Love Poems About Sufferings or Sufferings Love Poems
by Liam Mcdaid |
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Eternal Light

With peace and love 
I kneel a lamb 
possessed by the wolf 
within my own darkness howls

A son of the Father 
Bowing the head to his mercy 
Grace in shame a sinner weeps 
who bit from the forbidden fruit 

Knowing it's agony 
in the garden of life's sufferings
Seeking his forgiveness 
Oh Most Holy Lord 

Always you dwell God most high 
Almighty inside the heart
Light of Our Creator 
there is no good inside 

Dark nights of a soul's pain
tears of remembrance 
As you sit with me alone 
I grow stronger in faith

by Tim Smith |
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Where the Butterflies Play

Creep the vines crawling the guarded walls
Peek the rays drawing into my restless mind
Breaking dawn burning off the morning mist
Submitting no longer to a life of trepidation 

Living out daily dreams and forgotten fantasies,
letting go of pains and endless sufferings,
releasing thoughts and feelings
trying to make things seem 
right in a world of all wrong 

Generous soul pour out your torments
through my veins   bring to light
in the freshness of a new day
a garden of bountiful harvests
in an untapped sea of love
where the butterflies come to play

by Dana Redricks |
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Blessed Be Your Name

Author Dana Redricks
October 10, 2018

Blessed be your name
of the most high God
The creator of all things
You are the Great I AM
As God you became 
a man
You came to set the
captives free
Without you, my life 
would cease to be
Blessed be your name
The name above all
There is none like you
in all the universe
You took on all our
pain sufferings. 
your grace and mercy
Your love is eternal
There's no limit
 on your love 
You knew me and
loved me before I 
was in my mother's 
Blessed be your 

by Zine Hadjira |
Categories: discrimination,

As Red As Love

As red as love
Since additives have been used in feelings
Globalization has changed a lot of things
Hate is green, love is red and tolerance has bled
A day for love, another for water, and a third for bread
Days are couloured but the world is black.
Stars are bright but, skies are dark.
Torture and sufferings are endless.
Diseases, wars, hunger and stress.
Our kids dream of joy and happiness
Too much talk but, little action is meaningless.

by Gunadevi Rajaratnam |
Categories: dedication,

Good Bye Dear

Good Bye Dear

You looked so frail and tired,
you were drawing nearer to God,
And drifting away from me,
I knew you were beyond worldly help
Awaiting help from above .

He helped you by taking you in his arms,
And relieved your pains and sufferings,
With tearful eyes I watched you go,
God broke my heart to prove to me,
He only takes the best.

Even though a loved one is gone,
Cherished memories stay with you,
where ever you go they go with you,
And those you love remain with you,
As long as you live. 

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by Sai Lin Lip |
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A Never Ending Story

Besides love and happiness
The world is full of sufferings
Political crisis, economic crisis, epidemics and poverty
Slanders, violations, crimes and trafficking
Politicking,  hegemony, disputes and wars
A never ending story of sufferings
Hardly any solutions
But becomes great inspiration for 
Story tellers
Art pieces
Poems writers
An old grandmother's story for the next generation
Of course an unerasable scandal

by Debra Squyres |
Categories: children, growing up, innocence, , Lullaby,

Innocence Walks

Innocence walks among the tall grasses Field of sight clear wearing purity glasses Guile has not entered in nor pain of loss the spirit within The eyes see “go” opening in waving green Never a red “stop” light has innocence seen Cautions yellow, gives way to senses mellow Feeling love for all human dwellers Strife has not, yet, entered in nor the sufferings of life that living spins Rocked to sleep with a lullaby sweet Parents praying for wisdom when real choices you greet Innocence walks in open eyed wonder Not a trial, yet, for the mind to ponder © Debra Squyres 2/15/15

by Bukang Liwayway |
Categories: angel, god,

Above the Clouds

Above the clouds,
Angles are singing,
They looked so proud,
The lights are blinding,

Chrystal white they are wearing,
Wings are beautiful and it glistening,
Singing Hallelujah to the great Lord,
HE is at the center, so adored,

Heaven is on earth,
No need for us to search,
They are here to renew our faith,
All love in our hearts, no more hate.

O Lord, we glorify your name,
Till the end our love for you will remain,
Heal our souls, heal our sufferings,
O God, give us a new beginning.

