Love Poems About Sufferers or Sufferers Love Poems
by njeri hunjeri |
Categories: love, relationship,


I went searching for answers
In places where I could find masters
Who specialize in search matters
In the field of love wonders

In my search I found marketers, managers, lawyers and even murderers
For my answers I found more questions, unexpected parameters
Down further I went, becoming one of the sufferers
Deeper in my agony, I was in shatters

Trying to save me from that thing so huge I felt anger
Plus a million other emotions, I couldn't go further 
My training wheels had failed, I was headed for danger
Sometimes cold and at times hot, sometimes bright but most times darker.. 

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: change, life, satire,

Charitable but no change

I meat mail the needy
paste my smiles generously
on those who know not love
and serve prayers at tables
in all feasts I attend asking
Almighty to come down
but there is no change
the world of sufferers I see
still expanding, frightening