Love Poems About Sufferer or Sufferer Love Poems
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       love is too pain killer one sufferer after taking the dose of love comes to know well

by priyabrata nayak |
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A Letter To All

love me wind 
love me flower 
for i am lonely 
and a lonely dreamer. 
love me sky 
love me o' river 
for i am human 
and a lonely sufferer. 
love me sea 
love me blessed nature 
for i wish to live 
and heal the uncure. 
love me tender 
love me o' creator 
for i believe you 
and shall believe thou forever. 
love me mankind 
love me stranger 
for i have hope 
and this world will be as one forever. 

by Unseeking Seeker |
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Total forgiveness

Moments of lustful passion 
heed not any loving suggestion 
until karma makes oppressor 
the sufferer

This cycle of rotation continues 
until the victim chooses not to renew
the cyclic game
futile & inane

Forgiveness total & unconditional
indeed a divine love miracle
alive within
as bliss ignition

in our heart