November 25, 2013

by Andrea Travis |
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Of Love

The heavens above
The long-sufferings of love
Faithful heart of you.

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: beauty,

Oomph Here 2

Song in the wind
Gentle reminder:
Rain through bamboo trees

Chirpy delight
Instant enlightenment;
Heavy heart uplifted

Postcard from somewhere
Far far away:
Greetings from long journeys

Old photograph
Faded with old times;
Ancient memories linger

My mother's gaze
My father looks;
Picture of the dead

Pain taunts
Sufferings preside;
Soon liberation sublime

Hospital visit
A sick relative warded;
Healing family support

Two yellow birds
Canaries on wood ledge;
Sing of fond love

Leon Enriquez
27 July 2014

by Oleg Borisov |
Categories: philosophy,

In Love With Sophy

In searching for her he’s found a philosophy
to balance his soul in the presence of Sophy.
The scales of existence measures his sufferings,
from his shoulders, she’s taken off the weight of desires.
His spirit is soaring above the ordinariness.
The lightness rules over the human hopelessness.
Penetrating into the Universe is the man.
The truth is a languor for him till the end.

(translated from Russian)

by Afzal Nusker |
Categories: analogy, love,

About Love

Love is like a beautiful rose when blossoming but beware of the ugly thorns of sufferings.

Date : 10/08/2016

Note : For the contest (One liner about love) by Silent One.
          *Placed Second*

by Jun Tumalad |
Categories: faith, love, peace, romance, me,



Always, I will find no end

Remember with you, there's no room for loneliness

May I hold you tight 

As it is the last?

Give me your love,

Give me your trust

Existence of sufferings,

Days of sorrows

Days of turmoil

Or in whatever wave or storm

Now and forever, you'll never be alone!

by Michael Harman |
Categories: love

The Boy and Girl

When a man can see the little girl in a woman,

and the woman can see the little boy in a man,

with their hidden sufferings and joy, if they each know to

comfort the others suffering and bring out their joy,

then a love of great beauty is at hand.

by Osman Gani |
Categories: hope, inspirational, love, passion, uplifting, love, sun,

Enlightening Love

When the eclipse of Sun darkens entire universe,
The drought-infested soil waits for tender shower.
Love comes, delivers it from that dreadful curse,
Pouring its enlightening shower from holy bower.

All pains, struggles, sufferings seem non-existent
When there is love, when there is love’s presence.
After eclipse, sun appears brighter, clear, content.
After stings of Dark, Love brings a luminescence.

The lamp of love enlightens interiors of the heart
Where vermin try to eat up the veins of morality.
Love renews the heart by clearing the fallen dirt,
Awakens drowsy world with trumpet of equality.

by Tavip Endro Yuwono |
Categories: lovelife, life,

Smaradhana Anthem

It is from Love
I was born to live and have a lovely life.
It is with Love
I struggle against all sufferings in the world
and keep trying to make everyone my nice gifts;
Smile and friendship.
It is in Love
I live a life of ease
although I will have to roam around the earth alone.
And it is for Love
If my time to die  comes up someday
I will lose my life happily.
For the life of me: Live and let me love
Being in love, never say die
because I am the true son of the loving life.

by Shadaab Mumtaz |
Categories: anxiety, day, depression, friendship, heartbreak,


In uncertain times, I start to pray
Gathering my cries, I start to pray

When my friends show their love. 
Looking towards the skies, I start to pray

Is it ever a surprise that before
 I start crafting lies, I start to pray 

A cry proclaims, that his promises are true
If ever he tries, I start to pray

A lender knocks my door every dawn
Covering my eyes, I start to pray

The renumeration of your love is beyond me
When you quote the price, I start to pray.

I count my sufferings whenever you come
But when the lamp dies, I start to pray

Our affairs are predestined, 'Mumtaz'
Without thinking twice, I start to pray

by Anil Deo |
Categories: abuse, addiction, adventure, allusion, america, animal, appreciation,

The Civilized Life

When the hands cease creating ...
pottery, paintings, portraits, machines
Or gathering seeds, nursing forests ...

When the head ceases pondering philosophy ...
How to ameliorate, annihilate sufferings
Or simply how to be kind, reduce crime ...

