest: Give Me Your Best Shot
Sponsor: John Freeman

by Liam Mcdaid |
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Inspired By a Great Saint

The truth suffers in the consequence of its betrayal
the afflictions of this present world cannot come unforeseen
Against them all let sound reason do battle
let no imperial threats scare you
do not be grieved at the laughter and mockery of your intimates
nor at the condemnation of those who pretend to care for you
and who put forward, as their most attractive bait to deceive 
under a pretence of giving good advice 
we all know when our Lord drew upon the sand Mercy spoke
for those of us no longer blind we hope and pray
that our children are gifted with a better future

by Connie Moore |
Categories: heart,

Inexperienced Heart

The heart is forever inexperienced
Its life lessons never learned
It forever looks for true love
Though so many times burned.

The hurt that it has come upon
Never to see the light of day
Is buried deep inside the walls
Of the beating heart to stay

It is the soul that suffers so
Each time the heart finds love
Giving the soul another task
And pray to  heal from up above.

The day will surely come 
That heart and soul come together
A glorious day when they agree 
Finding True love… at last forever

1. The heart is forever inexperienced.

by Jamesp Kail |
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My Love Stripped Bare

"Limpid pools of prevarications laid down and to the left.The ayes and nays of what lay between us , belie sweet spoken claims of truth.A Chalice filled with promise is naught but empty if held and turned the same. Once upright empty , still ; as silent as a plea unaswered . The void of need unfilled.To late to slake a Knightly thirst. Lips parched and broken , will never hold that cup upright.While misbegotten fools grasping crudely , face her to the ground. With vulgar jibes and leers they sit and drink their fill of She who suffers the slings and arrows of fools thrown coppers for the Goddess , in Whom they don't believe. James Patrick Kail August 4th 2012"

by Martin Lochner |
Categories: depression, love,

Love Devours Me

Love devours me. 
My wife knows. 
'He suffers beautifully' she says 
This is maybe why she stays.

by Emmanuel Balele |
Categories: political

Blind Justice

they murder
plunder and loot
bringing shame to our black skin
friends of the man on top

they say our land is his
contrary to the constitution
is he a monarch now!?

justice is blind
for she ignored to wear glasses
now she can't see anything

my generation suffers from ignorance
my black sisters love the white skin
and hate their own.

by Sharon Atkinson |
Categories: depression, sorry,

Broken Angel

With her head held low
I can see her pain within
Her broken wings lay shattered
She suffers with your sin

She has tried to help you
And lead you drom temptation
This one last sin
To which there is no redemption

It's not just your soul that has gone
You've taken her's as well
Learn to love again
Believe in yourself and leave your hell.

by Michael Coy |
Categories: romantic,

I Need Someone To Break My Heart Again

I need another doe-eyed Doña Lola,
a tungsten-hearted torturer of men.
I crave a further fling at love’s tombola,
to beard the lioness inside her den.

Of course, it always runs into the buffers:
their sex is unremitting, unforgiving:
but he is truly fortunate who suffers:
to be in love again – that’s really living!

She must have bags of charm, and must deploy it.
I want to give my heart, have her destroy it,
or better still, to gouge it from my chest,
for when my love is spurned, I’m at my best.
I get to pout and pose, and blue-eyed-boy it:
and if the truth be told, I quite enjoy it!

by Lu Loo |
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Kissing Lips Once Warm

And the silent lavender fields scatter remnants of love-
I kiss lips once warm hoping to wear a smile that could end a war.
For you are my greatest sorrow; harvesting dreams to flourish loss. 
The nightingale breaths silent stars not knowing...I’d never see you again. 

Tonight, as age suffers from arthritic hands that can’t embrace,
I seek the abandoned fear I once wore; for I shall wear is once more. 

My balmy breath longs for your presence, inside ebony walls of pain. 
Home no longer a home but a house full of photographs not yet taken.

Date written: May 8, 2019