When the heart stops caring enough to endure ...
things that must be endured (Gandhi did, and Ramabai)
Or a Dr. King, simply to love, give, forgive ...

We become obsessed with those holes

by Harshita Chaudhary |
Categories: courage, cute love, dance, dark, environment, fantasy, fish,

The Moon

You shine an’ shine in the sky,
An’ shine apart from the stars,
You look very beautiful,
Oh! You beautiful moon

You are a gray disc,
And fairy tales show a rabbit on you,
Your surface is filled with Maria,
Oh! You beautiful moon

Sometimes you become small crescent,
An’ sometimes large gibbous,
Sometimes you become new moon,
Oh!  You Beautiful moon

Sometimes the black clouds hide you,
Sometimes the thunder makes you afraid,
But still you face all the sufferings,
Oh! You beautiful moon

You reflect the sun’s light,
An’ the sun doesn’t come in night,
An’ you’re ready to helps us in night,
Oh! You beautiful moon

by Alon Calinao Dy |
Categories: love

Your Eyes

When I looked into your eyes
And watched that tears 
Came falling down like a storm,
I felt helpless like a worm.

I wanted to show you that my love
Would never hurt you like this.
I wanted to tell you that life
Was not all about pain and sufferings.

There was something in your eyes.
I couldn't tell what it was
But you have suffered enough.
I could see why you were tough. 

Your eyes were eyes by many
Who have been hurt for sometime.
I wish you were carried away
By my expression of love.

I'd do anything to protect you.
I would always be there for you 
Every single day
To love you endlessly.

by Shiki Remindio |
Categories: imagination, inspirational, life, passion

Human Life

Listen, so you hear
the whisper of the peer

Listen, so you hear
me telling of my fears

Listen, do you hear
the cry of a bawling child

Listen, do you hear
the caresses of the stripling

Can you hear?
Are we truly deaf?

the populace
become stone deaf
to others' sufferings

the marionettes
sway in the breeze

can you see?

The flowers bloom alluringly with a heavy incense
that hangs in the air

can you smell?

Savor all the rest
Cast out the rest

yet, miss out on the rest.


Do we feel?

by Probir Gupta |
Categories: life, self,

Bio Modified - Logophile Listener

A talk therapist, a friend, an amateur poet and an introvert
In love with a smile, eyes and languages
With the ideas for images, photography and calligraphy
To palliate the feelings of low, listless and lonely
Aggravated by the fears of walls, sufferings and inhumanity
That makes me like to travel, speak and love
Aided by being a resident of India, the land of six seasons

April 15, 2020
Bio Modified Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Dear Heart

by Le Incendié |
Categories: sad, autumn,

One With the Frost

Love unreciprocated and sufferings untold,
From eons undated and ages old.
Now, fresh menacing storms lash against me,
The all-bearing leaf of the autumn tree.

And now, hope is drained and faith is low.
And at the pinnacle of pain, I finally let go.
And smiling one last time at my cruel world,
Into the winds, myself, I throw.

My body is blue and my soul is lost.
I merge, 
I merge and become one with the frost.

by Jacqueline R. Mendoza |
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Morning Prayer 3

Sign of the Cross (poem)

O my God
I offer you all my prayers
 and sufferings

In union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus
For the intentions
Which He pleads
Offers Himself in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

In thanksgiving for Your favors
In reparation for my offenses
In humble supplication for my temporal
Eternal welfare 

For the conversion of sinners
For the relief of the poor souls in purgatory. 

Sign of the Cross (Poem)

by Adeniji Toluwalope Gideon |
Categories: friendship, jealousy, success, trust,

Friends Or Foes

Your sufferings, all alone
To your rescue, a loan
Instantly, a seed you've sown
Finally, you smell nice in your cologne
and now, they say him we own

Their hats, each takes off for you
Like a gullible ewe, 
Thou attend to the needs of not just a few
In the mad rush to help all in queue,
Their jealous minds have you no cue

A pit, they dug and covered with a mat
In the night, they dash out like a bat
and in the morning discuss where you sat
In the midst of cats, an innocent rat
Playing not outside its flat

Certainly, the one you love you know
The one who loves you? No!
Sometimes the one you love, a foe
In your creator, you glow
and reap what you sow